Find Dream Jobs Review Is It A Data Collection In Disguise

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. The review I’m going to cover today is called Find Dream Jobs

Finding jobs has got a lot simpler with websites that collect jobs and all you have to do is enter some information to see job listings.

This type of website is called an online aggregator. However, they want a lot of personal information from you.

Now I know for a potential employer to get into contact with you they need an email address, phone number etc.

But is that all they want the information for?

That is what we are going to find out as we progress!

Is Find Dream Jobs a legitimate job site or is it a scam in disguise?

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Let’s dive right in:

Find Dream Jobs Review_Logo

Find Dream Jobs Review Overview

Program Name: Find Dream Jobs

Created By: Unknown, No Information available

Program Type: Job Finder


Is It Recommended? Yes and No

This website only works if you reside in the USA.

If you live outside of that country you will be shown this page:

Find Dream Jobs Review_Disconnect Notice

For certain jobs where you have to be there in person, I can understand this, but they say they provide online jobs so it should not matter where you live?

There seems to be an issue with them selling your data to other companies who then contact you and they don’t have the permission to do that.

You will get spam Robocalls if you opt-out of them sharing your data.

What Is Find Dream Jobs?

Find dream Jobs is a website platform that employers use to find applicants for their job availabilities.

It is based in Delaware USA.

To get started you need to create an account.

You have to provide your full name, address, zip code, email address, DOB, and phone number.

Next up is filling out a survey regarding your job experience etc.

This information is then used to offer you job listings.

According to the website some big-name companies use this site to advertise their jobs:

Pepsi, Hilton, Amazon, Nike, Lowes, FedEx, and Wal Mart.

You will be asked if they can share your information with their marketing partners who will contact you either through email or phone calls.

Now you are able to see the available jobs!

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How Does Find Dream Jobs Work?

Before searching for any job listings take a look at the FAQ and about us pages.

.Once inside you can use the search bar to look for job offers in your field of expertise.

Unfortunately, you may be taken on a bit of a run around of different 3rd party websites before you find what you are seeking.

The survey you filled out in the previous section will be activated to show you different job vacancies from around the internet. 

That is how an aggregator works.

Find Dream Jobs Review_ Dashboard Jobs

The above image is an example of a listing on Find Dream Jobs. (so it does take you to jobs some of the time!)

Just make sure you know that your information will be shared with others and you will receive emails that you have no idea who they are as well as phone calls.

There are different jobs available all of the time because they are pulled from various online resources so some of the jobs will not be authentic.

When you apply for a job the Find Dream Jobs’ terms and conditions state that, “when you apply for a job, you do so at your own risk.”

What I Like About Find Dream Jobs

  • All of the jobs are in one place you don’t have to keep signing up on different websites and keep putting in the same information time after time.

What I Don’t Like About Find Dream Jobs

  • The site is filled with 3rd party offers and it is frustrating trying to get past them to access the jobs.
  • For online jobs why is there access for only US residents? That doesn’t make sense.
  • No verification process is in place so you don’t know if the posting is legit or not.
  • Some job offers require you to keep putting in information that you have already submitted which is really annoying!
  • Why is there no information about the owner? That is a big question to ask! How can you know if you can trust the site without those details?

Is Find Dream Jobs A Scam?

That is really going to depend on your interpretation of the knowledge that has been shared in the review of Find Dream Jobs.

Selling your data is not a good sign but at least they give you the chance to opt-out. Opting out forfeits your right to use the website.

No details about how long the site has been running and no founder facts available is another big concern.

I still don’t understand fully why you have to live in the USA. The site is a job aggregator and they can pull jobs from any country just like they do in America.

Is it possible to find a job from Find Dream Jobs? If you have a lot of patience to get to the listings then yes I would say you could probably get a job.

No Guarantee!

Let me know if you think it is a scam in the comments.

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