How To Write A Blog Post That Yells Read Me And Sells Itself

Hello and a warm welcome back today! The discussion of the day is going to be How To Write A Blog Post That Yells Read Me Now and sells itself!

You are a new blogger but you are not sure how to write a blog post that readers want to read, am I right?

I can tell you now there is an easy way to achieve this and I’m going to show you how!

We want our blog posts to capture the attention of the reader so that we can blog full-time, face it we all know that is the end game!

Using your content in the right way will make this goal a reality for you much sooner.

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Let us dive in and get on with the how-to part!

How To Write Awesome Blog Posts

As a blogger, there are certain steps that we need to take in writing killer blog posts.

We can’t just write any old post and expect to earn money from it now, can we?

The posts need to be put together well and follow a structure of some description.

How do you know if a blog post is ready, flowing, and what the user wants to read?

  1. Is your post in a format that is easy to read?
  2. Does your topic go with your niche subject?
  3. Have you carried out research on the topic?
  4. Are there relevant keywords in the right places?
  5. You know exactly who your audience is?

The most important factors are that everything is in place before we start to even think about earning from our blogs, in fact, that is the second point of consideration.


The Major Reason You Have To Write Posts Well

Content is the most important part of blogging if you can not get that bit right you will have no chance to earn any money.

That is totally obvious to you yes?

There are just so many people around that make ridiculous statements like How to make money online without any traffic!

We all know that is impossible! it is just a rubbish claim.

A blog post is designed to invoke certain reactions in your readers such as:

Answering your reader’s questions and showing them that you understand fully what the issue is that they are seeking answers for.

making you credible so that users trust you enough to buy products and services from you.

You are making yourself relatable as well as approachable this builds massive confidence in your audience and that leads to tons of engagement.

There is nothing else for it but to write an engaging blog post each and every time.

You simply cannot expect to get sign-ups if you are not providing the user what they are searching for!

please tell me this makes sense to you?

Let us learn how to write a post that yells click me and therefore sells!

How To Write A Blog Post That Sells Itself

There are 4 major parts to composing a blog post that literally sells itself:

  • Strong emotional content that appeals to the user’s experience
  • The offering of solutions
  • Easy to sign-up options available
  • Posts that have been branded

These options can be carried on with your lead magnets and sales funnels.


Providing The Solution

providing the solution is so simple if you are an Affiliate Marketer, it really is a total no-brainer for you!

Your product is totally the right answer to their problem!

If you are selling a product for weight loss carry out extensive research so that your solution answers their exact problem.

Create your blog post in an easy-going fashion that’s simple to read and follow along with that is sympathetic to their issues.

The best way is to explain how the product has helped you is in simple and concise steps.

This provides trust and the willingness to go for your product so you both win.

Write Blog Posts That Are Well Researched And Thought Out

Be, honest with me now did you just throw something together that took you 30 minutes to write, has only 800 words and you threw in a few affiliate links for good measure?

You know deep down that, that is not going to work for you.

Writing a blog post properly takes time as well as research.

I keep seeing pins on Pinterest about how to write at speed and this really irks me a lot.

There is absolutely no reader experience in this type of post and the blogger will soon give up for lack of engagement.

It is not a race to see how fast you can bash out a post. What is very important is you take the time to write correctly, honestly, and from a place of good intention that has value to the reader.

Cut out the crap.

Filling a post full of fluff that doesn’t offer a single shred of help is going to be disastrous for you.

Ask yourself how many times you have clicked on a post full of promise only to find it is no help at all and then you are left still searching for the answer?

Don’t be that blogger!

If you have posted a question in your title please ensure you give the answer in the blog post.

Power words to make use of in your posts:

  1. The secret to
  2. simple strategies
  3. amazing ways to
  4. Easy steps to __
  5. powerful
  6. successfully

Make use of these words in your blog titles and headings for more impact.

Why Branded Posts Are Important To Sucess

When you follow the branding process it becomes instantly recognizable to audiences and that makes you stand out from the crowd.

What exactly is branding?

Branding is where everything follows a theme of colours, for instance, your main menu is blue and all of your links are blue.

If using for example a Pinterest pin as your featured image that you have designed you would make the pin predominately blue in keeping with your branding.

Keep everything you do consistent.

Another best practice is to use internal links to other blogs that you have written to give your loyal following a map to follow.

Your blog after all is a business and you need to remember to treat it in that way.

These steps can be achieved by using certain themes as well as page builders that allow you to create your brand on every page you wish it to be shown on.

Having a well-designed blog can help you to make money over time.

Make Sure Your Sign-up Forms Are An Easy Process

People who trust you will sign up for whatever you are selling, that is a fact.

Make the process as simple as possible for them.

Use the least amount of fields possible and don’t send them off to lots of other pages as that is a recipe for disaster.

The easier you make the process the more opt-ins you will get.


How To Place Affiliate Links

Affiliate link placement is a big consideration in your blog posts.

Through experience, I have found the subtle simple method to be the most effective.

Don’t fill your post with affiliate links that try to sell, sell, sell. Instead, place 2 or 3 only in text format in natural places that make sense to the reader to click them.

Use them in your text like this: How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing.


Pop-ups you either love them or hate them. However, they can be extremely effective if they are used properly.

Timing is everything with pop-ups, let the reader actually read the post instead of having something in the way.

Using the popup when they are going to leave the page works so much better.

For even more success make the offer an attractive proposal, a freebie works more often than not and is better than just saying sign up now!

Blogger Burnout

New bloggers often try to do everything at once. You have been given some important tips for successful blog posts here.

Don’t try to get them changed all at once. Give yourself a set day every week to make the improvements.

This will be a more productive and less stressful way of achieving the end game!

Marketing Your Blog

Marketing is a big step in the blogging process and one that should be taken very seriously.

Have you thought about which social media platform you are going to master first?

My personal preference is Pinterest and I have had much success with it in the traffic that it sends to this blog.

If you are not using Pinterest then I can honestly say you are seriously missing out!

Learn how to make a story pin for Pinterest.

Thank you for your support!

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS ARTICLE!!  I have had a site for about a month now, and I have not had much success on getting people to come and buy things.  I often try to avoid emotional topics because I worry what that may do to my readers.  However, I think you are right that it is important to try and add that into the article!

  2. I have made many mistakes along the way working on my blog. I would like to think that I am doing good at the moment, but your article made me realize that there is always more room to improve myself and I am thankful for a few extra tips that you gave me in this excellent blog post! I am bookmarking your website for future reference.

  3. Hi Lisa, pleased to meet you again. I went through your post on how to write a blog post that yells read me and sells itself. I found it very educative and informative too. As a new blogger, I find it very hard to write posts that attract traffic to my site and it is really discouraging. Thanks for sharing such an amazing piece of writing with us, I will be sharing it further too.

  4. Hey, this post was yelling at me to read it, so here I am! 🙂 Kidding aside, you make some solid points here that are spot on and great advice for bloggers to keep in mind. I appreciate your point about pop-ups, as getting blasted with those too early is a surefire way to get people to leave your site — definitely not what is desired! Thank you for these pointers which have been very helpful and should help bloggers to craft more effective articles!


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