The Authority Site System Review, Legitimate Business Model?

Hello and a warm welcome back. Today we are going to do a review of The Authority Site System, Is It A Legitimate Business Model?

As an advocate of online businesses I’m often looking around for new business ideas, this can take on many forms like, new streams of income as well as doing reviews on good and not-so-good systems.

There’s no doubt in my mind that authority sites are very powerful business models and that the search engines trust them the most.

Building a site of this kind and making a good job of it almost guarantees you success and let’s face it, that’s what we are all aiming for!

Getting noticed by Google can take a lot of hard work but it’s totally possible to achieve with the right training.

This program we are going to review today says they will teach you how to build an authority site and the program is called The Authority Site System.

You have come to the right place to learn how this system works before making an investment and I congratulate you for doing your due diligence before spending any money.

*Disclaimer I am not associated nor affiliated with The Authority Site System, The information I will share with you can be found online by anyone who is searching for answers.

I just share what I find out whether it’s good or Bad!

Product Name: The Authority Site System

Founders: Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Product Information: Affiliate marketing Training/ Authority Site Building


Cost To Join: $997 one-off fee, no monthly fees involved.

Who is this for?: Anyone who wishes to learn how to do affiliate marketing and building an authority site from scratch.

Is there a money-back guarantee? Yes for 30 days


Let us Dive in and find out more:

What Is The Authority Site System About?

Tass for short is a program that teaches you on a step-by-step basis how to build an authority website using white hat SEO techniques.

It is also the first part of the course on how to build Affiliate and authority sites. It is an updated system for 2021 that is aimed at teaching you how to reach a 6 figure site.

The guys who are bringing you this course are old hats at building websites called Gael Breton and Mark Webster they are very well known from the Authority Hacker fame.

The system itself contains over 200 lessons most of which are in video format to get you started with affiliate marketing revenues as well as teaching about organic traffic. (traffic from the search engines that is free)

These stage 1 sites as they are known are much simpler to build and earn from because they only rely on one source of traffic and that’s easier to learn as well as control.

You can also find training on stage 2 and 3 sites from the same guys. Called Authority Hacker Pro.

What You Get On The Inside Of The Authority Site System

Included in this course are 15 modules that will take a fair amount of time to get through. However, you should not ever skip ahead in training.

Each specific module is going to teach you different phases that you need to go through to see success.

I’m just going to give you a sneak peek inside 6 of them.

Inside the member’s area you will be able to access the modules:


 The introduction consists of 5 lessons on:

  • How To Use The Members Area
  • How To Succeed With The Course
  • A To-Do List
  • Budget And Expectations (money needed for the completion of the course)
  • Glossary

This is pretty much standard for most online courses.

Module 1 Is called internet marketing 101 and consists of 6 lessons about:

  • What exactly Is An Authority Site?
  • How do Authority Sites Get Traffic
  • How do Authority Sites Make Money
  • How are Modern Websites Built
  • Affiliate Marketing lessons 101
  • Search Engine Optimization lessons 101

This module is the core foundation for any online business and teaches all that you need to get started.

Module 2 is called Brain Storming niches and consist of 11 lessons all about:

  • How to work out What Makes A Good Niche
  • Introducing The Niche Research Spreadsheet ( to write your niche selections on)
  • Website Marketplaces and how to find them
  • Content Marketplaces and how to find them
  • Affiliate Networks and how to find them
  • (Advanced section) Affiliate Tracking Domains
  • Shortlisting Your Niches Round 1 (narrowing down your niche selections)

An affiliate marketer really has to make a great decision about a niche subject to write about and that is not always an easy thing to achieve, in fact, this is a stumbling block for many people.

Gael will walk you through a process to help you to write a list of possible niches that can be narrowed down in a later module.


Module 3 is called Qualifying Niches it consists of 16 lessons and they cover:

  • How To Find Sites With High Organic Traffic
  • How To Find A Low DR Site Ranking
  • Shortlisting niches –( Round 2)
  • Finding Niche Appropriate Affiliate Programs
  • Finding Out About Info Products
  • Shortlisting Niches – (Round 3)
  • Seasonal Niches And Growth
  • Where To Find Link Opportunities
  • Shortlisting Niches – (Round 4)
  • Deciding On  Your Final Niche Choice

This section of the course is a long one and not to be rushed through. The importance of niche selection cannot be stressed to you enough no matter what course you choose to take.

The niche you choose can make or break you.

Module 4 is called Planning Your Site and this one consists of 7 lessons teaching you about:

  • Expansion Of Your Competitor List
  • Expansion Of Your Monetization Research
  • Expanding The Commercial Keywords
  • Expansion Of Your Skyscraper Content
  • Building Out Your Sitemap

At this point, it is assumed that you have already chosen a niche.

This is also the last chance for you to change your chosen niche, this is the now or never point for it!

If you are still humming and harring you won’t be able to continue on to the next module until you are sure about what you want your niche to be.

Module 5 is called Setting Up Your Site and it has 12 lessons centered on:

  • Choosing A Domain Name
  • Setting Up Hosting
  • The Basic WordPress Settings
  • The Installing Of A Theme
  • How To Install Elementor Pro
  • Setting Up Google Analytics
  • Setting Up Google Search Console
  • Learning Site Speed

This section is the most exciting part and it’s also where things start to become real for you!

Module 6 is called Branding Your Site it contains 6 lessons all about:

  • Choosing Your Brand Colors
  • Picking Your Brand Fonts
  • Showing You How To Create A Logo In Canva
  • The Creation Of Your Favicon (the little symbol that shows up on a page tab)
  • How To Create Branded Images
  • The Applying Of Your Branding

Having a well-designed website is not that important to start with, many very plain sites are huge successes.

 However, when moving forward they can come into their own as they look professionally built.

The founders of the course on the left Mark Webster and on the right Gael Breton.


The Price Of The Authority Site System

This is a very comprehensive program that teaches you step by step how to build a niche-specific authority website which could make you an awful lot of money over time.

The price for this is $997. I feel that it is well worth the money for everything you will receive from it.

Other Features From The Authority Site System

wait there’s more! On top of all of the lessons already mentioned above you will also receive access to these features:

  • There is a real-life case study of how the guys built out a website that was a raging success as well as showing you some completed by their students.
  • Showing you what you should and should not do is priceless!
  • Templates ready-made for you to assist you with what you should write content on including how to do SEO.
  • A todo list regarding site-building that will assist you in the building and development of your authority website
  • You also receive private access to the Facebook group where you can ask questions of the founders and their support team.

Pros Of The Authority Site System

#1 No skills required Technical Or Otherwise to get started.

#2 Very Comprehensive Training over 200 videos

#3 You Can See Real Life Case Studies Being Built

#4 It Is A Complete Step By Step System

#5 Great Trainers That Work Well Together, Each With A Different Skill Set

#6 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

#7 No Upsells

#8 Live Q&A sessions on a regular basis

#9 This is not their first venture, they have other training systems

Cons Of The Authority Site System

  • Although worth the price it is expensive at $997 and will be out of many peoples price range
  • You need more money than the start-up cost to make this work
  • It is necessary to have a ton of time to complete this huge training course
  • An issue that all programs containing video training face are that it becomes outdated quickly with the internet changing constantly.

Who Is The Authority Site System For?

The Authority Site System is for anybody who wishes to learn how to build an authority niche site from scratch step by step from professionals that have done this process many times successfully before.

Would I Recommend The Authority Site System?

Yes, I do recommend the system it is not a Scam!

This is a very well thought out and put-together training program that will teach you in a very comprehensive manner to get to your end game.

One of the biggest features is the checklist for website development, every new marketer really needs this kind of directional help.

Everything in this course is designed for you to compete with the big boys at the top of the search engines and to take their places. With hard work this is totally do-able.

This post may contain Affiliate Links. This means If You click on a link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Here is a link to the system if you wish to join it, as I said I’m not associated with it and won’t receive anything if you join.

My Final Thoughts

When it comes to building a website of any description you just have to learn about SEO there’s no way of getting out of this action.

The search engines are where a lot of your traffic is going to come from and that’s why SEO is so important.

This course will teach you about white hat SEO techniques as well as how to build an exciting new Authority niche website.

I give this course a score of 95/100 as well as my approval.

How I Earn A Living Online

I have a determination to work hard at any job I do and through that hard work, I have managed to give up my day job and work online full-time doing blogging and affiliate marketing.

Why Did I choose Affiliate Marketing?

It’s free to start with Wealthy Affiliate

You get step-by-step training on building your own website as well as learning how to become an affiliate marketer.

The Site Support is available 24 hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days a year

Over 1 million community members to answer questions if you get stuck as well as access to super-affiliates 

You don’t need any specific skills to get started

I did not go to college

It is not an MLM or a Pyramid scheme

I had no previous experience with Affiliate Marketing

No credit card details are required to get started.

Thank you very much for your support!

If you have a question please leave it in the box below and I will be very happy to answer it for you.

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