Yes Supply Method Review Reese Evans Manifestation Course

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. Do you believe in manifestation? Is it possible to manifest things you want into existence?

Some people say yes and equally as many say no. Which camp are you in?

If you are reading this you must believe it to a certain extent, otherwise, you wouldn’t be considering purchasing Yes Supply Method from Reese Evans.

This is what you would call an extremely high ticket course with a price tag of $5,497!

Is this coaching and manifestation course going to be worth that amount of money?

That is only one of the questions that will be answered in this review.

Is it a scam? 

Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with Yes Supply Method in any way. If you do buy it I will not be compensated in any way.

Once you have reached the end of this post you will know whether to pay or run away!

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Let’s dive in.

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Yes Supply Method Overview

Product Name:  Yes Supply Method

Founder:  Reese Evans

Product Type:  Life Coaching and Manifestation Program

Cost Of Purchase:  $5,497 one-time fee

Is It Recommended? No.

Whether you believe in manifestation or not is not really the important question.

This course is really expensive and not worth the money.

There are a lot of ways that you can learn about life coaching and manifestation without spending $5,497. 

You can get courses on Udemy and Books on Youtube for around $30.

I would definitely start with those methods first and if it all resonated and seemed worth the time taken before ever spending that amount of money!

About The Creator Reese Evans

Before spending a single penny on any online program you always need to research the creator.

Doing a Google search is often the easiest way. I have done this to save you time.

Reese Evans has a website A youtube channel that is just over a year old with 9.73k subscribers and she posts new videos regularly. 

Yes supply Method Review_Reese Evans Youtube

She also spends a lot of time posting on Instagram with 2,542 posts and 105K followers and a Pinterest account.

All of her social media is called Yes Supply. She teaches people neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, emotional freedom techniques, tapping, and energy work.

From everything I have found I would say that she is successful in her work.

What Can Yes Supply Method Teach You?

If you know anything about this subject you will have heard about the book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, this book has been around for over a hundred years.

The next big thing was The Secret. 

Now there are tons of courses that teach you about manifestation and Life coaching.

Here is a look inside this one:


You can achieve 5 different certificates going through the course. These certificates will let people know that you’ve trained and studied. 

Certification 1 – The Mindset Coaching Certification

The first-course certification will provide you with some mindset training. This is in almost any training course. Mindset is a growing trend and a lot of companies are hiring coaches to help their employees. 

The certificate will give you the skills and training necessary to carry out mindset coaching. 

Certification 2 – The Neural Energetic Wiring

This certification consists of a combination of NLP, Somatic Techniques, and T.I.M.E. based techniques, and has been developed by Reese herself. 

Reese, says this is to provide support to clients who are in need of a complete transformation, from purpose to habitual behaviours. 

Certification 3 – The Neural Energetic Encoding

This 3rd certificate provides you with the technique to help you to reprogram your subconscious.

It allows you to help your clients do the same by providing them with new patterns and habits. 

Certification 4 – The Emotional Freedom Techniques

 This certification is all about “managing your energy” and “creating a high vibration” in your life using the power of the energy tapping method.

Certification 5 – The Hypnosis Practitioner

The last module teaches you all about hypnosis. This is the tool that you’ll be using to accompany the other skills you learn in this program.  

Weekly Coaching Calls

When you join the Yes Supply you are assigned a coach.

The reason is for the weekly coaching calls that last for a total of 18 months.

The calls are NOT with Reese, though. They’re with one of the other coaches in the Yes Supply company. 

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The Bonuses

There are quite a few bonuses:

Bonus 1: Yes Dream Clients 

The first bonus covers client acquisition. You will learn how to find ideal clients and how to get them to do business with you.

Bonus 2: Creating And Attracting Wealth And Abundance Sessions

The second bonus covers mindset programming and manifesting. 

You will receive 11 bonus techniques you can use to help manifest and attract wealth into your life. 

Bonus 3: Launch Your Group Coaching Program Masterclass

The third bonus explains how to create a group coaching program in 14 days. 

You are also supplied with a webinar and sales funnel templates you can use to convert customers.

Bonus 4: Instagram 10k

The fourth bonus teaches you how to gain clients from Instagram. 

You will learn how to create a following on this platform, how to create content and how to become comfortable on screen. 

Bonus 5: Zero to 1000 Email ListBuilding 

Your own email list is one of the most profitable things you can have with a business

Some internet marketers believe it’s the most important thing you can ever have. 

Bonus 6: Teaches you how to build an email list and how to convert the subscribers into sales. 

How Much Does This Course Cost?

The program is priced at $5,497. That is a hell of a lot of money!

It does cover a lot of training but even so. I’m not so sure it is worth that price tag.

Yes Supply Pros and Cons

The Pros Of Yes Supply

You get 18 months worth of coaching but not with Reese.

The Cons Of Yes Supply

1. If you go onto Udemy you can get training from certified coaches that do not charge over $5,000 and you still get a certificate at the end.

These coaches have years of experience.

2. The competition in coaching is massive. There are a ton of qualified coaches with real qualifications from universities and what are you really going to have?

Can you imagine yourself in the same league as Tony Robbins?

3. There are many other ways to learn this: from books costing a few bucks to some Udemy courses that may cost you a few hundred bucks.

I would try those avenues first!

4. What are these certificates really worth? they haven’t come from a recognised institution.

A better Alternative

If you feel that over 5k for this course is worth it then I guess you will join it!

However, if you want to build a business that is far more popular then I would start with affiliate marketing.

You can build your own online business with My Number 1 Recommendation it has a limited trial period.

There are over 1.5 million entrepreneurs inside who have taken the decision to work online and there are a ton of success stories that you can access.

  • 120 video modules and step-by-step training for 2 different business models
  • 24/7 support from a whole community of experts and also tech support
  • A free .com domain and website hosting are included if you upgrade to premium or more for premium +
  • Weekly live classes from the resident trainer and other super affiliates.
  • No Upsells.

Wealthy Affiliate review including the pros and cons. It has been going for over 16 years that must tell you it is legit?

Learn from the best!

I will see you on the inside and will be available to help you to build your own online money-making business. pop in and say hello 🙂

Lisa. Founder and CEO of

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