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About Me

Hello, My name is Lisa,

I’m an affiliate marketer. I have set up this website to help you out if you are just starting out with working online in the blogging world, or if you have been doing it for a while and it’s not working out quite how you thought it would.

Are you like most people I used to work with?

You want to get out of the corporate world, stop the 9-5 working for a boss and lining his pockets?

You wish to live on your own terms and take holidays whenever you wish?

Can you see yourself doing that job until you are 67 years old?

Will, you still be able to do what you want to do when you retire, will you be fit enough?

There is more to life than doing what you are doing.

Starting a Blog is not as difficult to do as you might think.

When you are new at this and very excited the first thing you do is choose a niche to write about. The second thing you do is choose a domain name for your new blog.

The third thing you do is build your website, this only takes 30 seconds with Wealthy Affiliate. Which is free to join.

You start building out the website by adding an about me page like this one.

Then you add a page called a privacy policy and an affiliate disclosure.

Next, you add various plugins as you go along, if you have used Word press or whichever host you are using before and know a bit about it, you will add the plugins all at once because you know what is needed.

You are now ready to write your first post, after deleting the post hello world from your WordPress site. You will add a post give it a title and write your first blog post (a piece of content).

A Little Story About My Blogging Journey

I did the steps above and carried on writing away happily for 8 months, the posts got indexed, and over time they got ranked by the search engines.

Quite a few are on page 1 of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You think that sounds brilliant, I’m achieving my goals, unfortunately, that was not the case.

Why is that not the case? Well you see, I ran out of things to write about. How is that possible in the health and wellness niche? There are thousands of subjects to talk about.

That’s what I thought as well.

As a mum of four daughters who always kept fit I thought I could share my journey to fitness with my readers.

Unfortunately, there were certain aspects that were not taken into consideration.

A blog should be about your readers, not about you!

The visitors to your site are looking for answers to questions and it’s your job to provide them.

8 months of hard work every spare minute of the day, evenings, and weekends included making just $45.48.

This blogging lark only works if you do it in the right way. Unfortunately, I didn’t. In a future post, you can find out more about where I went wrong.

Helping You To Do It The Right Way

I didn’t give up that easy!

A month after stopping writing for the health and wellness blog I started mistakes bloggers make on the 6th December 2020.

The biggest difference between this blog and the last one is now I know how to help my readers.

To teach you about SEO (search engine optimization) How to write effective content that captures your reader’s attention.

This website is going to help you not make the same mistakes I made and help to save you time and money.

The time you cannot get back so you need to use it wisely, money can be made again over time, however, if I can prevent you from losing it in the first place then I’m doing a good job.

My biggest passion is to see you have massive success.

How am I going to help you? That’s a great question to ask. Blog posts will be written about processes and strategies to follow to get it right the first time around.

How To Earn Money From Writing A Blog 

Earning Money

Even though I got it wrong I still earned money and so can you. The website that was started is not dead it still gets visitors daily and can still earn money.

It can be gone back to at any time. New posts can still be added to it as long as the domain name is paid for each year.

  • Update (1) I sold my old blog for $~500.00 as a bit of capital for this blog.
  • Update (2) I quit my job and am now a full-time blogger.

At the time of quitting working for a boss, my blog was still not making any money!

Scary and exhilarating times ahead it takes guts to trust in the process.

I made a total of $30 in the first 2 months of blogging with this site so far, then I sold my previous website.

Now I am in a position to take this process to the next level and teach others how to make it with a blog.

How can I be so sure?

Blogs can and do make $5,000 a month and by joining the right blogging platform that is what YOU can achieve.

How To Learn More

You will learn by coming back to this website often to read the new posts giving you the information needed to do the job correctly.

The first way of finding out what is happening here is to sign up for my e-mail list where you will be notified when a new post has been published.

An alternative way is to save this website to your favourites on your web browser and visit it often.

You can also share the posts on social media.

You will need a little bit more than just my help and advice to get started with your online blog. so follow my number 1 recommendation which can be found below.

My number 1 recommended training resource and all in one platform every new blogger needs can be found here, it’s free to join.

Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate business that has been around for 16 years it has over 1 million members and it’s not a scam or a MLM.

It takes time and effort to make blogging and affiliate marketing work.

If you don’t want to work this is not for you.

Here is to learning together.

Lisa Harvey. Founder and CEO of mistakesbloggersmake.com

If you have any questions about me or working online you can leave them below. I check them every few days and I will get back to you.

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    What an inspirational “About Me” page.

    I will definitely be coming back here to learn and get motivation from your blogs.




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