Tweeter Bucks Review Wesley Virgin Program Good Or Not?

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. This Tweeter Bucks Review will explain all about the program from Wesley Virgin.

Will it be a scam program or will it be worth our time and money? That’s what we will be finding out!

If you have never heard of Wesley Virgin then working online hasn’t been on your radar for long because he has brought out a ton of other offers!

Let’s dive in and find out all about Tweeter Bucks I can tell you it costs $19.00 for the front end. Yes, that does mean there are also upsells!

*Disclaimer. I’m not associated with Tweeter Bucks or any other program from Wesley Virgin. If you buy it I will not get paid.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

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Tweeter Bucks Review Overview

Product Name: Tweeter Bucks

Product Owner: Wesley Virgin

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing on Social Media especially Twitter.

Product Price: $19 + 7 Upsells


Recommended: Not If you don’t have a massive Twitter following.

This is billed as a tool that will have you making a ton of money from Twitter in only 5 to 10 minutes!

Tweeter Bucks Review-sales page
Tweeter Bucks sales page

They say you do not need a big Twitter following to make this program work as you will be provided with some done-for-you tools and sales funnels.

I feel you could possibly make some money with this offer if you did have a few thousand Twitter followers and you were a regular on the platform.

Otherwise, these bold claims being made are going to be totally useless in my opinion!

I totally believe there are many better alternatives that can make you a passive income using free traffic methods.

Tweeter Bucks Review #YouTube

About Wesley Virgin Tweeter Bucks Creator

Wesley Virgin is the creator of tweeter bucks he is a 39-year-old millionaire but that does not mean his program will work!

Wesley can be found on YouTube with 590k subscribers and most of his videos are flashing his fast cars and showing you his money status!

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Other subjects on his channel tackle mindset and that is something I agree with him about it is terribly important to have the right business mindset.

Wesley spent some time in jail after making some bad decisions in his youth. He then joined the Army but had an issue with authority so that didn’t last.

Next, he became a very enthusiastic physical trainer in Houston Texas and he came into his own with this pursuit!

You can find Tweeter Bucks on WarriorPlus and this is Wesley’s 4th program.

Going and looking at the feedback on WarriorPlus it doesn’t show things in a good light only a 2-star score from 640 reviews.

That’s not very encouraging, is it?

What is Tweeter Bucks?

The program is cloud-based and that can be dodgy if nobody maintains it!

Tweeter Bucks Dashboard

You will have access to some done-for-you campaigns to help the process along where you can earn from ClickBank, Warrior+ and JV Zoo.

You will be provided with images and selected offers that contain your affiliate link to post on Twitter.

Add your affiliate Id from the relevant platform and share it directly on Twitter.

Videos about motivation can also be posted.

Also included is a link Cloaker which to be fair you can use from for free. ( In the program, it sends you to a 404-page error.)

So it is not working!

An image editor, Canva is much better! a site builder and an email service provider that allows you to reach thousands of people with a single email.

Personally, I wouldn’t use the email provider that they recommend. Aweber is a far better option.

You need to pay for the autoresponder so use a trusted one.

The landing page builder is very basic and there are better free options available!

How Much Does Tweeter Bucks Cost?

The front-end cost during the launch is $19.00 and then is said to go up to $67.00. it does work in a very limited fashion without the upsells.

Now for the 7 Upsells!

Upsell #1 called Tweeter Bucks Ultimate $197 down-sell $97

Upsell #2
  Done For You  $297 down-sell $197

Upsell #3 
Automation $47 down-sell $27

Upsell #4
  Instant Profits $67 down-sell $47

Upsell #5  Reseller license $197 down-sell $97

Upsell #6 Traffic on Tap $147 downsell $47

Upsell #7 
Multiple income streams $47 down-sell $27

These OTOs are supposed to help you to see results faster but there is absolutely no guarantee.

Is There A Refund Policy?

The sales page has made it clear that there is a money-back guarantee of 365 days.

One thing I should point out here is that does not generally cover the upsells.

Just the front end.

In other words, make some enquiries before purchasing just to be certain!

Tweeter Bucks Review-pros and cons

What Do I like About Tweeter Bucks?

1. Wesley Virgin is well known online and he has been around for quite a few years.

2. There is a moneyback guarantee for 1 whole year.

3. This method of teaching affiliate marketing is legit and it is a way that millions of people across the world make money every day. (me included)

4. This Tweeter Bucks Program is not a scam.

What I Don’t Like About Tweeter Bucks?

1. This program has a very typical sales page that makes it sound super easy to make money with. I can assure you it is a lot harder than it sounds.

I have years of experience so I know first-hand that it takes more work than they are suggesting!

2. Totally not suitable for beginners because affiliate marketing needs proper training to get it right and this system does not offer enough at all.

3. Looking at WarriorPlus at the low scores from Wesley Virgins products leads me to believe that not many people were happy with the results they got.

4. You have to apply for a ClickBank account and the products from there can leave a lot to be desired so not necessarily good for reputation building.

5. You can get all of these offers from ClickBank yourself for free. So why would you pay out for Tweeter Bucks?

I would love to know what the refund rate was?

Is Tweeter Bucks A Scam?

No. Tweeter Bucks is not a scam. You will get everything provided for you.

You could make money from it if you have experience and a massive following on Twitter.

However, even then I don’t agree that you could make up to $197 for each and every tweet. That is very unrealistic and misleading.

Say you have no experience online then I do not recommend this program to you at all because you won’t know what an affiliate link is or how to use it.

It would leave you very disappointed and could even put you off working online forever and that would be a damn shame as there are lots of legit ways to make money online.

Is There A Better Way?

You can do things the hard way with Tweeter Bucks and be left with a nasty taste in your mouth!


You can do things in an easier way using the proper training to get things set up correctly to bring you free traffic.

Do you trust something new and unproven or something that has been around for 17 years?

Personally, I would stick with the latter every time!

If you agree with me then I will see you on the inside.

Have a question leave it for me in the comments.

Lisa. CEO and founder of

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