How To Grow Your Blog The best way Possible

Hello, one and all, welcome back to this series about blogging!! This post will cover How You Are Going To Grow Your Blog.

Mistakes Bloggers Make is a new blog and I want to take you on the journey with me. We will cover quite a few topics but some of the main ones will be How to gain traffic, how to get people to sign up for your email list, and how to make money from your blog.

I will share with you what happens behind the scenes as well as how to get new readers.

Going back a little bit for you if this is the first time you have come across one of my blogs. Everything started almost 12 months ago with a new blog in the health and wellness niche it took a good few months for it to get established and when it did money was made from it and still is being made.

Along the way, mistakes were made and procedures were missed out. This blog is going to cover those so You don’t make them, therefore, starting off on the right foot.

I’m not new to blogging but I am new to going through the procedures.

This article may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission if you purchase anything. It helps to keep me in coffee when I’m writing for you. The price you pay will not be affected. 

How Mistakes Bloggers Make Was Created

The idea came about by cataloging the fails and mistakes made on the other blog. I learned an awful lot from them and shared a good few of them with others who found the information helpful. Then a few months later I started to create a list of topic titles and rough guides with the view of starting a new blog.

I looked for various titled domains On Jaxxy and came up with this. mistakes  bloggers make dot com


I had other blogs that were not on shared hosting. with the last 2 blogs, I wanted to monetize them and to learn from professionals how to do Affiliate Marketing so I went with shared hosting in the form of the Wealthy Affiliate platform where you receive so much more than just hosting, training, and mentoring.

I recommend the wealthy affiliate if you are new to blogging as there have been no issues with site speed or page loading times.

If you want to start a new blog I have you covered there with part one of the blogging series: How To Earn Money From Writing A Blog


Choosing A Theme

For this particular blog, I chose the Generate Press Theme, it is very light and the free version has lots of features that some others don’t have. At this present moment, I’m still using the free version as I’m still getting used to the different functions. It will be upgraded by the end of January and will have an exciting new look.

That is something I’m really looking forward to with a lot of help from the community it will be achieved!! Tech is definitely not my strong point but I’m learning.

*Update I am Now using Generate Press Premium*

How I will Grow My Traffic

This site is not yet a month old so I’m unable to share the Analytics with you as they are not available yet. There are just 12 posts on it and the traffic coming is still in the single digits thus far.

Does anybody know it exists yet? only a few people it has been shared with for technical advice. The more content that is added on a regular basis the more the traffic will come.

  1. The more internal links you include in each post will do several things to increase your bounce rate and help Google to find more of your work to name just two.
  2. Ask questions on your blog to encourage your readers to leave you some love in the comments box below.
  3. Make sure to add a sharing plugin, I personally use Sassy Social Share. One mistake is to include too many options stick with 3 or 4.

Developing A Strategy For Pinterest

I now Love Pinterest, For a long time, I just could not get my head around it. 

After watching copious YouTube videos on how to use it properly it is now my favourite way of generating traffic. Make sure to choose the business account it’s very straightforward to set up.

You will find hundreds of bloggers there in any niche imaginable. Not just bloggers either a lot of affiliate marketers don’t use blogs to promote the products they just use direct links to the product.

This choice has been made because of faster growth when compared to using Twitter or Facebook.

Pinterest Followers

You would think that you need a lot of followers to be successful on Pinterest but that isn’t always the case. I have many colleagues on Pinterest that only have a few hundred followers that achieve hundreds of thousands of views every month.

I’m kind of a numbers person so I will definitely be growing my new account on a daily basis by following others in my niche.

The goal by the end of the first 3 months is to have 300 new followers, wish me luck!! I will come back to this post and update it when the time comes. Will I succeed or Fail? let me know your thoughts in the comments.

**UPDATE I’m in month 3 and my followers amount to 698 more than double what my goal was!

Pinterest followers don’t necessarily mean more eyes on my content but let’s face it, it can’t hurt. Watch your Pinterest analytics to get a sense of what is happening.

Make Sure To Optimize Your Bio

One thing I learned early on from the Youtube videos watched is that it is a mistake to not optimize your Bio with Keywords.

I have changed mine to add certain keywords that pertain to my niche. This helps other users of Pinterest to find you, after all, it is a search engine, and millions of users a month use the search feature make sure to take full advantage of this.


Automating Your Pinning

Because I’m very busy I chose to start automating the pinning process and one of the best ways around is to join Tailwind, you can get a month’s free trial. It has a magical feature that schedules your pins to go out at the optimum times of the day and night. Therefore, meaning you are not in front of your computer trying to share pins when you wish to be sleeping.

I started off with the free version and then decided That joining Tribes will speed up the process of gaining traction so now I’m using the paid version. it has only been going for just over a week so time will tell whether it’s a good investment or not.

I’m also doing some manual pinning.

Bonus Tip

When switching from the free to the paid version of Tailwind, make sure to let the free trial run its course. I made the mistake of not doing this and lost out on a lot of pinning.

Put Time Into Outreach

making connections and sharing the content of others can have a big impact on your site being discovered. As your blog is brand new it’s a fantastic idea to get in touch with others in your chosen niche.

In order for this to work, comment on people’s blog posts follow them on Pinterest and share their pins. I’m very excited to be getting to know you all.

 I will even share your posts on my blog pages.

The last step is to monetize your blog and my chosen method is through affiliate marketing.

As things progress I will share income reports and stats with you.

That’s it for now, we are going on this journey together, leave me a comment and I will do the same for you in return.

can’t wait to write about the second month.

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4 thoughts on “How To Grow Your Blog The best way Possible”

  1. I just started blogging again using the Wealthy Affiliate program and I am glad that I have chosen it because it help me a lot in starting again. I am still in the process of writing contents and finding out how to use pinterest. It’s glad to hear that a blog can still be successful without a huge following in pinterest.

  2. Great article, I was especially interested in Pinterest because I really don’t know how to make the most of it to get followers. What I also learned in writing a blog for 2 months is how important theweb page loading speed is and how much the theme of the site affects it. 

    Thanks for the great tips, these will definitely come in handy.

  3. I love the quality of the information that you’ve presented here. I can see definitely that you speak from experience and that you are an expert in this blogging niche. I think that I will be learning a lot from your website and I will be surfing around to see what articles and pieces of information you have to share


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