Did I Make Money In The First Month Of Blogging?


Hey, Welcome back to our blog it’s great to see you again. Today’s topic is going to explain my first month of blogging in Detail plus my first income report. The number one question is did I make any money in the first month or was it all just payout read on to find out? … Read more

3 Pinterest Marketing Faults The Best People Don’t Share!


Hello and welcome back to today’s blog post:-) 3 Pinterest Marketing Faults You Must Get Fixed Today. There are just so many different strategies flying around that it’s hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong? Do you feel the same way? Over the past few months, I have been documenting how I personally use Pinterest for … Read more

How To Create A Pin That People Want To Click Like Crazy


Hey, and a warm welcome back to today’s post. This time we are going to look at How To Create A Pin People Want To Click Like Crazy on Pinterest. The designs of Pinterest pins vary greatly some are Awesome! some are okay and some are just plain wrong. When I first started using Pinterest … Read more

11 Reasons Why You Need Pinterest To Grow Your Blog Traffic


Hey, welcome back to this popular topic for today! 11 Reasons Why You Need Pinterest To Grow Your Blog Traffic. Having a blog is a full-time occupation especially if you are still doing a job in the daytime. Pinterest helps to cut down the time it takes to get traffic to your posts at a … Read more

The Top 4 Questions That New Bloggers Need Answers To


Hello and welcome back, today we are going to cover the Top 4 Questions That New Bloggers Have That They Need Answers To. As a blogger with a bit of experience, there are 4 questions that are asked over and over again by new and experienced bloggers. This has prompted me to write this post … Read more

How To Grow Your Pinterest Account The Fastest Way Possible


Hello and welcome back to today’s blog topic which is How To Grow Your Pinterest Account The Fastest Way Possible.  If you are just getting started with your blog or you have been doing this for a while these Pinterest hacks will help you to get your blog seen as fast as possible. Blogging is … Read more

6 Steps New Bloggers Need To Stop Doing Regarding Traffic


Hey, and welcome back. Today we are going to focus on some simple points to help us to stop fighting the disappointment of no Traffic when our blogs are new.  Do you know the feeling of constantly checking your social media stats and spending time on Google Analytics? We get taught to check these tools … Read more

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