Agency Navigator Course Review Start Your Agency From Scratch

Hello, and a very warm welcome back. Have you considered starting your own agency?

This review of the Agency Navigator Course will answer all you need to know!

This course is brought to us by Iman Gadzhi he spent 13 months getting it right!

He will be teaching us how to scale our own Digital marketing agency to $100,000 a year.

$100,000 a year is only the start! You are expected to make much more than this if you implement this training!

These are massive numbers being quoted here.

But, will it live up to the talk that has been spoken in the introductory video for this course.

The course itself spans 150 modules and at a cost of $1,499 that is $10 each.

The huge difference between this software and any other around is that it is updated in real-time so it is a living breathing entity.

It is updated every month with new tools and features and this makes it unique!

If you want to earn 10 to 20k a month is this the program for you?

That my friends is the big question we will be answering along with many others!

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Agency Navigator in any way. If you buy it I will not be compensated financially or otherwise.

By the end of this review, you will know if it is worth your time and investment!

Let us dive in:

Agency Navigator Course Overview

Program Name: Agency Navigator Course

Program Type: Digital Marketing Agency Course

Creator: Iman Gadzhi

Cost Of Purchase? $997 up to $1497

Is It Recommended? Yes and No. Most definitely not for everyone.

Is this Iman Gadhzi’s first course regarding this subject No. He had another course regarding this method. He realised that it needed to be updated in a better way so he spent nearly 2 years with his team putting this together!

Does that make it work better? yes in many ways it does. However, that does not make it a suitable business for everyone!

Your job within this sphere will be to attract high paying clients that are looking for specific services and for you to provide them with results.

An issue occurs when the services required are very diverse for example 1 client may want help with SEO to increase their free traffic.

The 2nd client wishes to gain traffic through Facebook ads and retargeting.

Obviously, these are very different subjects and require very different skills. 

Do you know how to do these things effectively? No. then this may not be for you!

You basically have to be a master of all aspects of marketing and providing services all online and there really are not many of those.

Have a massive team behind you with a plethora of many skills and this will work amazingly for you! Hence the yes and no answer.

A much easier way is to join my number 1 recommended program which has been around for 16 years.

Agency Navigator Review. Youtube

What Is Agency Navigator?

This course from Iman Ghadzi is chock full of information about how to do things now to run your own agency as well as the things not to do!

He freely admits he did some things incorrectly in his previous course. In this new and very much improved course, there are many more new tools designed to catapult you forward.

These tools are updated in real-time and are constantly changing.

Although that does sound awesome you also need to realize that it can be a very new learning curve regularly and one it can be hard to keep up with.

This is most surely not suitable for everyone.

The income figures quoted can be extremely tempting but don’t let them fool you. It is very hard work! and not only that it takes a certain kind of personality as well.

My previous job included cold calling and I can tell you it is not for the faint-hearted. This business requires the same sort of temperament as that is part of what you will be doing!

Can you cope with 100 No’s before you get a yes? If you answered NO. This is not for you!

I bet you have never encountered the stress that you get from a job that involves so much rejection to succeed.

100% there is a much better and easier way. I know I am living proof of it!

What Do You Get For Your Money With Agency Navigator?

There are 8 phases of learning in the Agency Navigator Course.

The training is pretty in-depth and it is something you should take your time over. Don’t rush on if you don’t understand!

This training is designed to show you how to get clients as well as keep them.

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Laying Your Foundations Module 1

This first phase is all about showing what the whole business model looks like from a bird’s eye overview.

You will have access to the latest ways of creating a profitable online agency, all the tools you will need along the way to succeed, a niche discovery guide, and a rundown of the service selection process.

Mindset Module 2

As with most online courses on making money from the internet available today, this one comes with its own mindset section that is important to implement. It covers things like what kind of thinking you need to have to reach success.

This module explains, there are 4 aspects of success. Monk mode, War Path, Social Engineering, and Day in Life.

They are all fancy names for helping you to learn the essential aspects of running an online business and in my opinion, they are necessary.

Systems & Processes Module 3

This module will be showing you how to legalize your entire online business. From the corporate structure, taxes, and accounting, to help you set up prices for your services.

A huge part of this phase is learning how to set up competitive prices and effectively communicate with your prospects as well as presenting these prices in a comprehensive and well thought out way.

Finding Leads & Setting Meetings Module 4

This section of the course will teach you the most up to date ways of generating online leads available.

You will be learning things like cold email outreach, cold calling prospects (hard to do), automating email messaging systems, leveraging LinkedIn and Upwork to find new clients. 

Also covered is everything there is to know about communicating with your clients, organic, and paid lead generation strategies.

Sales Module 5

One of the most important skills you need to learn in a business such as this is sales. It’s crucial if you want your business to grow.

To most of us, selling doesn’t come easily or naturally. That’s why Iman Gadzhi has prepared a sales script for your convenience.

You will also learn how to handle the many objections that will come your way and master the art of communication with your prospects.

To help you out, even more, you will unlock some real-life case studies from his own agency that come from current customers of Agency Navigator.

Service Delivery Module 6

This is the largest phase of this entire program. It has been created by performance marketers and media buyers for agency owners.

It starts with simple things that everyone getting started needs to know and moves on to much more advanced strategies for lead generation for local businesses and acquiring high paying clients. 

You will be setting up things like sales funnels, running Facebook ads, learning copywriting, and how to deal with the recent iOS14 updates.

Operational Supremacy Module 7

This module will teach you how Iman Gadzhi finds contractors for his own agency, how he maximizes his revenue flow, and how to achieve maximum efficiency when you hire your team.

Running an agency, usually, is NOT a one-man job. That’s why you need to develop some high-grade team management skills. You will also learn how to form strategic partnerships and where to find referrals.

The Exclusive Bonuses

There are generally bonuses and this is no exception. many online gurus and course owners have them these days.

You can only learn about all the bonuses that you can get access to as a paid member.

How Much Is This Course?

This is a brand new course and as that is the case there is an introductory offer available to tempt you in at $997.00. I don’t know how long the offer will last!

Once it does go up to its normal price that will retail at $1,499.00.

The Pros Of Agency Navigator

1. There is a 14-day money-back guarantee available.

2.  Iman Ghadzi has been around for at least 5 years and that means he stands by his products and believes he is offering a course of value.

3. The course itself is a brand spanking new one and it is a total upgrade of a previous version, with very new and improved features and tools as well as information that is updated in real-time.

The Cons Of Agency Navigator

1. Cold calling and emailing is very hard to do. I know as I have a lot of experience in the former. If you cannot handle stress and rejection time after time this is not for you.

2. Even though the course is a one-off fee there are also additional costs to think about. Building funnels and running Facebook ads is not cheap. You will be looking at least a few hundred dollars a month if not more.

3. There is no way I would recommend this to novices. Even Iman Ghadzi has a team that runs this business. You simply cannot do it all on your own.

Is Agency Navigator A Scam?

No. Agency Navigator is totally not a scam. It is a very legitimate business to run.

If you have decided that your own business should be involved in the digital agency field then this is totally for you.

This teacher Iman Ghadzi is a master at his craft of running this kind of agency and he has years of experience as well as a big team working alongside him.

Do I Recommend This To My Readers? Yes and no.

Yes if you have what it takes in aptitude, hard work, a big enough budget, and help from other interested parties to partner with you.

No, if you are a 1 man business person with none or very little experience! High pressure is something that is guaranteed with this type of business model.

Making 10k a month obviously sounds attractive but at what cost will it come to you?

There are much simpler ways available!

An Easier Alternative

Let me introduce you to one of the best and easiest business models around that you can use to build your online business from scratch. 

It’s perfect for people who are new to online business because it is simple but profitable.

This is called affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you can run a business with a small cost and achieve a steady passive income without using paid ads.

It’s a legit business that you make money with by helping people.

I’d recommend you to get started with the most reputable platform for affiliate marketing: Called Wealthy Affiliate which teaches you the secrets of free traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one platform for building your affiliate marketing business from scratch and it has been around for 16 years. 

Join over 1 million entrepreneurs all in one place! 

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7 thoughts on “Agency Navigator Course Review Start Your Agency From Scratch”

  1. Hi Lisa I found your post about the agency navigator course review interesting. I like the way you explained the price options, the details in the course modules, and the pros and cons of the course. I have done agency work in the past and you are 100% correct about having a team to make this work, and the associate stress levels OMG. I also agree with you that there is less stressful and easier ways to make similar money through affiliate marketing so well done.

    • Thanks for the comment, James.

      I do these reviews because not everything is explained clearly and some important facts are often left out.

      Having a team is a must for running an agency and that team has to be paid.

      That on top of all of the other costs has to be factored into the decision-making process.

      Being an Affiliate Marketer is a lot cheaper to do, can be completed by a single person and if done correctly can earn a similar income.

      Have a great week.

      Lisa 🙂

  2. I prefer your number 1 recommendation because. It has been an awesome process. It is not a “make a million dollars in the first 2 minutes sort of program.” It takes work and dedication but if you put in the work and follow the training you will be up and running in no time. You can take the training at your own pace which makes it doable for people of all walks of life.

    • I totally agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a better and easier way forward than joining the Agency Navigator Course.

      Less to learn, better for beginners and much more affordable for everyone.

  3. I also read about expensive courses.
    But the emphasis on the fact that this training is tough is discouraging.
    I agree that there are much cheaper courses that can also go there.
    It scares me the stress of learning this, as well as the fact that it requires extra expenses, for ads on Facebook for example.
    Money would not be an issue for me but I am looking for a real community.

    • Hi Vasile,

      This is one of the most difficult businesses to learn because you need to offer many services to clients which can be a major stressor.

      The high ticket cost is another factor.

      I agree being part of an online community makes things easier.


  4. Thank you very much for this comprehensive agency navigator course review. I honestly asked about this course today. I am glad that this course is not a scam. Because there are many scam courses online today. But I think this course is expensive. I also recommend affiliate marketing to anyone who wants it. I also earn money from affiliate marketing. Keep posting valuable reviews like this.


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