A-List Of 7 Types Of Emails You Should Send To Your List!

Hello and a very warm welcome back. Do you have an email list that you are struggling to figure out what to send to them?

I was exactly the same. I have always had a form at the end of each blog post. But, when somebody joined my list apart from sending them the freebie I didn’t know what else to send out.

How I got to learn more was by joining other bloggers lists and taking notice of what they sent out to me.

One blogger in particular really helped me and that was Meera Kothand she has a series of emails that she sends to you when you subscribe.

The list is her freebie and it’s super helpful!

Today I was thinking about how stuck I was so I decided to cover this topic for you to give you some ideas.

Let’s dive in and get it done:

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A Welcome List To Begin With

When somebody signs up for your list through your opt-in form you send out what was promised ie, a freebie, a planner, or a tutorial.

The next day or however far apart you decide you then send out your welcome series which will be email number 2

Emails 3 & 4 can then go out on consecutive days.

The last email can go out a week later and will be number 5.

A great thing with an autoresponder is that they will be notified that they have new mail and the benefit for you is that you can see if it was opened or not.

By not sending out emails every day you are achieving 2 things their email box is not full of mail from you which they will appreciate and 2 you still have time to get your work done!

Once the welcome series is complete then move on to phase 2.

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Show Them A Useful Trick

Giving your subscribers exclusive tips and strategies are what helps make your list worth being on. It will also lower your unsubscribe rate and will help strengthen your relationship with your subscribers.

We are all very busy people and anything that can save us time is always going to be a winner.

Maybe you are growing your social media accounts so think of a trick that you have used and share it with your list.

a-list-of-7-types-of emails-to-send-to-your-list

Send Out A List Of Tools You Use

As a new blogger, there can be many tools that you need but you may not be aware of them all.

I know when I first started I didn’t know half of what was required.

Having a list sent out to me helped me tremendously. Some of them can even be paid items that you are an affiliate for.

Be careful who you choose for your autoresponder as some of them get really shirty with affiliate links. MailChimp is one that will have an issue.

I use Aweber and they are great with affiliate links they are also free for the first 500 subscribers.

Do You Have A Freebie To Give Away?

Receiving a freebie of some description is always a great feeling. I’m on a few lists where every now and then I get a freebie of some description.

Many bloggers don’t put all of their freebies on their blogs they save some in reserve especially for the email list as an added bonus for being on the list.

The more value you give to your subscribers the longer they will stay on your list!

Promote Your Latest Webinar/Podcast/Video/Facebook Live

Every time you produce a webinar, podcast, video or Facebook live before you send it out into the public domain you can share it with your list.

I know a Facebook live is live but before you add it to Pinterest or Youtube share it to your list.

There should always be some perks to being a part of your list and seeing this content first is a big one.


Repurpose Some Of Your Content

Not a lot of bloggers do this and that makes it a great thing for you to do to stand out from the crowd.

Repurposing can be accomplished in a few different ways:

  • You can combine several posts from similar topics into 1 email.
  • Just share a small section of the post and then leave a link so that the rest can be read.
  • Send the whole post with or without links.

Doing this will save you time when you need to stay in touch but life is getting in the way! The other advantage is that all of your posts will get read.

What I have found to be the best tactic is option 2 because not everybody wants to read 1,000 words minimum in an email but they will out of curiosity go and read the whole post.

Strange but true!

Share Other Bloggers Posts

You may be on Pinterest searching for an answer you come across a blog post that really helps you out. It answers exactly what you were searching for.

Share this type of post with your list. If you were searching you can bet your bottom dollar at some point they will need to know this as well.

That’s about it for this post. 7 things you can share with your email list.

I just have one more thing to say and that’s about people that unsubscribe. I know it can be upsetting for you but think about it this way:

  • It happens to everybody.
  • If they unsubscribe they are not the audience you are looking for.
  • The ones that stay are the one’s you need!

Much of what I have just shared was taught to me by my number 1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

What sort of emails do you send out to your list?

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Do you have a question? If you do then leave it in the box below and I will be happy to answer it for you.

Lisa. Founder and CEO of mistakesbloggersmake.com

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