How To Make Money Blogging With The End Game In Mind

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Today we are talking about How To Make Money Blogging With The End Game In Mind

This is a different concept that many courses don’t teach you.

You have to have a vision for your blog, where you want it to be in 12 months, 24 months, and even 120 months. 

How much do you want to be making in those time frames?

Once you have the vision then you can put things into practice and there are many ways that can be achieved.

I’m sure you have been told that the most important fact about a successful blog is writing, which is true to a certain extent but it is not the be-all and end-all.

If you just follow that path it could take you many years to make the amount of income you want!

There are other ways and that’s what is going to be covered here today. Things like:

1. First Step Hosting Your Blog

2. Second Step Choosing A Niche

3. How To Help Your Audience

4. How To Build Influence

5. Why You Should Guest Post On Blogs With High Domain Authority

6. How To Grow Your Blog With Email

7. Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Way To Monetize

8. How Much Money Can A Blogger Make?

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How To Make Money Blogging With The End Game In Mind

Step 1 Hosting

The very first thing we need to do to make money blogging is to start a blog and to do that we need some secure hosting. 

Hosting has to provide many things and in my experience of trying different hosting the best one that I have used is Wealthy Affiliate.

1. Choose from either Premium or Premium +

2. You can even buy your domain name from the same site like from the platform starting at $13.99

3. Start following the training to build and set up your website.

After the first couple of lessons, you will have your own self-hosted WordPress website built! Congratulations.

Step 2 Choosing A Niche To Make Money Blogging

Many theories suggest that so many bloggers fail because they are not as much into their niche in 6 months as they were in their 1st month.

I don’t happen to agree with that. 

You can still have the same passion after 12 months of solid writing but, be asking yourself if it is worth it if you are not making much money!

We don’t only need to be a blogger we need to be business owners as well.

Choosing the right niche is going to be a massive step in monetization.

Say you are a long-distance runner and you decide to write a blog on that subject how much can you expect to make from that blog?

You need clothes and shoes to run in so you can leverage affiliate sales for those items however how many others are into that sport?

If it is millions you could technically make money and that is the sort of question you need to be asking.

Is your niche scalable? 

Can you coach others and charge coaching fees?

How much is your audience going to spend is the biggest question of all when choosing a niche.

To Make Money Blogging-Audience

Step 3 How To Help Your Audience And To Make Money Blogging

Helping your audience is of paramount importance and that can be done using strategic methods.

First of all, you need to write good content that gets ranked by the search engines and this attracts your desired audience to your blog.

We want to grow our email list so the next part of the process is to build an email opt-in form and offer some kind of freebie. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Many people offer a free planner of some description.

Once you have built a rapport you could offer some affiliate marketing items that pertain to the niche they signed up for.

The last step is to offer you services, are you a coach that charges a 3-figure sum or do you have some form of consultancy to offer that you can charge 4 or 5 figures for?

All of the above help your audience by offering what they are looking for and all the time you do that you will earn money.

Step 4 How To Build Influence

One of the few ways to grow your blog is for it to have authority and influence. But how do you get that?

Depending on your budget you can outsource your content.

This means getting others to write it for you.

You choose the subjects and give instructions on how you want them to be written.

When the work is completed you will edit it, and add links and images before it is published.

Many say you should write your own content first so you can advise others and that has its place as well.

While some content is being written you can then focus on building influence by reaching out and commenting on high-authority blogs in your niche.

By commenting on blogs you are starting to build a relationship with the bloggers.

Step 5 Why You Should Guest Post On High Domain Authority Blogs

High Domain Authority Blogs provide your blog with backlinks and they are difficult to receive using other methods. Not impossible but take a long time.

At the beginning of your blog, your DA is going to be 0 but after a few months of relevant niche guest posting, you can grow that score significantly.

Some bloggers have used a more aggressive method and grown their scores to double figures in just 15 days!

One such blogger is Adam Enfroy.

A very important point about guest blogging is to make sure everything is spelled correctly and the grammar is all in the right place, use a tool to help with that.

To Make Money Blogging-email

Step 6 How To Grow Your Blog With Email

 There are hundreds of ways to grow an email list.

  • Offer the right incentives, a free newsletter, worksheets, courses, and an email series of helpful content
  • Put a signup form on your site
  • Have an end pop-up. This appears when people exit the page.
  • Create a specific call to action
  • Make a special landing page these can be found on autoresponders.

When contemplating your email list you will need an autoresponder. I highly recommend Aweber it is free for the first 500 subscribers.

Step 7 Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Way To Monetize

Using affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to monetize a blog.

Companies are crying out for people to promote their products and rewarding the affiliate with commissions from every sale.

You will be provided with a unique link for people to click on to take them to the target page where they can purchase the item promoted.

The Benefits:

  • Simple to learn how to be an affiliate marketer
  • Very small cost to get started
  • Not a high-risk adventure
  • You are your own boss
  • The ability to work from anywhere
  • Decisions on who to work with are made by you
  • One of the best returns on investment around
  • Affiliate marketing is growing exponentially every year
  • Not having to create any products or hold any inventory

Step 8 How Much Money Can A Blogger Make?

Anybody who wants to start a blog is going to want an answer to this question!

The amount is really unquantifiable.

You can make as much money as you want to.

One of my blogger buddies has made over 5 Million dollars in 10 years her website is called makingsenseofcents.

Eddy made 1 million dollars with affiliate marketing and this is his story.

If the truth be known it really depends on how much work you are willing to put in.

Blogging can be a slow process if you don’t get the right training and put in the work.

No blogger makes money overnight and some have made only a small amount in a few months and they then give up.

The way blogging works is to write content and keep it updated every 6 months or so in order for it to stay ranked in the search engines.

As long as you stick to the process you can literally name how much money you can make every month!

Final Thoughts On To Make Money Blogging

Blogging is a huge business that grows every single year.

To be in with a shot at making it to your goals you need to have a plan in place of how you are going to do things and at which points in time.

Plan and research your content writing.

Work out what is needed to achieve the money goals that you have set out.

Once you are making money you can then outsource the parts of the blogging process that you dislike.

Then it is a case of rinsing and repeating the process.

How much money do you want to earn with your blog? let me know in the comments below.

If you have found this to be of value then share it to help others.

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