Grammarly Review (Why You Should Use It?) Even If You Are English

Hello and a very warm welcome back. Today we are going to do a review on the Grammarly Software Tool. I just love this tool it’s so simple to use and easy to install.

I am a native English speaker born in the UK.

Why do I use Grammarly?

English is one of the hardest languages to learn because there are so many words that are the same but have different spellings, meanings and contexts.

Like Where and Wear, sound the same but totally different meanings.

Where is Neil today?

Wear a coat, jumper, or shirt?

other examples: Centre or Center, Realise and Realize. Too and To.

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Product Name: Grammarly

Product Type: Online writing assistant

Price: Free version + Paid version starts at $11.66 a month

Recommended for: Every Writer/student/teacher

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online writing tool that helps in many useful ways. 

Helps with spelling, punctuation, and Grammar.

When writing if you make a mistake or miss something out in a sentence Grammarly will either correct the misspelt word for you with an autocorrect or it will underline in red where there is something missing.

Missing punctuation or words are suggested for you just hover over the underlined word and Grammarly will tell you what the problem is as well as how to correct it.

Grammarly also has a plageurism detector. This enables anybody to copy and paste any text into Grammarly and have it analyzed for uniqueness against millions of other posts.

Perfect for students and bloggers respectively.


Who Is Grammarly For?

I recommend Grammarly for everyone who writes on a regular basis and especially for all bloggers to improve their writing techniques.

I am a native English speaker and writer, even I get things wrong occasionally 🙂

My biggest problem when writing is sentence structure Grammarly has improved my writing by 50% since I started to use it in January 2021.

Grammarly is Installed on my Google Chrome browser, it also works on a Mac, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

New bloggers are often on a tight budget so the free version is really helpful and I spent 3 months using it before upgrading to the paid option.

The blog posts seem to rank better in the search engines as well.

What Do You Get With Grammarly?

A Free version

  • Single user use only
  • This program offers you a free version that works pretty well for writers and students. 
  • The free version can be used forever. (awesome!)
  • Grammarly also has a writing tone checker so the writer will always be made aware of how the writing will come across to the reader.
  • Grammarly works on any device.
  • Desktop app for windows available
  •  There is also a plug-in for Microsoft Office (this can help to identify writing errors within the Microsoft Office suite), as well as a plugin for your browser.
  • You have the ability to turn Grammarly off for different applications 
  • The free version of Grammarly is limited to checking for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

The Premium Option

  • Still only a Single user
  • The premium version includes all of the features available in the free one plus:
  • It also helps with suggestions for rewriting your sentences correctly.
  • There is also a plagiarism checker available that allows the user to check the content against others on the World Wide Web to ensure none of it has been plagiarized/copied. A very important tool.
  • Tone adjustment so your writing will always hit the right tone you are aiming for.
  • Other beneficial features available
  • Cost: From $11.66 per month

The Business Package Option

  • Multiple team users available 
  • Everything offered in the premium option plus:
  • It also contains a style guide
  • An Admin Area
  • Email Support offered
  • Authentication of logins
  • Cost: $12.50 per month and other cost options depending on the number of users in the team.

Grammarly Is Easy To Install and Use

The web Grammarly system is simple to install and only takes a couple of clicks for the web browser. 

For use with mobile devices, you are provided with a special keyboard. This enables you to check everything on social media.

Grammarly Pros

1. Free version available to use indefinitely

2. Plagiarism checker

3. Easy To Install and use on your browser

4. Easy to understand where you have gone wrong and to correct it

5. Very reasonably priced

6. Excellent for non-English speakers to learn English quicker

7. Gives recommendations on sentence length with the paid version

8. Grammarly is always being updated and improved upon

9. Grammarly has an affiliate program even for the free version

10. Passive voice checker

11. Different English versions available, English UK, English American etc.

12. Different payment options. monthly, quarterly or yearly

Grammarly Cons

1. Not a substitute for a human proofreader.

2. 95 % Accuracy rate.

My Final Thoughts

Since using Grammarly My blog posts have improved a great deal, better sentence structure, less repetitive words, fewer unnecessary words, and less chance of spelling and grammar mistakes.

There is nothing worse than reading a blog post that has glaringly obvious spelling mistakes.

Over a period of time, Grammarly naturally helps your writing to improve in every way possible.

The flesh reading level is a great little bonus that has been added. This explains who your article/post is suitable for.

Although the tool is not 100% accurate I would still highly recommend using it to improve upon your writing skills.

This post was proofread by Grammarly!

Thank you very much for your support.

Do you have a question that I have not answered here for you, If you do then please leave it below and I will be happy to answer it for you?

Let me know if you are using Grammarly and what your opinion of it is?

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2 thoughts on “Grammarly Review (Why You Should Use It?) Even If You Are English”

  1. Thank you so much for the excellent review of Grammarly. I have been using the free version for some time, which I love. One of my favorite features of Grammarly is the Tone Detector. Someday soon I will have to spend a few extra dollars for the paid version. It looks like it would be really worthwhile. Look forward to reading more of your blog posts.


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