Story Sales Machine Review Bill Muller Is It A Scam?

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. If you have an online business you really should start an email list. They say “the money is in the list”

I have to agree a lot of the money can come from there.

Bill Muller has you covered with this training called Story Sales Machine. I can say straight away this is a legit program and only costs $37. (bargain)

Having the facts of this program I would have thought that it would cost a lot more!

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of Story Sales Machine if you buy it I will not get paid a commission.

I will just tell you how it works and the rest is up to you!

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

None of the links is connected to The Story Sales Machine.

If you haven’t started your own online business yet this is the number 1 way to get started in 2021.

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Story Sales Machine Overview

Product Name:  Story Sales Machine 

Founder:  Bill Mueller

Product Type:  Email Marketing Training

Cost of purchase:  $37

Is It Recommended? Yes.

I recommend this program because stories sell that is a fact.

This course from Bill Mueller teaches you how to send storytelling emails which is a very useful skill to possess.

At only $37 it is a good price for the training received.

It is suitable for people who already have an online business.

It isn’t the only thing you need to run a business but it will definitely help you!

About The Creator Bill Mueller?

When spending money to buy an online program always check out the creator.

I have taken the time to do this for you!

Bill Mueller has a Facebook Page that has 1633 followers he doesn’t post on it regularly.

Bill has been working online for over 15 years and he is a good copywriter of emails.

Story Sales Machine_Bill Mueller

He helps fellow entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants to leverage the power of stories in marketing, if you look at the sales page for Story Sales Machine you will see many testimonials from happy clients.

His emails have helped him to sell millions of dollars worth of products just by telling stories to his list.

This is a very different approach than most marketers use, maybe that is why it is successful!

What Is The Story Sales Machine?

The Story Sales Machine is an email marketing training program that comes with its own templates for you to use.

Although you cannot just copy and paste them. You have to put your own stamp on it.  

In the Story Sales Machine training, Bill will teach you how to use the power of telling a story in email marketing. 

There is also a fill-in-the-blank system to help you write story-based emails faster.

In the course, Bill shows you some sample emails that you could use as examples. 

The training is carried out over a 9-step process where you can make story ideas and write them in emails to promote your digital products or services. 

You will also be provided with a ton of email swipe files that you can make references from.

A unique part of this training is the case studies and reviews that are shared with you, This helps to not send duplicates to your clients.

Bill has a cracking bonus and that is a 30-minute strategy call with him. 

Most marketers would not take up the call as that is likely where the upsells will be introduced.

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What Do You Get Inside Story Sales Machine?

For the small price of $37, this is what you can expect to find inside: 

  1. The Story Sales Machine Training, Stories are at the core of the training these help you with marketing. 
  2. A 10 Email Welcome Sequence  You will be provided with 10 examples of how to use email sequences and how to keep your readers opening your emails.
  3. 212 Subject Lines for Emails You get example templates of subject lines and emails, which Bill has previously tested himself. 
The Story Sales Machine review

There are also 4 bonuses: 

  1. A 28 Day Email Solution is a part relaunch strategy that revives your dead email lists. 
  2. My Best Performing Emails Examples of Bills best-performing emails that made him a lot of money. 
  3. 141 Idea Story Starter Pack  This helps you to generate story ideas for your various email campaigns. 
  4. Why Stories Work Seminar  An audio seminar for you to listen to from Rob Gilbert that will explain why using stories and emails works. 

Who Would Benefit From Using Story Sales Machine?

If you were in the business of:

  • Selling Digital Products
  • Selling Physical Products
  • Making your own products
  • Online ​Coaches & Consultants
  • Do ​Product Launches
  • An ​Affiliate Marketer
  • ​Welcome Sequences
  • ​Copywriters
  • Blogger

To name just a few of them.

In fact, an email list is good for any business even physical companies, shops, stores, and airlines use them.

Is Story Sales Machine A Scam?

No. This program email training from Bill Mueller is not a scam.

Many people have real trouble with knowing what to write in emails to their list and this really could help you to get started.

Obviously for the cost of $37. you are not going to become a master email writer but this course will help to give you some brilliant ideas.

Just remember you cannot copy the work done by Bill you can only use it for ideas of what to send.

Although there isn’t much about Bill to be found on social media I do feel he is legit he knows what he is talking about and there is a refund policy for 30 days.

Do I Recommend This To My readers?

Yes, I do if you have your own business. This is good training at a very affordable price with a money-back guarantee. What have you got to lose?

The only thing I would say is don’t take the bonus 30-minute call as I suspect it will consist of upsells as opposed to real benefits.

Stories are not the only aspect of email marketing there are other things to know about this marketing method. Look at the Secret email System.

Starting Your Own Business

I have worked online for the past 2 years and created my own online business using affiliate marketing because it is one of the best businesses to run.

Especially for those who are new to online business as you don’t need any skills to get started with.

There are many ways to start an affiliate marketing business based solely on free traffic generation.

One of those ways is by starting a blog like this one where you share your knowledge and passion about a specific subject. 

We call this a niche and it could be anything you want to write about!

All you have to do is choose a subject, create a website, get free traffic by posting blog posts on your site, and share affiliate links with your visitors to earn commissions.

you can also create a Youtube channel and make videos all day.

This is how I have gone from working a job to doing affiliate marketing full-time and I want to show you how you too can do the same!

All of the tools you need can be found inside Wealthy Affiliate, It has been around teaching entrepreneurs for more than 16 years.

There are over 1.5 million entrepreneurs inside who have taken the decision to work online and there are a ton of success stories that you can access.

It has a trial period and then you can upgrade to premium or premium+ if you are serious about starting a real business of your own!

I will see you on the inside to welcome you and help you to get started! 🙂

Lisa. Founder and CEO Of

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