7 Best Places To Use Keywords On Pinterest 4 Maximum Impact

Hello and a warm welcome back to this blog, Today we are going to be finding out where The 7 Best Places To Use Keywords On Pinterest Are?

We need to use keywords on Pinterest in order for our pins to be found by searchers.

Keywords are important in our blog posts for search engine purposes, this also applies to Pinterest because that is a visual search engine.

People use Pinterest to look for answers and ideas.

What are they looking for? Recipe ideas, financial information, knitting patterns, how to get started with a blog, educational answers, in order for Pinterest to be able to show the results it uses Keywords.

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Now it’s time to dive in and learn more about the placement of keywords:

What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is a single word or a short sentence that is based around a subject or niche topic. Keywords are used to help algorithms to point people in the right direction to the answers they are seeking.

Search engines all use the keyword method to provide the answers.

Keywords and SEO ( search engine optimization) go hand in hand even on Pinterest.

To have success on Pinterest Your blog posts and Pinterest pins simply have to use keywords.

How Pinterest Keywords Work

These keywords allow Pinterest users to find the answers they are looking for.

This works in the same way as typing a question into the Google search bar. Several posts or articles will be produced for you to read that answers your search query.

As an example, if I am looking for a recipe on how to make chicken in white wine sauce, Pinterest will show me lots of pins that contain those keywords.

Then I can click through and read the recipe.

There are ways to do this properly and there are ways to get it completely wrong, we will go through the right ways!

The right way on Pinterest is to type in the correct words in the first place so that Pinterest can organize the content effectively.

This means only using the correct words relating to the subject, a quick example if you type in How to draw eyes? Pinterest will show you pins that say:

  1. How to draw an eye
  2. How to draw an eye fast
  3. How to draw different shapes of eyes
  4. Learn how to draw realistic eyes

So every pin will have the words draw and eyes in the description or the title.

The wrong way on Pinterest as is the case when writing blog posts you should not be targeting everyone.

Staying with the people in the same niche topic as you is the right way. what is the point of creating boards about hairdressing if your niche is car mechanics?

 On a personal account, it doesn’t matter what you name the boards but as a business owner, it matters very much!

As a blogger, these are important steps to take to get your quality content found.

#1 How Do You Find Keywords On Pinterest?

I’m going to share a couple of tips with you about how to find the keywords.

Use the search bar on Pinterest it’s the magnifying glass that can be found at the top right of all pages. When you click on it a search bar appears.


Type in your question and the answers that appear are all keywords that are typed in the most often by Pinterest users.

The second way is to take note of the words in these boxes below the search as they are also popular keywords that have been searched for.


From the search of Home Decor Ideas, we also got these keywords:

  • Home Decor Ideas For Livingroom
  • Home Decor Ideas DIY
  • Bedroom
  • DIY crafts
  • For Cheap
  • DIY crafts wall art

The easiest and best way to get found is to use longtail keywords containing 3 or 4 words.

SEO for Pinterest is all about finding the most searched for terms as it is with the Google search.

Pinterest will not show you how many times these words are being looked for, However, if you go to the Jaxxy keyword research tool and put the same search term into there Jaxxy will provide you with how many searches there are a month.

Pro Tip: Just think about what you yourself type into a search bar to find the answer you are looking for.

Now to get to the 7 places we should place our keywords for the greatest chance of being found:

The Very First Place Your Pinterest Profile

The most obvious place for most people is on your Pinterest Profile.

Place the keywords that are related to your niche topic so that Pinterest knows what niche you are representing.

3 great places to place keywords:

  1. Place one in your username
  2. In the Pinterest Bio
  3. Include one in your business name.

I have one in my URL: mistakes bloggers make and also in my user name which is @lisaharveybloggingtips.

These are the keywords used in my Pinterest Bio:


As you can see above mine is all about blogging, working from home, learning SEO, and affiliate marketing.

#2 Place Keywords On Your Pinterest Boards

By using the list of keywords you researched earlier regarding your particular niche, you can now add them to your board descriptions.

The boards are found by users of Pinterest who are looking for those specific keywords.

Optimizing the boards in this manner will make sure they are found and will enhance your SEO scores.

  1. Give your boards a category keyword
  2. One in the title of the board
  3. In the description of the board
  4. Also in the board section

#3 Next Up Pin Descriptions

One of the most important places to put the keywords is in your pin description. You need to make sure they are included in every pin that you make.

Using these keywords will tell Pinterest what the subject of the pin is about and that will make it easier to be found.  

Keyword-optimized pins are more likely to be found on the smart feed once you have been using Pinterest for a few months.


The next time a user searches for those words Pinterest will pull up your pin along with others that have a similar description.

The pins description can be 500 words long. Don’t try to fill it with keywords just use 2 or 3 that make sense in your sentence.


This is the image for the description of the above pin.

#4 Keyword The Pin Titles

Putting Keywords in your pin title is just as important as anywhere else, some would say it is even more so.

Every pin added to Pinterest regardless of whether manually or scheduled using Tailwind should have a description and not just be a picture.

#5 Change The Image Title

When uploading your pin, change the name from jpg to whatever the pin’s description is going to be.

If my pin is going to be How to get more email subscribers, then that is what it is titled on my computer.

#6 Meta Description Keywords

Use keywords in the Meta Description of your blog post.

I’m really hoping you are doing this naturally before publishing a blog post, yes it should be a part of your SEO routine, but, it is also necessary for your Pinterest pins.

When you publish the pin straight from the blog post Pinterest will include the meta description as well as the first paragraph from the post.

SEO also teaches you to include keywords in the first paragraph for optimization.

#7 Alt Text Keywords

The alt text is where you write in the image description on your blog post, use this space to also add keywords this works great for search engines as well as Pinterest.

Pinterest will pull this alt text description along with the pin when you upload it for Pinterest.

My Final Thoughts

I am not a Pinterest expert. However, These tips were taught to me by expert users of Pinterest that have accounts that get millions of views every month.

Having used them for the duration that I have been using Pinterest has put my blog on the map and it gets lots of regular traffic all from Pinterest.

What we have covered in this post:

  1. How do you find keywords on Pinterest
  2. Place keywords on your Pinterest boards
  3. Next up pin descriptions
  4. Keyword The pin titles
  5. Change The Image title
  6. Meta description keywords
  7. Alt text keywords

Thanks for reading, if you have learned from this post then please pin me or share on another social media.

Having an issue with Pinterest I have a mini blog series that you can learn more from Part 1 Is Pinterest Right For Your Business? It’s Not One Size Fits All


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  1. I love these tips! I just recently learned about the importance of titling the image files a keyword! Who knew! Hahah! Super informative article here. Thanks!

  2. Time to add alt text for my pins. I knew to do that for my blog but never thought about it with Pinterest. Silly me. Thanks for that reminder.


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