Semrush Review: Is This The Best SEO Tool On Offer?

Hello and welcome back. Today’s topic is a review Of Semrush

Have you been searching for an SEO device that allows you to track keyword ranking, do keyword research, check backlinks, check competitor ranks, and do a full SEO audit of your blog?

In case your answer is yes, then let me introduce you to a web application that is trusted by numerous expert bloggers and SEO organizations.

This web application that I’m going to explain about is Semrush.

At the point when ShoutMeLoud got hit by Google Panda & June 2019 core algorithm update, I was required to adjust the way I was approaching my SEO plan.

I understood that rather than simply writing content that readers loved, I need to ensure my content was likewise adored by search engines!

This is the point at which I began to learn more about search engine optimization and link building.

I figured out how to recover ShoutMeLoud from Panda, and simultaneously, I learned the significance of data-driven SEO. 

I expected to ask myself what I had done that may have caused the Google algorithm to hit my site so hard.

The solution was on my analytics stats board. Aside from thin content, I had disregarded the significance of keyword research.

I immediately discovered that having quality content was not enough! 

I additionally expected to create quality links, audits of my site’s SEO at the right time, and pay attention to a couple of other significant components.

I tried applying numerous tools in the process (including Ahrefs, Mangools, Semrush, and a couple of other tools).

While every one of them functioned well, I have been more attracted to Semrush as a result of its incredible features and how it enabled me to get all of my SEO work accomplished in one place.

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What is Semrush?

Semrush is a perfect digital marketing research tool that assists you to see clearly how and where your competitors have found achievement so you can reproduce it for your business too.

Semrush data and insights are trusted by 7,000,000 marketing expert specialists and more than 1000 top mass media around the world.

With over 50 tools inside the application, data for more than 140 countries, coordination with Google, and task management platforms, Semrush is currently a must-have program for digital marketing teams all around the globe.

Semrush works via providing you a ton of data, which you can employ to either:

  • produce new web content that is probably going to draw traffic
  • spot link-building possibilities
  • Adjust technical parts of your site content to increase its search ranking.

There is nothing you cannot do with Semrush when you learn how to utilize it (which you will before the finish of this guide).

In this Semrush review, we’ll cover the accompanying perspectives:

  • Audit Your Site
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Organic Research
  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO Checker
  • Easy to Apply
  • Client Feedback
  • How Semrush Contrast with Other SEO Tools
  • Semrush Review Conclusion 
  • Upsides and Downsides of applying SEMrush

Optimize your site using Semrush

Before you observe your competitors, it is critical to know how applying Semrush may benefit you and what you can use to improve your site.

1. Audit Your Site 

In case you use Semrush, you won’t require other programs such as Screaming Frog to audit your site.

That is because Semrush will crawl everywhere on your site and provide you a review featuring any issues it finds.

During a site audit, Semrush will pay special mind to issues that may be negatively affecting your search ranking, including:

  • Crawlability troubles, for example, redirects, blocked pages, or slow loads
  • Internal linking problems like too many broken links or on-page links
  • HTTPS issues
  • International SEO troubles like misconfigured hreflang
  • Duplicate content problem

Semrush also enables you to prioritize the rules it applies to detect issues. That implies you can promote the subjects that interest you most to the top of the list.

You also have the possibility to schedule the site audits to run automatically on a regular basis. The program will demonstrate the change in the number of problems it finds during the time.

 Utilize that report to ensure that you’re taking care of on-site SEO issues.

2. Backlink analysis

How well a site acts in search results especially relies upon the number of backlinks — external sites linking to it — exist for the site being referred to. 

There are two approaches to taking a look at backlinks in Semrush: the first is to utilize its ‘backlink analysis’ choice, and the second is to arrange a ‘backlink audit.’

Let’s explain them one by one.

Backlink analysis

The ‘Backlink Analytics’ part in Semrush allows you to enter a domain name and view a list of all the backlinks it can discover to it.

You also may utilize this part to see:

All the data is laid out obviously and allows you to observe when a domain has gained or lost backlinks, alongside the value of the links being referred to.

You may apply this data to enhance your SEO efforts or gain insights into a competitor’s.


Backlink analytics in Semrush

How precise Semrush’s backlink analysis has relied upon the size and quality of its link database. At the time of writing, Semrush professes to have 37.2 trillion backlinks in its database, which in case of exact compares clearly with competitors Ahrefs, which claims 25 trillion, and Majestic, which claims 9.2 trillion

In case these numbers are right, this makes the Semrush link database larger than those of key competitors, which implies in principle you ought to get more thorough backlink information from the tool. 

I was interested anyway to perceive how this worked out in some real-world tests, therefore I ran backlink audits on six various sites to observe how some of the significant programs fared against one another in this area.

In my limited examination, I discovered that the number of backlinks found by each product was quite similar, with Semrush accomplishing better on websites with a smaller number of domains linking to them — it recognized more linking domains than competing tools Moz or Ahrefs.

Nonetheless, Moz appeared to perform better where sites with bigger backlink profiles were concerned.

Because this was only a small examination, I would not reach conclusions out of it — but in case of a trend being existed to be perceived, it is that Semrush’s large link database does not automatically convert into surfacing a bigger number of linking domains.

However, it unquestionably provides you with a very thorough set of outcomes that is widely comparable to its key competitors.

Backlink audits

The alternate approach to look at backlinks in Semrush is through performing a ‘backlink audit’.  The basic reason for that is to establish the ‘toxicity’ of backlinks pointing to your site and decide its ‘site health’.


Distinguishing toxic links in Semrush

While a backlink audit, Semrush collects a list of links that it believes are spammy, which you would then be able to survey and upload to Google as a ‘repudiate’ file.

 This viably advises Google to disregard these poisonous links — and, as Google penalizes sites with bunches of low-quality links highlighting them, repudiating bad links can helpfully affect your search rankings.

(Note anyway that it is essential to proceed cautiously with regards to disavowing links — read Google’s guidelines on the topic prior to doing anything!).

Eventually, Semrush’s backlink audit tool is an exceptionally solid component of the product.

It is great at spotting low-quality links and makes it truly simple for you to set up a repudiate file for upload to Google.

You additionally get the alternative to whitelist the links as well, in case you feel that Semrush has been over passionate in distinguishing a link as poisonous.

3. Organic Research

Semrush conveys a strong set of tools to watch your competition. Use the tool to search out the simplest keywords that your competitors have previously found.

Then, fit your online method to enhance content around those same keywords. Of course, you’ll need to supply more enriched articles and weblog posts than your competitors thus you’ll rank higher.

Semrush additionally offers you an associate estimate of the cost of every keyword.

Use that information to spot the search terms that are possible to bring in a source of income for your business.

The tool can even display the landing pages on competitor websites for each keyword.

Take a look at those pages to urge some inspiration regarding however you will be able to optimize your website.

Further, Semrush features new organic competitors inside the search engine results pages (SERPs). Survey those reports to discover what the “new money” people are doing to attain rank.

Finally, Semrush recognizes how your rankings for particular keywords have been modified during the time.

In case you discover that you’re slipping, it is a good plan to check out what your competitors do to leap ahead.


4. Keyword Research

Keyword research is for the most part about: 

  • establishing the number of individuals who are searching for a specific keyword
  • establishing that it is so hard to rank for that keyword
  • discovering who is already ranking for that keyword
  • getting recommendations for different ones.

You will employ it to respond to this inquiry:

 currently what keywords would be excellent for my trade?

Simply plug in a phrase applicable to your trademark and the amazing Semrush tool will display you different words and expressions that will assist you to rank in the search results.

Incorporate those search terms in a content method that will over and again move your site to Page 1. Receive more traffic. Create more income.

Semrush additionally causes you to accumulate much-desired long-tail keywords. Those are search phrases of at least four words.

As a general guideline, you will not get a lot of traffic from long-tail keywords. That is why it is an extraordinary thought to improve for dozens of different long tails.

Semrush likewise gives you data about the trouble level of every keyword. It is often best to improve for lower-trouble keywords first because they are bound to give you the best position in the SERPs.

5. On-Page SEO Checker

On-Page SEO Checker is a profoundly underestimated Semrush tool, which pinpoints the specific shortcoming of your website and gives you noteworthy suggestions.

With On-Page SEO Checker, you can quickly verify whether your content consents with all the on-page and off-page SEO components, like your content’s fittingness and quality, backlinks’ dependability and reputation, H1, H2 tags, page title, and meta description.

To get the tool, explore to:

SEO> On-Page and Tech SEO > On-Page SEO Checker

Pick one of your dynamic projects on this page and configure your domain. Add the pages and keywords that you would prefer to upgrade and press “Collect Ideas.”

Every page will be analyzed and you will get instant suggestions on the best way to advance them.


You only need to click on the “Ideas” button next to the page you would prefer to advance to see recommendations from Semrush to enhance your SEO.


Provided that you would like suggestions on your site’s client experience alerts, link your Google account with Semrush.

This will permit Semrush to investigate your Google Analytics data and provide you a full picture of your site’s UX to assist you to find any provisos that you must fix to enhance your search visibility.

Easy to Apply 

Semrush is not difficult to apply with a clean user interface. In any case, it takes some effort for you to adapt yourself to the interface, particularly in the case if you are moving from tools like SpyFu or Moz.

Furthermore, it is stacked with features, so it very well may be somewhat overwhelming on occasions.

All things considered, there is positively no motivation to get stressed as SEMrush has a wealth of resources that you can delve into to get a step-by-step manual for dominating the tool.

You can also tune into their webinars (both past and forthcoming) to keep yourself up to date with all the new characteristics and functionalities.


Client Feedback 

Client feedback could make or break a company’s reputation. Obviously, it is one of the main elements associated with an organization’s prosperity.

This is particularly evident on account of services like Semrush where there will undoubtedly be questions and inquiries from a profoundly dynamic SEO community.

Semrush offers help principally through its comprehensive information base and email.

They additionally organize webinars regularly where they divulge new characteristics and give some significant tips to enhance your SEO and PPC.

SEMrush Review - SEMrush also organizes webinars on a regular basis where they unveil new features and provide some actionable tips to improve your SEO and PPC.


How Semrush Contrasts with Other SEO Tools

In the current section, I will quickly contrast Semrush with three of its powerful competitors: Ahrefs, SpyFu, and Moz.

Semrush in comparison to Ahrefs: Which one is better?

If you are looking for a profound analysis of these two tools, I would suggest you read the following.

While Ahrefs has a superior backlink analysis tool, Semrush is unrivaled in all other points: from keyword research to content marketing to technical SEO.

Having said that, the two web programs are wonderful? So in the condition that you have the money, buy both of them. If not, I would highly suggest Semrush.

Here is a fast specification of how Semrush compares to Ahrefs on key elements:

Semrush vs Ahrefs - Comparison Table


Semrush in comparison to SpyFu: Which One is Superior for Competitor Analysis?

Semrush and SpyFu are both the two leading competitor research web programs. While SpyFu has a proper competitor research set of programs and is quite cheaper than most other SEO tools available, it is just not in the same group as Semrush.

Semrush is a generally useful SEO tool, while SpyFu is exclusively centered on competitive analysis.

Despite that, even from an entirely competitive research point of view, Semrush is a far superior tool.

You can find the difference between these tools in this profound Semrush vs SpyFu comparison post. In case you are looking for more details, I would suggest you check out the post.

Here is a quick specification about how Semrush compares with SpyFu on key elements:

Semrush vs Spyfu - Comparison Table


Semrush in comparison to Moz: Is Semrush Better?

Semrush and Moz are in many cases set against one another as they offer similar features.

Over the most recent couple of years, Semrush has been at the front line of innovation in the web-based marketing space.

They have presented several new features and have enhanced existing features to give more precise and comprehensive insights to their clients.

From the other point of view, Moz closely resembles a tool that is stuck in the past.

Its UI is old, messy, and the SEO reports leave a lot to be desired. The free tools given by Moz are as yet applicable, but in my opinion, the tool is not worth shelling out $100 per month for.

In case you are looking for a more deep analysis, check out this Semrush vs Moz comparison post.

Below provide a quick specification about how Semrush compares with Moz on key elements:

Semrush vs Moz: Visual Breakdown

Semrush review conclusion

Semrush is a truly strong SEO tool that provides you all the key info you will require for an effective SEO project.

As far as I might be concerned, its superior characteristics are its site auditing and link building tools, in which the former provides you an excellent ‘CRM’ style technique of building backlinks and the latter provides you an easy checklist of ways that you may enhance your technical and on-page SEO.

What are the fundamental disadvantages? 

Well, Google is the only search engine that provides data for it; all accounts just come with one user account; numerous key elements can just be utilized as a part of a project (with restrictions applying to the number of projects you can enable to run simultaneously).

It is likewise somewhat disappointing that some of the competitive intelligence features can only be opened through a $200 each month add-on.


Yet, in general, Semrush is an excellent solution that gives you the key data you will have to enhance your search rankings.

Semrush Has An Exciting New Look

The platform has an exciting new look using bold and beautiful colours as well as a stunning new logo.

Semrush’s Exciting Colours

There have also been some new and updated tools Added:

The Keyword Research Tool has been revamped and now boasts the global volume metrics which gives you a search volume of the keyword’s searched across all countries!

You can now search the top 100 keywords in the Google Search with the The SERP analysis.

Using Bulk Analysis you can do 100 keywords at a time.


Brand New Keyword Gap

This New Tool will help you to uncover paid and organic keyword opportunities.

  • This makes your workflow better, trying the new options of “missing”, “shared”, “unique”, “strong”, and “weak” keyword types.
  • Find more keyword options by searching keywords not only by domains, but also by subfolders, and URLs.

As with the other keyword tools, Keyword Gap has also been connected with the keyword Manager.

The Tools listed below have also had major revamps:

  • Domain Overview
  • Backlink Analytics 
  • Position Tracking
  • Powerful Site Audit
  • Listing Management Tool
  • Traffic Analytics

New Content Marketing Tools

To look at your website content from the perspective of the buyer through the journey stages, test out this product for content marketing teams – Impact Hero.

The tool can show you your website’s highest-performing assets at every stage and offers improvement ideas for the remainder of the content.

We also upgraded the recently-introduced Content Marketplace, a Semrush platform for ordering high-quality SEO content written by professional copywriters.

Did you know you can also Order the Content You Need:


To wrap up, underneath you will find an outline of the key upsides and downsides of applying Semrush and some information about other SEO products.

Upsides of applying Semrush

  • Generally, Semrush is easy to apply.
  • Domain analysis is in particular easy to accomplish with Semrush — you provide all the things you require to see in one place, laid out clearly.
  • Although it gives an enormous amount of information, Semrush’s interface is spread out logically; and charts and data visualizations make it simple to understand the measurements provided.
  • Semrush’s link-building functionality, which highlights CRM-style features to assist you with outreach, is wonderful.
  • Its site auditing feature provides you with an easy-to-follow set of guidelines on the most proficient method to make solid upgrades to the technical SEO and on-page SEO parts of your webpage.
  • Along with the organic search data, Semrush gives you a lot of PPC information as well.
  • By correlation with its competitors, Semrush is extremely generous with regards to the number of reports you can pull in one day.
  • Three channels of help are accessible – telephone, text, and email. This is more thorough than competitors Ahrefs and Moz.

Downsides of applying Semrush

  • Semrush just gives information for Google search engines, while some competing programs, namely Ahrefs, give you information from a few other search engines.
  • Semrush constructions just go together with one client account, and purchasing extra seats is costly.
  • Some key characteristics are just accessible as part of projects and Semrush restricts the number of projects you can enable to run simultaneously. 
  • Some competitive analysis tools cost an extra $200 each month.
  • The free trial necessitates that you enter your credit card details before you can get to it.
  • Since the Semrush interface is not ‘responsive’, it is difficult to use the program on a cell phone.

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