What Type Of Blog Posts Do You Need For A Blog To Have Success

Have you ever wondered What types of blog posts Do you need for you to have success with your new blog?

Maybe you are asking this question due to a lack of visitors? I know when no one is sharing or interacting with your content that, that feeling just totally Sucks.

When you begin no one knows your blog exists but this will not always be the case.

My new blog is less than a month old and it is already getting visitors in the triple figures. Compared to the older blog this is a huge difference.

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 What has been done differently is what we are going to get into NOW: Hold on a minute Lisa I don’t yet have a blog set up.

Got you covered with that in this post on how to get started.

#1 List Posts

For many reasons list posts are very successful to share on your social media sites.

If you can give people a list of resources that they need in order to save them precious time, these types of posts can be many thousands of words long but if it is informative people will stay to the end and they will keep coming back to you again and again.

#2 Round-up Posts

 Are a long list of helpful strategies, tips, tricks, and other things visitors are searching for all included in one monster post.

The more information you can include on things like How To Work from home the more shares and interaction you will receive.

Wring a good selection of round-up posts will help you to grow the audience of your blog.


#3 Posts With How To In The Title

When we are looking to learn something new we tend to type into the search engine How To  Set Up Pinterest?

Or how to whatever we are searching for and this will come as no surprise to you I’m very sure these are the most typed words in any search engine.

The post that gave me over 200 views on my first pin from Pinterest was titled  How To Earn Money By Creating A Blog.
My advice is to write as many how-to posts as you can possibly think of in your selected Niche.

#4 Write A Series Of Blogs

You can get very overwhelmed easily with blogging and this happened to me around the three-month mark.

To combat the stress it was decided to write a series of smaller posts that followed on from one another.

By doing this you don’t give up but you do take a lot of pressure from yourself.

If your niche is about baby’s you can do a series about your baby’s first few weeks or months being in your life or if you are into DIY you could do a series about the process of making a new table, from the selection of the wood to the finished article.

The list is endless.


#5 Success Stories And Income Reports

Having had a blog for 10 months and not taking certain steps with it shows you a series of actions that can be taken when beginning in another Niche.

One thing you can share is success stories and income reports like these:

$100K Week. Hard Work Paid Off Huge!

Littlemamas Road To Vegas

You have just got started with your blog so you can start to share your progress each and every month that goes by this Has to include the failures as well as the successes.

You need to be able to explain that it isn’t plain sailing and there will be lots of failures in the process that you have learned from, fixed, and carried on going with your newfound knowledge.

#6 Opinion Posts

Giving your opinion based solely on your own experience is something people love to read about and because it is only your opinion it cannot be wrong.

This can provoke controversy in some people and can lead to dialogue in your comments box this is an awesome kickass strategy that will bring visitors flooding to your website and could even make the post go viral!!!

#7 Unique Tips

Unique tips can work in similar ways to opinion posts to make your comments box blow up, some posts just strike a chord with people because they are forever reading about the same tips and tricks and they get bored with it.

Just as you do. Doing and thinking things differently will make you stand out.


#8 Resources Posts

Without the resources of other blog posts and your readers, you would not have very much success.

It’s a great way of giving back to your audience which will always include other bloggers.

By sharing the posts of other bloggers in your niche it shows that you don’t know it all and you don’t profess to.

This can also be a way of building a network from which all concerned can definitely benefit from comments and shares.

You can go to other blog posts and link to their posts from the article you are creating.

Having a resource post containing links to other bloggers in your niche is another way of getting things done differently.

Another bonus to this is it can be updated on a regular basis so the post is ever-growing.

#9 Secrets Posts

The Secret To opening a thriving business is all about secrets, now can you tell me you don’t like to read about secrets? they can be posts that don’t get as many comments as a how-to post but if you look at your analytical stats you will see many people stay to the end of the post.

Are you asking yourself why? The answer is people love to know about the latest gossip.

By offering secret ways of getting things going your readers will be hanging on your every word.

There is just something about having the word secret in your headline that makes people want to know more.

Do you click on titles with Secret in them?

Start some new posts with these 9 titles in them.

Are you excited to do your research? into these 9 ways of capturing your new audience! great then my job here is now complete.

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3 thoughts on “What Type Of Blog Posts Do You Need For A Blog To Have Success”

  1. Awesome article.

    I really like writing blogs and connecting with my audience

    You have really put in a lot of work to write this and I respect that, everything you said is on point.

    I am glad that I stumbled upon your article because you gave me a lot of value and tips that I needed.

    Thank you for that


  2. These are some good pieces of advice; glad I’m only 8 posts in on my blog. I could make do with tips 3, 6, 7 and 8; I believe how to’s are such a popular keyword because it’s such a simple way to phrase a question. They’re a part of the five W’s (and… one H, heh… or at least it’s put under the same category) 

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for this post, I personally found it to be great, being a blogger myself I appreciate all the information and tips you have listed. Its great to learn new tips and advice which I can use immediately in my blog posts. This has provided me with some ideas for the future and I will definitely be using a number of those. 

    Great that you have address the issue of traffic, I think this is one of the main issues with blog posts and you have supplied a number of possible solutions which is great!

    Great Post 

    All the best 



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