StakeXChain Review E Commerce Or A Pyramid Scheme?

Hello, and a very warm welcome back. This review is about an E-commerce MLM shopping platform called StakeXChain.

The minimum package cost is $45 and the most expensive is $23,040. Wow, that is a lot of money!

My first red flag of this review is the fact The owner is listed as private.

On the website, there are lots of lies that will be revealed to you as we go along so, keep reading to see if this is a legit offer or not!

Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with StakeXChain in any way if you decide to pay to join I will not be compensated in any way.

This post may contain affiliate links. That means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Let’s dive in and find some facts about this platform:

StakeXChain Logo

StakeXChain Review Overview

Product Name:  StakeXChain

Product Type:  E-commerce MLM Shopping Program

Creator:  Private Managing Director and co-founder Florence Rosales

Cost Of Purchase: From $45 to $23,040.

Is It Recommended? NO.

This e-commerce shopping platform pays you when you and others shop in the store sounds good but that is not really all there is to it!

Cannot find any evidence of any shopping happening!

It has come to light by some careful research that this is a Pyramid scheme

That is bad news! You can be prosecuted for taking part in it in some countries.

About The Creator

StakeXChain was registered privately as you can see below:

StakeXChain_Registration Details

When you visit the website it states that Florence Rosales is the co-founder and managing director who is from the Philippines.

A Google search for Florence reviews a Facebook page for the website with over 4,000 followers and nothing else.

No other social media sites and no real information on this person. Where did he appear from?

The registered address for the domain is in Arizona US. But the registered website address is In the Philippines.


That address in the Phillippines does not exist!

What Is StakeXChain?

StakeXChain is basically a shopping platform where you can recruit others to pay to join one of the various levels and can shop in the e-commerce shop.

In order for you to be able to shop on the site first of all you have to be referred by a current member, then you have to pay to join and then refer 3 other’s to do the same.

Just like how an MLM or Pyramid scheme works!

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What Is On The Inside Of StakeXChain?

You have to be referred by a current member so it is by invitation only.

Then on the website, you need to provide the ID of your sponsor to move forward.

Next, they want you to give them your financial details:

  • Bank Details
  • BTC Address
  • Your home address
  • Your telephone number.

I would not give a website that I had never heard of this kind of personal information in a sign-up form that is asking for trouble!

They then explain that there are 2 payment choices for you. Online payment and e-wallet. However, there is no further explanation of how this works.

How Much Do You Need To Pay To Join StakeXChain?

There are 10 levels inside to choose from:

StakeXChain Review_ Levels 1-4
StakeXChain Review_Levels 5, 6 and 7
StakeXChain Review_levels 8,9,10

The smallest is $45 and that goes all the way up to $23,040.

If you choose level 1 at $45 you will get:

  • Registration = $15
  • Stake Voucher = $30
  • A shopping voucher to the value of $27,60 and $6,90 is shared in commissions every 30 days.

If You opt for level 10 costing a whopping $23,040 You will get:

  • Registration = $7,680
  • Stake Voucher = $15,360
  • A shopping voucher with the value of $17,694 and $4,423 in commissions is shared every 30 days.

How The Compensation Plan Works

StakeXChain Review_ Matrix

This is how the Matrix Compensation Plan works. (Oh It Looks Just Like A Pyramid!)

Before you can earn a single cent you first have to recruit 3 people into your team.

Once you have done that you will get paid 10% of the level that they join at.

Then your 3 team members each recruit 3 people of their own to start earning and this pays out at 15%.

This continues on until people cannot recruit others and then the payments stop! (well that is if they started in the 1st place!)

Other Ways To Get Paid In StakeXChain

In total there are 10 ways you can get paid:

  1. Stake share commission-this will pay you a daily commission for 30 days from the stake share profit system 
  2. Stake share matching commission- earns a percentage from 15% for level 1 down to 2% from level 4 onwards 
  3. Direct referral commission-earns a 20% referral commission
  4. Binary commission-10% binary commission
  5. Binary matching commission-Level 1 20% down to 5% for level 4 onwards
  6. Rank incentives- there are 6 levels of incentives.
  7. Fast Track Bonus- No Info available
  8. Level 1 and 2 mentorship commission 10%
  9. Stockist commission-10%
  10. Promotional/testimonial bonus- make a 1-2 minute video promoting TakeXChain and receive:

Views 10 – 1000  = 1% Of What is not explained!

Views 1001 – 5000  = 2%

Views 5001 and above = 4%

The Pros Of StakeXChain

There is not one single pro to this Pyramid scheme, Except for you to have not joined it!

The Cons Of StakeXChain

1. When you visit their Facebook page by clicking the share button on the website you will see a whole host of complaints about not getting paid! :

StakeXChain complaints 2.

From the same page but a different thread:


2. There is a strict no refund policy which is another red flag.

3. The founder is private and the owner on the website Florence Rosales doesn’t seem to exist anywhere except for on the StakeXChain website.

4. The address in the Phillippines is fake as it does not exist.

5. This is a Pyramid Scheme. As you can see from the payment information that I have shared every payment is all about getting others to join this program.

Yet they are telling you this is an e-commerce shopping platform!

Is StakeXChain A Scam?

Yes. In my opinion, This is definitely a scam!

They obviously don’t use a grammar or spell checker on their website as it has lots of glaring mistakes on it.

Did you notice all of the way through this review that I did not say one single thing about the products that are in this e-commerce store?

That is because there aren’t any! They are a figment of the website creators imagination!

Why is the creator not known to us? probably doesn’t want to get prosecuted for running a pyramid scheme.

Do I Recommend This To My Readers?

Hell no, stay well away from it as it will take your money and give you absolutely nothing in return!

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