How To Create A Story Pin For Pinterest Step By Step


Hello and a very warm welcome back today. Have you heard all of the buzz on Pinterest about their new feature The story pin? We are going to cover How To Create A Story Pin For Pinterest Step by Step. New technology is not normally one of my greatest forte’s, However, I have to say … Read more

Is Pinterest Right For Your Blog? It’s Not One Size Fits All


Hello and welcome back to today’s topic which is, Is Pinterest Right For Your Business? It’s Not One Size Fits All Pinterest is not right for every business. Just because you are a blogger that doesn’t guarantee that Pinterest is right for you. There are some niches where there will be No audience searching for … Read more

How To Grow Your Blog The best way Possible


Hello, one and all, welcome back to this series about blogging!! This post will cover How You Are Going To Grow Your Blog. Mistakes Bloggers Make is a new blog and I want to take you on the journey with me. We will cover quite a few topics but some of the main ones will … Read more

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Waaait I Know Popups Are Annoying!!!

I Used To Work As A Telemarketer From Home Now I Can Work Any Where I Want!