6 Steps New Bloggers Need To Stop Doing Regarding Traffic

Hey, and welcome back. Today we are going to focus on some simple points to help us to stop fighting the disappointment of no Traffic when our blogs are new

Do you know the feeling of constantly checking your social media stats and spending time on Google Analytics?

We get taught to check these tools to help us to see which posts are being clicked on so that we can write more content on those subjects, Sound familiar to you?

When I was writing my first ever blog I spent more time doing that than anything else, no wonder my productivity was low!

There are some facts that we need to face from the beginning and that’s what we are going to cover today.

Let’s just get on and get it done.

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Traffic Takes Time

When writing our content we want traffic to appear like magic!

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen and it is better to know that in the beginning so you don’t quit before you make it.

If you are relying solely on SEO techniques you could be looking at a minimum of 6 months before you get a decent ranking from Google. I know that kinda sucks, doesn’t it?

There are other methods that work a lot quicker so don’t be disheartened.

The fastest way I have found is to Use Pinterest to bring the traffic to you. In less than 2 months I achieved 10.4 K monthly views that is totally HUGE for a new blog.

Speaking to many seasoned bloggers 90% of them say using Tailwind to automate the pinning process not only saves time but also drives 2-3 times the amount of traffic than just pinning manually.

Having followed their advice I have to totally agree!


Concentrating On Making Money

I belong to a very well-known community called Wealthy Affiliate that has been around for 16 years which teaches you how to blog from building a website in 30 seconds to how to be successful with affiliate marketing.

New members are joining every day of the week and something crops up regularly how do I make money now!

Well with a blog that is very unlikely to happen immediately. It takes time to build a following, write valuable content, and gain traction on social media especially if you are using Facebook.

In my opinion, the reason for this concentrating on the money stems from seeing adverts on the internet promising lots of money from day one that turn out to be scams.

Have you been burned by these promises? I know I have.

My aim was to give up my day job like most people who start a blog and it’s okay to have that goal as long as you are realistic with the expectations, it takes patience, time, and persistence it’s not going to happen in a week.

Don’t concentrate on trying to earn money concentrate instead on helping your audience to solve their problems and the rest will simply fall into place as if by magic.

Earning thousands of dollars a month is the end game and you can do it as long as you put the hard work in first.

Don’t Believe All You Read

Spending many hours on the internet can have you getting things into your head that are just not true so don’t believe all you read.

Have you been told to join every social media site there is?

That is bad advice, and it won’t gain you more traffic the better method is to learn them one at a time. Once you have built it up and have a regular following of people then move onto another one and stick to it until that one has regular traffic.

Yes, I have accounts with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest but I don’t spend time on them all otherwise no blog posts would get written.

Pinterest is where my main focus lies, occasionally I will share blog posts with Twitter and Facebook but that’s as far as it goes for now.

The main reason for Facebook is to share posts in blogging groups and to answer questions from new bloggers that need help and advice.

The other accounts are there for the future for when they are needed to scale and grow further we always need to be thinking ahead.


Perfection Is The Opposite Of Done

In this respect, I’m very lucky I’m not a perfectionist!

some of my blogger buddies really struggle with this and they wonder how I can write and publish a post in a few hours. If it’s grammatically correct and reads nicely out loud it gets published that’s it.

They on the other hand will spend hours tweaking and changing things around and even deleting it and starting again.

Nothing is ever going to be perfect, is there even such as thing as perfect?

Consistency is a must if you want to have a successful blog that helps your readers and earns money, get the post written, add the links and the images, and get it published!

That is how your traffic will grow!

Blogger Overwhelm

Have you just started out with your blog? Do you feel overwhelmed with all there is to learn?

We all start out like that the best advice I can give you is to concentrate on one thing at a time if you are trying to do everything at once you will find you don’t get anything finished.

Get yourself a schedule written out and don’t move onto the next part until you have completed the previous task.

Believe me when I say you will get a lot more accomplished and you will feel a lot less stressed into the bargain!


Practice Is The Only Way

In the beginning, the thought of writing a post of 1,000 words seemed impossible now though that is a doddle.

The longest post so far for me is over 4,000 words now that was tough going.

You can learn how to blog by reading other blog posts, and watching Youtube videos but nothing beats actually taking action and putting what you have learned into practice.

For example, you want to learn how to paint a landscape oil painting so you go to classes to see how that is achieved the only way you are going to be able to paint it is to do it yourself and keep doing it until you get it right.

Failing is a part of the process of learning don’t be intimidated by it!

Need help to get your blog started? Follow these steps that will take you through the process today!

There you have it. 6 tips to help you to stay the blogging course that will grow your traffic in a few months.

Can you think of anything else that would help you out? let me know in the comments below.


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