Tranont MLM Company Review Can We Make Money With It?

Hello, and a very warm welcome back. With everything continuing on in the world due to the virus many people have started to fear for job security and are looking for new avenues of money coming in.

This fact has meant that there are far more people looking to work online and that means MLM’s like Tranont has become more popular.

Tranont’s main business is in the Health and Wellness sphere. It also covers other services which I will go through as we progress.

You have to pay to join the majority of MLM companies and this one is no different. 

The minimum will set you back $349 and the maximum is $1,499 + a fee every month to stay eligible for commissions.

This post is going to cover if Tranont is a scam, How it works, can you make money with it? who is it suitable for? etc.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with Tranont in any way. If you decide to purchase a membership I will not be paid in any way.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a small commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Let’s dive in and find out if this is the right business model or not?

Tranont Review- Logo

Tranont Review Overview

Product Type: MLM Health and Financial Services

Program Name: Tranont

Founder: Lorne Berry


Cost Of Purchase: $49 as an annual fee. + purchase a plan $349, $599 or $1,499 On top of that there is another fee of $149 per month to be an associate.

Is It Recommended? No.

I don’t recommend Tranont unless you know to recruit others to a new business.

You can make a small amount of money from selling products that are very overpriced but the big bucks come from recruitment.

As MLM’s go, this is quite an expensive one to get involved with.

Totally not suitable for complete beginners to start to work online.

When I was first looking for a work from home biz op I tried an MLM and recruiting is very hard unless you pay out for ads, which become expensive quickly for little to no return!

I opted for a more cost-effective way of working from home. My number 1 recommendation has been around for over 15 years.

About The Founder Of Tranont

Lorne Berry founded Tranont back in the year 2014.

Tranont MLM Company Review- Lorne Berry

Previous to this he was in real estate for about 10 years also in Utah where Tranont is based.

Considering Tranont gives people financial advice I do find it strange that Berry filed for bankruptcy just before the MLM was started to the tune of 1 Million dollars.

But hey everyone makes mistakes in their lives!

What Is Tranont?

Tranont is an MLM company that operates a little differently in that they have combined niches, not just health and wellness like the majority but also financial.

The company is based in Utah and they do not serve the whole world, the products are available for the USA, Canada, India, and Puerto Rico.

The company name means: “Change Life” their aim is to help 1 Billion people to do just that.

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Tranont’s Products

Tranont MLM Company Review-Products

Tranonts Products range from health and wellness to financial and tax advice.

The Product bundles Cost:

  • Silver pack. Health care costs $340
  • Silver pack. wellness priced at $345
  • Silver pack  CBD Items bundle $373
  • The gold pack is set at $599
  • Platinum costs  $1,499

Health products available

  • CORE
    • Enrich. Digestive Enzyme Blend with Prebiotics and Probiotics  $45
    • Balance (whole foods packed with phytonutrients, and minerals with additional antioxidant properties). $50
    • Optimize. Proteolytic enzyme blend formulated with natural antioxidants.  $50
    • Renew. Antioxidant Supplement $45
    • Icaria Glow (Is a drink that contains antioxidants and collagen) $45
    • Nourish. The prebiotic meal replacement drink comes in 4 flavours $50
    • Focus. Supports natural focus and clarity $45
    • Enhance. Add this powdered creamer to your drinks to improve cognitive function and Energy $49
    • Mojo. A drink to boost energy, improve mood and focus, and curb cravings.$59
    • Boost. Helps endurance and stamina $50
    • Zest. Is a lemonade drink that helps to boost energy, burn calories, and improve your mood. $59
  • CBD
    • Suthe.Full-spectrum Hemp CBD Fluid $109
    • Relieve. CBD muscle rub. $45
    • Illuminate. Brightening Toothpaste $25
    • Refresh. Mouth Wash $21
    • Oral care collection. Contains 4 products. Lip Balm, Mouth Wash Mouth Spray and Brightening Toothpaste. $59


    • Uqual loan readiness.  Boost your credit file. Starts from $99
    • Hurdlr. Manage your tax affairs. Starting cost $10
    • Tranont defend. Protect your ID, privacy and money. Starting price 26.95
    • Business smart pack.  costing from $59 per month
    • Tax pack. No more problems with taxes. A starting cost of $45
    • Merchant processing
    • Jive business phones
    • Tranont defend business
    • Tranont energy
    • Uqual loan readiness

How To Make Money With Tranont

1. Purchase the products yourself and then sell them to anyone you know.

2. Recruit others to be a part of your team and teach them to sell and recruit for themselves.

Most people that start with this kind of MLM company don’t stay for long because of the criteria set out by the company that you have to spend $149 every month to be considered active.

The Tranont Compensation Plan

Compensation plans are pretty complicated.

This is a PDF version from the company that you can browse at your leisure.

99% of people who join an MLM do not make a life-changing amount of money according to the FTC’s official figures, In fact, they recommend gambling as a safer bet 🙂

The majority of MLM companies do post their annual figures but Tranont is one of the few that don’t! (I wonder why?)

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How Much It Costs To Join Tranont?

If you just want to sell the products you can do that without recruiting and becoming a member but you will pay the full price for the products.

Becoming a paying member:

$99 joining fee.

Purchase 1 of the bundles from $349, $599 or $1,499.

A minimum spends by you of $149 every month + the cost of replacing any items that you sell.

You will receive the products as well as your own website!

Only residents in the US or Canada, Porto Rica and India are eligible to join.


What I like About Tranont The Pros

  • The company has been around since 2014
  • They have a very wide range of products available.

What I Don’t Like About Tranont The Cons

  • MLM’s are very difficult to make money with
  • Because of the compensation plans and bonuses, the products are expensive and can be found cheaper in many places.
  • I could only find a handful of product reviews and that’s unusual for products that have been around since 2014.
  • No income disclosure available, how are you meant to know whether it is worth your time?
  • Having to buy $149 a month worth of products means you have to sell a lot just to break even let alone make a profit!

Is Tranont A Scam?

No. You will receive the products and you can resell them.

Some say it is a pyramid scheme because of the recruitment aspect, but, because they do have products that negate that view.

If you look around the net about this company you will find some less than glowing reviews of people who lost money with this company.

Here is a couple from the Better Business Bureau website:

Tranont Review- BBB website

The main way a company like this gets into hot water is the imaginative way that they promote the opportunity to others to get them to join it.

With commission rates starting out at 10% it is very difficult to make a full-time income with this MLM company.

You can always go the paid promotion route but that is a very risky way forward.

Do I recommend This To My Readers? Yes and No.

if you have been involved in another MLM and you have years of selling, marketing, and recruitment skills as well as a huge following or an email list then yes.

You don’t have any of the above don’t join Tranont. Run for the hills instead!

A Better Alternative

That does not involve recruitment, buying stock, or even having to pay to go to the events.

With the business model, I suggest you actually own it yourself and the only way it can get shut down is if you Quit!

Does that sound a better idea to you?

Would you like step-by-step training on building your own business on a platform that has everything that you need including a 7-day trial?

Check out my number 1 recommendation where you can be your own boss!

If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme that doesn’t work then this is not for you. 

It is only worth your time if you want to invest in yourself and build an online business that you own and operate.

See you on the inside if you can put in the work 🙂

Lisa. CEO and founder of

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