How To Write Product Reviews That Make Money

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. After writing over 300 program/product reviews I thought it was high time that I shared with you the best formula to get them seen and make money!

Welcome to my How To Write Product Reviews That Make Money article.

I’m pretty certain that you have come here not so much for the how-to part of this post and more for the making money part? Am I right?

Many bloggers write reviews the world over but not all of them turn into money and that has many of them wondering why that is the case!

An absolute must for every post is your title it has to capture attention. Don’t just put the name of the program and review always add something more.

EG. Is this a scam? can it make money? can we trust this? The facts revealed, Don’t get it without reading this, after the word review.

The aim of this post is to take you through some simple steps that you can take to get your posts converting better.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission the price you pay will not be affected.

What will be covered:

  • Be Honest
  • The Summary Overview Box
  • Format Posts The Same Way Every Time 
  • Use Text Links
  • Does The Program Solve A Problem
  • Use Affiliate Links In Your Review
  • Alternatives Yes or No?

Let’s dive right in:

Be Honest

I know from personal experience that some reviewers don’t get to the point and you are left wondering whether to purchase the product or not.

One thing you should not be afraid of is telling the truth, That is what your reader has come to find out.

By far the best policy is to get to that part as soon as you can, don’t leave it to the end of the post as most people have lost interest at that point.

If the product does not work as described say so.

Recently a program came out called Agency Navigator Course and I took a good long hard look at it to see if it was worth purchasing.

My conclusion was it would be good for some but not for others. In this situation, it gets categorized as a positive recommendation but it also clearly states that it is only suitable for certain people.

You can provide proof with photographs or a short video as well as screenshots of other dissatisfied customers if you are not giving it the thumbs up.

This gains trust from your readers and means they will come back and become customers.

The Summary Overview Box

Having a summary overview box on your site is extremely important and it is where up to 30% of your sales can come from.

When I am writing a review for you the post starts off with an introduction of the product or program that is going to be reviewed and then an image of the product or logo of the program and it is always  followed by a summary box like this:

How To write Product Reviews That Make Money_Summary Overview Box

What should be included in the box:

  1. The product or program name
  2. A description of what the product does
  3. If it is an online program the creator/founders name
  4. The cost and any add ons of buying it
  5. The website address
  6. Say whether it is recommended or not. This can be achieved in 3 ways. By giving it a score, giving a star rating, or just saying yes you recommend it or no you don’t.

Once that part has been written then you should give a quick overview or summary of why you have recommended it or not.

This can be as long or short as you wish like this example:

How To write Product Reviews That Make Money_Summary Overview

Many people are at the buying stage when they land on your review so the quicker you answer their question the better.

If you are affiliated with the offer they will use your link to go ahead and purchase it

However, you may have said that you don’t recommend it and in that case, you would put a link to an alternative product that will solve the reader’s problem.

Google will not penalize you in the rankings for putting a link at the top of your post as long as you have a disclaimer on your site that states it contains affiliate links.

Pro Tip: Regardless of how you say you recommend something or not make sure it stands out. Either bold it or make it a different colour.

The main reason is that is the information that the user is most interested in.

Format Posts The Same Way Every Time

Throughout the review, you should have images as well as subheadings.

These make it easier for your visitors to read the post and it also looks a lot more professional which is another trust builder.

When you get regular followers they can find the information easier if the posts are laid out in the same way.

Keeping consistency will enhance the chance of a sale as well as keep them on your site for longer.

Not every user is the same and you need to cater for that.

Some want fast info and others like to read the whole post.

Use Text Links

After testing this theory out for a couple of years I can tell you that text links convert way better than banners or fancy coloured buttons.

This can be a controversial subject as many high ranking websites say different things some like Gael Bretton Of Authority Hacker Says:

” Make sure that the CTA stands out on the page. Use a bright, bold color that isn’t used heavily elsewhere, and give it a big enough size to attract attention “.

Whereas many others say that text links convert better.

Have you heard of banner blindness?

When I’m reading a blog I tend to not notice banners but I always see text links.

Especially if they look like this: How To Re-brand A Website

Which one are you more likely to click on?

Does The Program Solve A Problem?

When reviewing a program or a specific product make sure you include what problem the item solves.

Let’s say you have bought a program and it has helped you to build a website from scratch and has also taught you how to do affiliate marketing on your newly built blog.

Make sure to list how this has helped you compared to another program that didn’t help you.

If this is your first program you will have nothing to compare it to and that is okay. 

In that scenario just explain that everything was taught step by step and the amount of information that was shared with you to help you to be successful.

Many reviewers forget to do this and that leaves money on the table that could be in your bank account.

As another example, you have purchased a new blender instead of doing what everyone else does and just listing the features make sure to include that it chopped up bigger pieces of fruit because it has a larger blade than your previous blender.

Or maybe it has extra speed settings so it does the job in half of the time etc.

You can set this out in 2 ways.

A pros and cons section:

How To write Product Reviews That Make Money_pros and cons

The other way is what I like and don’t like about product x.

Use Affiliate Links In Your Review

In every review, you write you should include affiliate links.

A great practice is to place 3 of them.

One at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom.

Some people only use a call to action at the end of the review and in most cases that is wasted people many visitors will never get to the end.

I do admit that most of the time I only use 2 and that makes me miss out as well!

Alternatives Yes Or No?

Should you offer an alternative in your review?

That really depends on the type of review. 

You have just purchased a new program and it has helped you to do the job it was designed for and the verdict is favourable then don’t offer an alternative.

On the other hand, if the program was terrible and did not live up to its promises then if you wish you can leave an alternative that will deliver.

Not complicating matters is the name of the game!


A visitor to your site has come to find out whether to buy the product or not so you are basically halfway there in the making money stakes.

By following the tips outlined here and making a few small adjustments to your posts you should be able to see an improvement in your conversions.

Tell me in the comments which tip have you been leaving out of your reviews?

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