Kindle Publishing Income Review Sophie Howard’s Latest Scam

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back.

Do you keep being bombarded with ads from Sophie Howard to join her latest offer about selling ebooks on Amazon?

Yes me too!

That is why I decided to find out more about this program so that I could share it all with you in order for you to make an informed decision about joining Kindle publishing Income.

You may have come across Sophie Howard before connected to another of her programs called Blue Sky Amazon which is a pretty good course but it is way overpriced in my opinion!

It costs $3,495 will this be something similar?

I’m sure that is what you have come here to find out so let’s dive right in!

Disclaimer. I am not affiliated or associated with any course from Sophie Howard. If you make a purchase I will not be compensated in any way.

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Kindle Publishing Income Overview

Program Name: Kindle Publishing Income

Program Type: Learning how to Make and sell ebooks on Amazon

Creator: Sophie Howard

Cost Of Purchase? $2,485

Is it recommended? No.

Sophie Howard portrays this as an easy way to make money online all you have to do is 2 hours of work and then just rinse and repeat.

Selling ebooks on Amazon is not easy at all. 

Sophie claims she makes ten’s of thousands of dollars every month.

I have friends who do this on a regular basis and they have told me it takes a lot of dedication over a sustained period of time before you see a single cent!

Not only that, but it is way overpriced for the training that you actually receive.

If you want to build a legitimate business online I would recommend a program that has been around for 16 years and doesn’t cost anywhere near the amount being charged by Sophie Howard.

Do you prefer to read or watch a video?

What Is Kindle Publishing Income?

It is a training program to teach you how to sell ebooks on Amazon.

Kinfle Publishing Income. What You Get

What you get:

Is a fair amount of training with this program that includes:

Step By Step Training courses

The training is very simple to follow and is made with beginners in mind. You will learn the entire process of making an ebook and marketing it to make money.

1 Year Of Support

Whenever you are learning a new business, especially about how to make money online you’re going to need help with it.

It can get very overwhelming and confusing.

With this, You will get 1 year of support in case you have any questions that need to be answered.

Sophie’s Personal Book Of Contacts

In order to make real money with ebooks, you will need graphic designers, writers and the ability to outsource some of the work.

This can cost lots of money to find the right people for the job!.

Sophie provides you with a list of people she’s used in the past so you don’t have to waste money on finding the right person.

90 Days Of A Weekly Group Coaching

Every week for the first 90 days of the program you will be able to take part in the group coaching sessions run by Sophie.

Here you will be able to ask questions. 

The Niche Finder Software Section

Finding the right niche to create ebooks in can take up a lot of time.

This tool is going to help you to find ones that are profitable and that have an existing audience.

Next Is The Public Domain Masterclass

This section specializes in showing you how to find ebooks in the public domain to sell.

The Low Content Masterclass

This is going to show you how to market your ebook with content marketing.

Paperback And Audible Profit Multiplier Section

Here you will be taught how to make money with paperback books and audiobooks. 

The International Profit Multiplier

Next up, you’ll learn how to make money selling your book in different languages. 

Join The Fast Launch Facebook Group

You can access the private Facebook Group as well.

Here you’ll be able to ask questions and get answers to all of your questions. 

About Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard - Kindle Publishing Income Review

Sophie was born in New Zealand but was raised in the U.K.She launched her FBA business from her own home in 2014.

She is known as “The Amazon Selling Queen”. The first product she sold was a New Zealand wool product hand-felted in Nepal and she is the founder of the brand “Aspiring Entrepreneurs.”

She has also made money from selling Tea.

Another offer from Sophie is a pretty well known Amazon FBA course called blue Sky Amazon. This is priced at a whopping $3495. 

I have to mention at this point if you look around the web you can find some not very good reviews on some of her courses:

Here is 1 from the Trust pilot website and there are many more.

Blue Sky Amazon Testimonial-Trust-pilot
Source: Blue Sky Amazon Testimonial-Trust-pilot

I would expect to get a good amount of positive reviews before shelling out $3,495 as well as top of the range training!

From the reviews that I have read that doesn’t seem to be the case.

How Does Kindle Publishing Work?

It works by following 3 secret steps:

Sophie Howard – Kindle Publishing Income Review-3-Secret-Steps

If you go and watch Sophie’s webinar you will see how she explains the business in “3 secret steps” to making money with Kindle Publishing.

Step #1  “Kindle is a low hanging fruit in terms of potential income. It’s low in competition and high in demand”. The main aim here is to pick a niche market subject that has a high demand but is not as competitive.

Step #2 
 You don’t need to worry if you are not a writer because you don’t have to write a single word to make money with Kindle Publishing.

You will be shown how to outsource your content writing and hire freelance writers to make content on topics of your choice.

Step  #3 
 The easiest and most effective way to get your ebooks seen and bought is by running Amazon ads.

Many people do not make use of this method.

The ads are easy to run and you’re only competing with people that are selling an eBook in the same niche market as you, with the same topic, and are running ads.

According to Sophie, not a lot of people are doing this.

How Much Does Kindle Publishing Income Really Cost?

The course is paid for over 5 months and you have to pay $497 per month which comes to a total of $2,485.

This is a hell of a lot of money for something that is very difficult to make money with!

On top of that, you will need another $1,000+ a month to pay writers and run ads on Amazon to get your listings on the first page.

I can assure you it doesn’t work in the way portrayed by Sophie Howard which comes out like this:

You don’t need to write the ebooks yourself, you will search for the kinds of keywords people are looking for and make (or outsourcing) digital content on the topics discovered.

Once your eBook is written it is time for publishing you will use the Kindle Direct Publishing method, upload a Word document of your book, some cover art which you can also outsource, a title, a description, and that’s it.

The best part is You don’t pay Amazon until you make a sale. Amazon takes thirty per cent, you take seventy.

They do all of the work and you just collect the money.

One bit of good news is there is a refund policy included it lasts for 180 days which is quite good and you get a full refund as long as you can prove that you have participated fully in the program and you have launched a book on Amazon.

You just knew there would be a catch, didn’t you? Not very likely to get your money back!

Problems With Kindle Publishing To Be Aware Of

When these cookie-cutter conversion tools are used to find an element in your book that they can’t deal with, you will see rubbish when you preview the file, and it may be difficult to find out what you did wrong.

Just so you know the Kindle Previewer isn’t an exact replica of your book. It is an approximation of the end product.

Another problem to deal with.

Let’s say you upload your work and put it on sale for a month before you discover a glaringly obvious typographical error.

While the book was on sale you had tons of sales.

When you remove that book from displaying on Amazon, any sales rankings that you have accumulated will be lost and you will have to start again from zero.

This means it is not a simple process and many things can often go wrong.

Is Kindle Publishing Income A Scam?   

No. It is not a scam. You will be provided with everything that has been promised to you.

If you have the money to cover the costs to follow Sophie’s method then it would be possible to make money with this program.

There are many people who are not happy with her programs but, even then that doesn’t make this a scam it could just mean these people did not want to put the hard work in.

The actual training is definitely overpriced and there are better places to get this information at way less than what Sophie Howard is charging!

Do I recommend This to my readers? No

1. You don’t need to spend so much money on legitimate methods to sell ebooks on Amazon.

2. There is no refund guarantee.

3. In my opinion, this is not really suitable for beginners either.

Are you reading this review because you are looking for a business opportunity to work online from home?

If your answer is yes then read on a little further!

Making Money Online

There is a proven business model that you can follow to make money online. It has been around for over 16 years and has over 1 million members.

The training is conducted step by step mainly in video format and that has been updated this year (2021) to include new methods that are now available.

Inside you will find many success stories from the super affiliates that have made thousands of dollars a day by following a simple blueprint.

If you want to be your own boss and the owner of your own business this is the place to learn it all from!

No experience is needed which is great because I didn’t have any when I started.

(If you want to make your new business work better upgrade to the premium membership for $49 a month or $1.63 a day that’s less than a Starbucks costs!)

Thanks for supporting me to the end of this post I appreciate your time.

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25 thoughts on “Kindle Publishing Income Review Sophie Howard’s Latest Scam”

  1. Hi and thanks for exposing a program that while you can’t call it a scam is definitely scammy. I think another red flag I read there is that the program provides you with a list of graphic artists and writers they have worked with before. I wonder how scalable that kind of arrangement can be. If they have worked with them already then the list cannot be long. So presumably once they pass that list out a few times to customers of this program those contacts would be inundated with work.

    I have a number of friends who have published books on Amazon. It is just something they enjoy doing. None of them have made any serious money out of it. This whole idea of publishing just on Kindle and making a ton o money sounds highly improbable. Best regards, Andy

    • Hey Andy,

      That is a very valuable point that you have made.

      Once they get lots of work they won’t be able to take on anymore because people are impatient and won’t wait around and then the list is useless.

      I know many people who publish on Amazon as well and they have not become millionaires through the process.

      She makes her money by selling expensive courses like this one as opposed to publishing books on Amazon!

      Have a great week.


      • Very true. Imagine if out of 100 people 30 people applied to do her kindle cost that a lot of money.
        I have been watching Sophie Howard for a long time.

      • Hi! Lisa, I have just joined Sophie and paid £1978.00 discounted fee. I am waiting for a call from one of her colleagues at 11.30 pm today to ask me how best she can set me up. I now think I have lost my money! I tried phoning my card
        , but they do not work weekends to cancel the deal. Even This Plastic card business is full of conns!
        T R Healy

        • Hi Thomas,
          On the call say you have changed your mind and ask for a refund.
          If you have online banking you maybe able to cancel it that way.
          If not ring your card provider first thing tomorrow.
          Good luck.

  2. You have saved a lot of people with this article. I am sure that she has scammed many people which is not right. Thank you for this article. I always appreciate people like you. I will be sure to share this article with my friends and family so that they are aware to stay away from it.

  3. Thanks for your recent review on the Sophie Howard training course. I wasn’t aware there were courses out there like hers. I am a published author on Amazon and while writing the books (yes, I have several) was super hard, publishing them was a piece of cake. I used an online source to find my graphic guy and worked with a fellow author for editing and proofreading. Have I made any money? Very little. Its not as much about your books as it is how you market them, and i just didn’t have the income to do them justice. I hate the fact that people are spending all that money unrealistically.  

    • Hi Cathy,

      As an author who uses this business model of publishing on Amazon, I appreciate your comment.

      It just goes to reiterate that ebooks on Amazon are not a huge moneymaker like Sophie Howard

      among others portray. Yes you may have made more money if you could have marketed them better

      But I bet it wouldn’t have been millions of dollars!

      I wrote the review because people are spending thousands of dollars needlessly on this business venture.

      Have a great week.

      Lisa 🙂

  4. Wow, I had seen an ad for this, though I could never afford such a course, I just straight up assumed it was legit. While it is a course it’s not legit in the price that it reflects. For that kind of money, I would expect a lot more. If I had the funds to hand I would have fallen for this.

    I’m surprised it recommends outsourcing your book contents. Outsourcing to freelancers is expensive (I should know, I am one). A recent 162-page ebook that I wrote for someone selling on Amazon cost them $565, and they still need to hire someone to format it into a book, design a cover, etc. 

    • Hey Kelly,

      Thanks very much for the comment on my post.

      Everything you have written just goes to prove the point of why you should not spend thousands of dollars on this course + all of the other fees associated with it.

      I’m glad you could not afford it. Unfortunately, many people did pay for it!

      Have a great week.


  5. Wow,this kindle publishing income thing from Sophie Howard is way too expensive! And not just that it seems, but as you showed the reviews of Trustpilot, it is totally not to be trusted either? Thank you so much for saving me money and not getting into this scam of hers!

    • You are very welcome Lizzy.

      Sometimes things are not quite what they seem!

      Have a great weekend.


    • I was going to eventually buy into her program am not now.
      What I can’t get over is she makes it sound so easy to out source a writer or someone who could write your book. She says she doesn’t put her name to it or you could use and rewrite another book then get a cover made then uploaded to Amazon.
      I would always be worried about copy write (someone else’s work).

  6. just watched video as intrigued and she seems very nice of course as I’m british, but if she made so much money on amazon in short space of time, surprised with kids etc she has times to read books and do this publishing all the time having apparently sold her businesses for millions or whatever, it doesnt quite seem realistic to me? I certainly dont have the money to pay for a course as you tube grates on me with these ads constantly but sceptical on any of them I guess, as don’t even read books so the video didnt say what it was about to begin with? going on about no outlay etc??

    • Hey Jo,
      There is definitely a huge outlay to this program and no guarantee of it working for you in the way it is portrayed in the video.
      If you are actively looking for a side hustle to make money online I would check out how I did it through my number 1 recommendation which is so much simpler to do.
      Wealthy Affiliate

      • Charlotte, you just need to click on the purple block that says my number 1 recommendation and that will take you to Wealthy Affiliate.

  7. People have made millions with kindle publishing but they were either very great writers getting in early or they were decent writers that really taped into a hungry market with the right emotional or knowledge content that a large group of people were craving.

    • I agree you would need to be a great writer and also to have a lot of available cash.
      This is not a program suited to everybody.

  8. It’s not a scam, but to expensive for people who need money. Sophie Howard is the only one who profits from this program. All others are advised to search Youtube where they can find lots of information about KDP for free :<)

  9. I’m so glad I did further research. I was just about to tap into her program although I can not afford it. I’m so glad I took the time to research more as something was in the back of my mind saying “this can’t be real right”
    Heavy sigh. Was looking forward to having a job/business that I could do from my laptop anywhere.

    • You can still do business from your laptop.
      I just wouldn’t recommend this course especially as it is really expensive.
      I joined Wealthy Affiliate and I have been with them for nearly 3 years, working from home and it is a lot cheaper.
      Lots of training, a very helpful community and a step-by-step process. Take a look and see if this is suitable for you:

  10. This Godamm Sophie Howard is single handedly ruing the YouTube experience, you can’t watch anything without her wretched scam-fest ads interrupting the video you are trying to watch! Her shrill screech, about her scam to fleece all those desperate enough to try her ‘business model’. Which, by the way, is really a business model based on selling sell a useless and fake ‘course’ to the internet audience. Why YouTube allows obvious and blatant scammers to advertise on their platform is a huge problematic issue for them, and it may eventually drive casual viewers like me away, out of sheer irritation with such offensive scam advertising.


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