12 thoughts on “How To Triple Your Blog Traffic In Just 30 Days”

  1. Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for the tips to increase traffic in 30 days.
    With the new pinterest algorithm how do you suggest we use pinterest ? Is tailwind still working and pinterest seems to encourage manually pins more .

    • Hey, thanks for the great questions.
      I personally do a mixture of both manual pinning
      and I still schedule pins with Tailwind.

  2. Hi. Thank you very much for this useful post. It was valuable to read these tips. I have gathered several points from your post. I share them here.

    1. Getting web traffic by optimizing SEO.
    2. Content marketing as a way to get visits to my website.
    3. Using social networks to increase web traffic, specially Pinterest.

  3. Hey Lisa. I really like your list. I need to implent many of these to my business. I must admit I don’t have time to do all of them but some of them I should.

    I am using Instagram, SEO Traffic and Keyword research tool. I think I am good in those and using these have given me great results. 

    I planned to do a seasonal traffic post. Regarding that, how do you form your keywords to the seasonal posts? I was thinking about black Friday. 

    Do you find keywords stating your niche + black Friday or do you write a normal post and then add black Friday to the title? I hope you understand what I mean?

    I would love for you to give me some tips. I write about strollers. If you could give me ideas. Thanks for sharing. 

  4. This is such an encouraging post to read. And it also confirms what I have heard several times, is that Pinterest works if you are consistent. I had not thought about deleted myself from group boards that do not perform well, so that is a great tip. I have taken a break from social media for about three months, and unfortunately I did see my traffic go down. So thanks for a great reminder of the importance of being consistent.

    • Hey, it’s great that you stopped by.

      Social media takes a while to build up but it really shows when you stop using it.

  5. Hi lisa

    Well done on a great article. I found your tips to of great value and you have done a great job and helped me a lot.

    Congratulations on tripling your blog traffic in 30 days.  That is super impressive.

    You reinforce the importance of blog content as regular and thorough.

    I know nothing about Pinterest and pinning and I am super impressed that you went to so much effort to learn all about it.

    It is all rather overwhelming and perhaps I may stick to Facebook as I know that a bit better!

    I wish you lots more traffic – you deserve it.

    best wishes


    • Sticking to one social media is okay at the beginning of your journey. However, I must say if you are not using Pinterest you are really missing out!

  6. Pinterest is by far the most underutilized social media for blog posters. I have had a Pinterest account for years but was only on it for myself. I didn’t pay attention to my followers or how many daily visitors I had. But now I use it more than any other and my blog has grown so much because of it.


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