The Multiple Income Funnel Review, Scam, Or Legit online Op?

Hello and a warm welcome back, I have been looking around at funnels, I came across The Multiple Income Funnel and decided to do a review of it because it was totally not what I was expecting it to be.

I carry out extensive research on any product before parting with any money and I strongly recommend you do the same.

After being caught out several times by these not so upfront companies I have made it my mission to share what is real and what is potentially a scam.

This review is in no way biased, I am not involved with this company in any way shape, or form. If it is legit I will say so if it is bad I will say so!

This post may contain affiliate links, This means if you click a link and make a purchase I may make a small commission. The price you will pay will not be affected.

P.S. I only ever recommend services that I actually use.


My Review of Multiple Income Funnel

Name: Multiple Income Funnel
Website: multiple income
Price: $49.00 this is a monthly fee, this doesn’t include the upsells
Owners: Mack Mills
Overall Rank: 2 out of 100

Multiple Income Funnel What Is It?

After going through the website, the owner says that the Multiple Income Funnel is an ” online business opportunity ” That will generate you money on total autopilot!

The promises made amount to you being able to make $1,000.00 a day without doing anything at all. ( is this for real?)

This picture is Mack Mills The Owner:


That does not sound too realistic now, does it?

The owner states that if you pay the fee of $49.00 a month that he will build you an exact website that he himself built that brings him in thousands of dollars on complete autopilot.

Sounds just awesome right?

Have You Heard Of Mack Mills?

Who is Mack Mills? He is reported by himself to be an 8 figure earner in the online marketing sphere. His promotions are all for online business opportunities.

All of the said money has apparently come from these opportunities that he promotes online.

I did a simple Google search for Mack Mills and I couldn’t find a positive thing being said about him!

After doing some other research I also found that this is not his first promotion. He was also involved in these other programs:

1. Daily Income Method

2. Digital Income Method

3. Instant Payment Method

4. Secret Income Formula

5. Instant Payment Method

There is a general theme with all of these programs and that is because they all use the same method of marketing and all of them make the same type of claims that are totally unrealistic.

The claims all rely on people’s greed for making money instantly with no work involved and that is just not possible.

In reality, people just pay the first $49.00 and don’t ever try to get it back. I was guilty of doing that exact thing!

People like Mack just keep taking the money and getting richer.

What You Get Inside The Multiple Income Funnel

What you will find inside the Multiple Income Funnel is a very simple system that you will pay $49.00 a month for and for that you get to see 3 other programs inside the system called:

  1. Traffic Authority
  2. Envy TV (multi-level marketing company)
  3. Easy 1 Up (pyramid scheme, Scam?)

Two of those companies have a lot of scam reviews on the internet.

All of these companies are run in the same way by the same person and they all amount to being what is known as a Ponzi Scheme.

There is not an actual product for you to buy. The owner deals with this by saying that it is a marketing funnel and all you do is recruit others into the system.

The FTC has guidelines regarding this sort of MLM offer.

Paying $49.00 a month may not seem very much but that is just the beginning of the paying out. For the other programs, the fees run into thousands of dollars.

Look into the Multiple income funnels dashboard and you will find these other systems that are run in the same way.


The OPM Wealth Overview

This system claims to be able to repair your credit score and help you to succeed at getting a loan.

The multiple Income Funnel is just another pyramid scheme and it is one of the biggest scams around that I have witnessed in a long while.

The Textbot Ai Overview

This funnel is from a Multiple income funnel called Textbot. Ai is extremely similar to the easy1up system the only real difference is this is a bit cheaper.

The way this works is you pay $100.00 and then you find somebody else to join who also pays $100.00 and that money is then given to you and so on and so forth.

Otherwise known as a cash gifting scheme with no products involved.


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The Traffic Authority Overview

Traffic Authority is a little different because you do get a product namely traffic packages that come with some of the offers.

You only make any money once you have recruited others to join. Would you seriously purchase traffic from an unknown source?

I know for a fact there is No Way I Would.

Easy1Up Have You Heard Of It?

Easy1up is a program that has been hanging around for a few years and it has never ever gotten going by all accounts.

This program is another of those cash gifting schemes. The higher level you enter in at the higher level you will be paid out at.

This is just a theory because we know that nobody is going to make a dime with this.

What Exactly Do You Get With Multiple Income Funnel

  The most honest answer to that question would be, not what you are expecting to receive.

What you will actually get is a few done for you landing pages as well as some emails.

Everything else is down to you to find prospects to join the program.

You don’t get any help with this step, if you are not an experienced marketer then you will have big issues with this part.

Even if you are an experienced marketer all you have to offer is no product and just a means of getting money that is passed around by anyone that you refer.

In my opinion, it is a waste of time as well as money.


Would I Recommend Joining Multiple Income Funnel?

The answer is a definite NO.

You may think that is a small price to pay, but even so, what are you actually paying for?

A funnel that you could create yourself without much difficulty!

There is nothing of any value here inside this offer.

Why would you wish to promote a pyramid scheme?

Doing so will not give you any credence at all.

Who Is Multiple Income Funnel For

I would have to say it is not suitable for anybody.

There simply is nothing of any value whatsoever.

The whole funnel just amounts to a pyramid scheme.

The Real Truths Of Multiple Income Funnel

1. No Product Of Any Description, basically you are just a promoter of a pyramid scheme that has no products to offer at all.

There’s no way for you to build any kind of online business, no hint of making any money through affiliate marketing or with a woo commerce shop.

Nothing of any legitimacy whatsoever!

2. Pyramid Scheme Promotions pyramid schemes are illegal. If you chose the wrong path of promoting such a product you could be courting big trouble.

All of the definitions of this program point to it being a pyramid scheme.

You could be sued for making false claims, not really the type of situation you wish to find yourself in!

3. Very Hyped Claims Being Made The claims of this program are to lure you in under-hyped claims. You will not learn how to make money with this funnel.

If it was really possible to make money with this program you would expect to pay a lot more than $49.00 a month. I know I would expect to pay 10x that at least.

That only leads to one logical conclusion that the claims must be lies.


What Is There To Like About Multiple Income Funnel

The answer would be absolutely nothing it is all total rubbish!

No matter where you live in the world all of these claims are totally illegal.

There is not one single aspect to like.

Would I Say Multiple Income Funnel Is A Scam

This program has been designed to funnel you into other programs that have been created by the same creator.

Any way you choose to spin this you will be promoting a pyramid scheme that has no overall value.

The founder is an expert at this sort of scheme and has made a lot of money at it.

All you are getting from this is a way to get others to spend money for no return.

Staying away from this type of program is what you really should be doing.

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