How Important Is It To Have An Email List For Bloggers

Hello everyone, Today we are going to be looking into How Important Is It To Have An Email List For Bloggers. This does not just apply to bloggers it also applies to anyone working online in any form of marketing.

There is a very true saying ” The Money Is contained In The Email List”. Have you given much thought to what that really means? When running an online business of any description there isn’t much that you actually own.

The domain you purchased is only yours for the amount of time that you keep paying for it every year. If you stop then all of your work is lost! 

That’s a very disconcerting thought, isn’t it?

The email list you build over time is the only thing that you actually fully own!

Build it and look after it with great care.

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There are several ways we can go about this and that’s what we will be covering today:

How To Obtain Email Subscribers

There are many choices available of how to do this, there is no right or wrong way just the method you choose.

When starting out with my first blog I used a landing page with a free offer in exchange for the email address and then I mailed them on a set schedule every week so we all knew where we stood

Being consistent with your list is as important as being consistent with your blog posts.

What do you send out to this new list of people who will be faithfully following you?

Here are some very simple ideas:

Who You Are And How You Can Help

I’m not sure about you but I am signed up to lots of email lists, Why To learn how to do new things.

Something I often find puzzling is when they don’t tell me anything about themselves and how they can help me.

Yes, I joined the list and that technically means they can send whatever they want out.

I prefer to be a lot more personal in my approach because this is the time to make a good impression and to show you are there to help as well as sell products or extra information and not only that this is the optimum time when the mails will be opened.

So tell the reader about yourself and how you can help them out.

Sending out a sequence of emails over a period of 7-14 days seems to be the optimum period.


The Reason For The Emails

In the first few emails talk about you and what you have achieved since becoming a blogger and ask questions as to how you can be of service to them.

If you have a Facebook Group invite them to join it for help from other members.

Ask them to follow you on Pinterest, and Twitter.

If you are part of any affiliate programs you can offer them at the beginning of the second week.

Take them on a little journey and get them to take some action of some description.

Once you have built up some trust then you can offer something that leads to a purchase being made.

I purchase more things to do with my business through emails than in any other way. Why? The mail owners are predominantly bloggers and there are always new techniques and tricks to learn.

Always Give More Than You Take

Looking after an email list is like looking after a new baby it is all given by you at the beginning if you look after them properly then it will soon turn around.

Make a decision on how often you are going to send emails out once a week, 3 times a week, every day, or just a couple of times a month.

Ensure you are offering value in your newsletters or broadcasts. Some send out their new blog posts and ask the audience what they think.

Building your brand is your ultimate goal so be consistent in your approach. Always keep the end game in the forefront of your mind.

I guess what I’m trying to convey is not every email you send has to have a call to action contained.


Do You Have The Solution To The Problem

Many new online marketers don’t always realize that they have a problem until a solution is put in front of them!

Are they new bloggers who don’t know anything about SEO?

Are they affiliate marketers who are looking for Affiliate programs to join?

Are they setting up an e-commerce store?

Do they need coaching?

Do they need a Domain Name?

Do they need live training?

Do they need to build a website?

Do they need affordable hosting?

Do they need a keyword research tool?

Do they need a community of over 1 million people who are on hand to help 24/7 365 days a year?

Do they need site support?

You are going to be the solution!

You are the one that has all of the answers to their most burning questions.

You have been exactly where they are and you did X Y Z to stop the pain!


The Launch EMails

Having a product that can solve one problem or all of them is a must before you attempt to own an email list.

You can build your own courses or utilize a platform like Wealthy Affiliate that offers all the services above and lots more!

To do a successful launch you need to set up a sequence of emails.

1. A pre-launch first

2. Then the Launch it’s self

3. Build in Urgency and Scarcity

4. You need to show Authority with the subject

5. Show This may not be suitable for everyone

6. Are they a shiny object buyer then this may not be for them

7. Now you have built up the suspense reveal the price, Free to join. No upsells. 2 options of paid membership

8. Ask more questions in order to overcome any obstacles/objections

9. Then Tell them the offer is closing and give them a final date.

10. They will either join or they won’t, You have done your bit the rest is up to them.

With Wealthy Affiliate, the members write posts on the platform every day and as a member, anyone can use them and put them in emails or on Social Media. The vast majority of them make great reading!

This type of launch email will work for affiliate marketers, coaches, bloggers, and e-commerce store owners.

Show them exactly what is in it for them and why they should make a purchase from you!

This can be adapted to suit any audience.

Let me know in the comments below what sort of email sequence you prefer?



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