3 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Care About Their Page Views

Hello and a very warm welcome back. Today we are going to look at 3 reasons Why Bloggers Should Care About Their Page Views.

You can read many blog posts on the subject of page views and many say it is one of the most important factors and that is something I agree with totally.

There are many different types of blogger around. The fun hobby blogger and the serious make a full-time income blogger to name just 2 of them.

Earning a regular income from blogging takes a lot of time and patience as well as some seriously hard work!

I know just how it feels to look at the stats and see only 10 people a month have read your posts. It is so demoralizing after the many hours of work you have put in.

One thing I can say for certain is if you keep going with writing posts the page views do grow month on month.

Many bloggers don’t know how to check their stats let alone actually doing it! and that’s okay.

I’m just not one of them. Checking what content has been clicked on is something I do regularly (maybe too often but I’m getting better!)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting your blog to grow. In fact, if you want to earn a living it has to happen.

Let’s dive in and cover the 3 reasons why bloggers should care about their page views:

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#1 Why Setting Blogging Goals Is Healthy

For me, I find it very scary knowing the percentage of new blogs out there that fail in the first 3 months and the reason is that people give up on them and they stop working when they don’t see immediate results.

(blogging is a marathon, not a sprint!)

I really do believe that we should learn to embrace the work we do and that it’s completely healthy to want to improve and grow and do better than we are doing now.

One mistake I think we make is thinking the views on the pages reflect our worth as bloggers and that is not the case especially in the beginning.

If you have been blogging for over a year and your views are not growing then you clearly have a problem that needs addressing.

The views help us to keep track of our journey and also to understand where our efforts are working so that we can focus our attention on blogging tasks that actually bring in results.

Setting yourself some blogging goals is a big part of helping to keep us motivated and consistent so we can keep showing up and doing the work.

An important thing to note about goals is when reaching them you should celebrate in some way and also if you don’t reach the goal don’t beat yourself up as it’s not the end of the world.

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#2 Why You Must Understand Your Audience

Keeping an eye on your page views is a must. There is a lot that you can learn about your audience from your statistics, so ignoring them completely can be Fatal.

Google Analytics, for example, lets you know exactly which blog posts are being frequently clicked on, how much time people are spending on your pages, where in the world they come from and what other interests they may have.

The bottom line is that understanding who visits your blog can help you to create blog posts that people want to read, and, can also help you to figure out what’s missing in the content and this can lead you into forming a sound content strategy.

#3 Monetizing Your Blog

Another thing I find kind of confusing is the negativity found in the blogging community that if you’re making any kind of money with your blog, you’re a sellout. And I totally disagree with that view!

Why is it so frowned upon to make money while doing a job that you love and put hours and hours of work into?

 I feel that this should be celebrated and embraced and I absolutely love seeing new bloggers doing really well for themselves.

The truth is that a lot of bloggers, especially those who blog full time and have no other money coming in, rely on their page views to get sponsorship deals, earn money with ads, and make affiliate sales or monetize their blogs in another way.

Even if you’re blogging as a fun hobby and just want to cover your costs, higher page views will play a huge role in all of this, so I think it’s only natural to want to grow them and boost your following.

My Final Thoughts

Some final thoughts, I think it’s important for us bloggers to understand what goes on behind the scenes in our blogs and it’s a healthy practice to want to grow and make improvements.

 So make some goals and plans that will get you tingling with excitement about blogging again! (like when you first began 🙂

Whatever you do, do not get sucked into the numbers trap don’t keep checking your blog’s statistics every single day and remember that there are more important things to consider in your blogging journey. 

It is totally possible to make sales even with small numbers of page views.

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