What Do I Write About In A Blog Post To Help New Bloggers?

Do you ever sit and ponder about what should I write about in this Blog? You probably have thousands of ideas running around in your head and then you start to question your ideas and wonder if they are good enough?

The subjects you wish to cover are they really what your niche subject is about and what your readers want to read?

Is it important to stick to one topic when you are just getting going, will it be a mistake to go off-topic?.

Getting ideas for your next blog subject can be so very difficult to do. Are you just staring at the computer or your I pad asking yourself what shall it be about this time?

For answers go where your audience is hanging out. Read the comments that have been left for you, look for questions, and answer them in a blog post.

My target audience is professional people who want to get out from their mundane job and also people who really want to work from home like new mothers who want to stay home with the children.

Knowing these facts helps me to write for their pain points and offer solutions to their most burning questions.

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Your Audience Can Help With Creating Your Own Products

There will come a time in the near future when you decide to create a product of your own. This can be a how-to tutorial in an ebook form or a course in exchange for an email address. Ask your audience!

When writing blogs you can get lots of different stats from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Pinterest Analytics, they can show what your most popular post subjects are.

Therefore I can then decide to write more on the most searched topics as opposed to bombarding them with information that they may not be ready for or don’t actually want to know about.

By going through this process you can see if you are at the point where your list is ready for a product from you or not.

A great many successful bloggers recommend waiting until you have at least 900 email subscribers before introducing a product.

If your subscribers stop reading your emails then you will know they are not ready yet.

The Simplest Way To Find Your Audience

Do many people have a bit of a problem identifying their target audience?

 You have the niche nailed down and now it’s time to think about who you want to target to read it.

One thing you cannot just appeal to everyone.

Who I chose was based on me! simple right?

I wanted to start a blog and work from home.

Now you know who, where are you likely to find them?


Facebook Groups

Search on Facebook for your niche plus groups. there are hundreds of them and in all, you will see questions asked that they want help with.

These types of threads will help you to, understand pain points that you can then cover with your content.

Follow People On Social Media Like You

Go to Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook and find accounts of people who are in the same situation as you.

Talking to and working with other affiliate marketers helps you all to grow and with the numbers multiplying online every month there are enough people to cover you all.

Are-You-Missing-A-Trick-In-Your Blog-Writing

Blog Comments

Read comments not only on your blog but the blogs of others.

There you can find questions that you can take a screen view of to save for future reference.

This can be especially helpful when you want to put an ebook or a tutorial together.

Now you are supercharged and ready to get that blog of yours out there!

Just think about what motivates you that you love to write about and your target audience will be searching for the answers to that exact problem.

Are you ready to share who your target audience is? I would love to know in the comments.

Working out the answers to these questions can be a tough thing to accomplish when you are just getting started with a new blog and they could drive you crazy enough to never get started.

That is very understandable!

You look around at successful bloggers and they share information with you and they advise you to have long pillar posts containing between 3,000-5,000 words to get you started.

In my humble opinion, I disagree with that advice.

That is enough to frighten most people off.

One thing I know for certain is you do need a niche Idea for your blog to grow and keep growing.

 You do not need to know 100, 200, or even 300 ideas on day 1.

Regardless of which point you are at in your blogging journey, you will be sure to learn something about what to write about when you read to the end.


What To Blog About

You can do things in several different ways, You can be really niched down and have one topic only or you can encompass several topics. The recommendation is to do one only but is that the right decision for you?

You will still have to have some ideas of what the blog is going to be about.

You can be a homeschooling mummy and your blog is about how you go about getting that set up and how to maintain it.

Maybe you are a prolific knitter and you can teach people how to get started, what size needles for each part of the garment, the different styles of wool that would work best. You get the idea.

Think about things in your life that you like to do and that you would find easy to write and talk about.

I recommend choosing 2 or 3 topics, to begin with.

Try each one out for size on your new blog and see how they are received.

The majority of bloggers that are a success now did not start with the blog you are now reading. They most probably started off in a very different niche area and they could be on new blog 5 or 6 now.

I didn’t start out in this niche!

You need to understand that blogging is a long-term process of learning. There are so many moving parts you need to get your head around. 

Your first blog will most likely not be your last! I know people who have 20 successful blogs that earn them an income every month.

Blogging Lessons

You will cover what you need to learn over a period of time. How to set up an email list. How to get people to sign up for your email list, How to get readers to come to your blog etc.

By taking the necessary time to learn how to write a blog post will help to ensure you will make money from it.

if you do try out new subjects your followers will make you aware of how they feel about the change.

You will not of lost anything and you can go back to your usual topics if they are not received very well.

When you try out new topics it will help you in the long run to become a more accomplished blogger!

Give it a go!

All of the topics we are going to cover now will work in any niche that you wish to monetize.


Types Of Blog Posts

What we write about needs to be of interest to our audience.

Just to point out to you now not all of these tips are for new bloggers some of them will be for those a bit more accomplished who are more comfortable with how to write a post and how to put it together.

Utilizing these types of posts will aid and inspire you in growing your blog in a faster manner.


One of the most searched for topics on Google is Educational Information.

Facebook and Google searches show different results. Far more of the Education and Research topic is looked at on Facebook as opposed to Google according to Business Insider.

That is a very surprising Fact!


Other Educational topics like tech, business finance, and jobs are searched more on Google.

In Niches, your readers want to know about topics like working from home, how to earn $100 a day, and the best ways of living on a budget.

Pinterest as I’m sure you are aware is a search engine and it is also a great place to search for How To Topics.

There are far more women than men on Pinterest. Keep that in mind when you are searching for ideas.

Your Readers Visit Your Blog To Learn

When people come to your blog it is because they want to learn or get help with an issue they are facing. Having educational topics on your blog is exactly what they are searching for.

Some of the best topics to cover are:

  1. How to do…
  2. blogs about tutorials
  3. Guides

How To Posts In Detail

How to posts tend to cover one specific subject and break it down into small chunks that cover tricks, hacks, and steps.

An example could be How To Learn Affiliate marketing.


This term is searched on Google thousands of times every month, unlike Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter.

A great way to get ahead is to learn search engine optimization (SEO) that will put you on Google’s map.

Tutorial Posts

Tutorials tend to cover things in a step by step process, They are generally filled with images or videos as opposed to lots of text.

By sharing your knowledge in this way people tend to trust you more.

The tutorial can be about whatever your niche is, For example How to make the perfect hamburger or how to crochet a blanket.

Remember you are looking for the answer to the questions of your audience.

Pillar Posts

As mentioned in the beginning a pillar post is a very long in-depth post that will contain a minimum of 3,000 words. These are definitely not to be tackled at the beginning of your blogging journey.

For me, I did the first one around the 9 months mark. At that point, I felt I had enough information and knowledge to be able to complete the task.

By tackling pillar posts at a later date you will be able to learn other methods of post writing like How You Are Going To Grow Your Blog.

I seriously recommend you not to attempt a pillar post until at least the 6 months mark.

This type of post literally covers how to do something from beginning to end.

I have an example for you that even I cut into two posts a part 1 and part 2. if left as one post it would have been over 4200 words.

These 2 posts will show you everything you need to get started with blogging from beginning to end.

You can do a shorter post of a couple of thousand words if you can still cover everything that is needed. There is no hard and fast rule to this.

Search Google for ideas for these types of posts.

Controversial Topics

Many experienced bloggers will advise against writing Inspirational content, to a small extent I do agree but it is something I have written about.

When writing in the beginning and not getting a lot in the way of results we all need a dose of inspiration!

It can be difficult to monetize but not every post should be focused on that subject, we also need to be providing value to our readers.

There are several blogs around that are solely inspirational in nature. The sort of thing covered would be say a fashion site with lots of beautiful clothes on display that make you feel good when choosing a new dress.

Looking at posts that have natural beauty like waterfalls and travel sites with stunning beaches, these are still inspirational and they are very popular niches to get into.

Go with educational as opposed to inspirational to start off with. When you become more accomplished you can certainly branch out.


Third-Party Content

Third-party content is just how it sounds, it doesn’t belong to you.

As an example, you can get topic ideas from newspapers which hold stories about other people.

The Huffington post has lots of posts all written by other people contained on its pages which saves a lot of time and has a huge audience of readers.

For your blog, you can invite other bloggers to contribute posts that you feature and share with your audience. This has benefits for all concerned. You have less to write and the contributors get more exposure.

There will be times where you get writer’s block and contributor posts will help to keep a steady flow of content to keep your audience happy.

Make Money Posts

You need to have posts about how to make money on your blog as well as educational content.

These can be a little harder to get right in the beginning so it’s best to leave this part for a few months. Especially if you are going to be doing affiliate marketing.

 When applying to join affiliate programs they want to look at your posts before accepting you and it is far better to have 10 or so to get accepted.

As a side note, Amazon has a 3 purchase policy within the first 180 days to keep your affiliate account. Do not apply to them too early.

When your blog is past the 6-month mark you will have enough content to produce your own ebook. I know that sounds like a scary prospect but I promise it isn’t all that difficult to do.

You can share your ebook in many of your blog posts as another way to make money.

One thing to be aware of is a mistake I made on my previous blog. I found I loved writing review posts for products and I got quite carried away with it. This is not a great idea.

Your audience does not want to be sold to in every post of yours they visit!


Search engine Optimization

It is important to learn SEO and have posts regarding it on your site.

Google ranks your articles on search engine optimization, some bloggers will tell you to write more for your audience than for a search engine.

That can be a costly mistake as you won’t have much of an audience finding you without the help of the search engines.

The method that was taught to me by people who have over 16 years of experience in the industry is to go the SEO route.

It is your blog at the end of the day so you can write about whatever you feel your audience is wanting to know As with other posts you can do some for SEO purposes and some, especially for your visitors.

Your posts will still rank but not as quickly if you do the reader’s route.

SEO is based on keywords the easiest to rank for are called ” longtail ” In this example from Jaxxy You can see what sort of parameters you need to choose from:

Results for what shall I blog about


As you can see it offers you other keywords to choose from.

Column 1 is the average monthly searches.

Column 2 is the amount of traffic per month

Column 3 is the QSR which is the number of posts ranked in the search engines that you are in competition with.

Column 4 tells you if it is bad, great, or just normal

Column 5 gives you the SEO score

Column 6 tells you the search result is also available as a domain name for .com, .net, and .org

You should use high SEO and low QSR scores also making sure there is a monthly traffic flow.

When writing the post you would have the keywords in your title, in the first paragraph, and maybe a few times within the post as long as it makes sense. Not all posts written will Rank.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Be Unique!

There are so many millions of blogs already in existence and hundreds more being written every day.

putting your personality and spin on ideas is what is going to make you stand out from the crowd.

When you can convey information in your unique way you will get posts in position 1 and page 1 of Google which in turn can help you to go viral. 

The topic of the post is not the most important factor in the way you write them are.

When you can write a post like holding a conversation with a friend then you will get many compliments for your writing style!

Find your voice, are you matter of fact, funny, have a great sense of humour, or cheeky?

These tips will help you to get noticed!

Share your story and get lots of offers to guest blog, do podcasts and maybe end up on TedTalks.

You could also be contacted to do some sponsored posts.

That’s about it.

Just remember you don’t have to learn it all at once. Focus on one thing at a time until you have mastered it.

Now it is over to you my friends.

Don’t forget to pin this post, Thanks!

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