POD Challenge Review New Program From Fred Lam Is It Legit

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. I hazard a guess that you have come to this review to find out more about the new program from Fred Lam Called POD Challenge?

POD stands for print on demand just thought I would explain that if you weren’t too sure!

Fred’s aim with this venture is to grow a print on demand e-commerce site. Is this going to be a reality or something to stay well away from?

That is one question that will be answered soon!

This review will also answer many more questions that you may have.

Disclaimer. I am not associated or affiliated with print on demand or any other product that is offered by Fred Lam. If you buy it I will not be compensated in any way.

Ready? Let’s dive in:

POD Review-POD Logo

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission the price you pay will not be affected.

None of the links is connected with the POD challenge or any other program from Fred Lam.

POD Overview

Program Name: Print On Demand

Program Type: Unconventional Dropshipping Method print On-Demand Products

Founder: Fred Lam

Website: podchallenge.net

Cost of purchase? The upfront cost of $20+

Is it Recommended? Yes and No.

Print on demand products can be a very good seller, however, getting traffic to the products is going to cause you an issue. In this case, it is recommended that you pay for Facebook Ads.

They can cost you a lot of money and you can soon be out of pocket and possibly in debt if you get too carried away!

Issue 2 is the quality of the merchandise that is produced. Because you are outsourcing it you never get to see it. So you cannot be sure that it is good quality.

If this issue occurs you will get a bad reputation in the form of reviews and that will kill your business stone dead in a few days!

There are far better ways to earn money online that carry a lot less risk like the program I used that has been around for 16 years.

What Is The POD Challenge?

The POD challenge is a limited opportunity that is only open at certain times of the year for you to team up with Fred Lam so he can assist you to get your own print on demand Shopify e-commerce store up and running.

The course is for 21 days.

Visiting the sales page which can be found at this address: POD Challenge is a real eye-opener there are flashing links every couple of paragraphs trying to draw you in.

I got a real sense of desperation as opposed to an urgency.

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About Fred Lam

Fred was born in Hong Kong but has spent most of his life growing up in Canada.

Fred Lam is not only a serial entrepreneur he is also a published author of 4 books one is called Starting From Zero. He has been around online for over 15 years.

His Youtube channel has 94.1K subscribers he doesn’t seem to post to it anymore the videos on there are all 3,4, and 5 years old.

POD challenge Review-Fred Lam YouTube

Online marketing is his biggest passion and that is where a lot of his fortune came from. He wrote a book called The Traffic Trilogy about online marketing and he has produced several online systems called:

1. iPro Academy

2. Zero Up

He has a story like a lot of entrepreneurs ” From Rags To Riches” but that still does not mean that every program/system he brings out will work in the way suggested!

He makes more money from the courses he comes up with as opposed to making it through the method he is teaching you about.

That tells me to look into things a lot more closely!

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What Does The POD Challenge Teach?

Building an e-commerce store requires a platform and Fred Lam recommends Shopify to be one of the best around. Not everybody would agree with him.

However, in Fred’s own words ” Shopify is the best place to get cold leads turned into warm buyers “.

What you need are sales driven apps, shipping tables, simple but effective configurations, essential pages designed to entice people to perform some sort of call to action, and high converting themes.

Many people don’t think that is a very good explanation. What are your thoughts on it?

As anyone with any online knowledge will be aware of just because you build an amazing store it will not work unless you have the necessary traffic visiting the store.

Getting traffic to your awesome offers is achieved in this training course by using Facebook advertising.

The reasoning behind this method is its versatility, for location demographics, retargeting opportunities, and the ability to choose ages, sexes, and interests.

Products from Vendors. The beauty of this offer according to Fred is that you don’t pay anything until you yourself have been paid.

This works by finding vendors who will print your products on demand and then ship them to your customer. This saves you money by not having to purchase stock.

What You Get For Your Money

This course is only $20 to purchase and for that, you will receive:

  • Shopify 21 Day eCommerce Challenge Valued At $3,897

This over the shoulder training is to build your Print-On-Demand eCommerce business which according to Lam is suitable for complete beginners.

  • Daily Live Coaching By Michael Shih Valued At $6,997

Daily access to a 7 figure coach to answer all the questions that you have so you never feel stuck.

  • Exclusive Community Access Valued At$2,997

Access to a community forum of like-minded entrepreneurs who are going through the training as well.

  • Complimentary Entity Setup & Free Money Call Valued At $497

They have partnered with leading consulting businesses to create and structure your business at no extra cost to you.

They even give you a tax consultant to discuss the different ways that you can write your tax off once the money starts rolling in.

  • Bonus #1 – Winning Designs Checklist Has A Value Of $97

Digital worksheets are provided to help you to complete the 21-day challenge.

  • Bonus #2 – Facebook Ads Formula Workbook Valued At $309

The ultimate guide to running successful Facebook Ads with templates and cheatsheets to help speed up the process.

  • Bonus #3 – Invite To Graduation Masterclass Has A Value Of $197

An Invitation to what they call the graduation masterclass will help you take your business to the next level and beyond.

Are you asking yourself why this is only $20?

You will find the answer in the scam section!

POD Challenge Review-The Pros and Cons

The Pros Of POD Challenge

Fred Lam can be found all over the internet and he is a legitimate entrepreneur with some other successful programs.

Printing on demand is a legitimate way to make money online.

The initial version of this course is being offered for only $20 which is not a huge amount of money to spend if you decide this is actually not for you!

The Cons Of Pod Challenge

$20 is not all you are going to spend for this venture. You will need to pay for ads to get people to visit your store and they are very expensive.

You can run different ads to get informational data that will help you to figure out which ones actually work and all the time you are doing that you are paying out.

The problem comes when none of the ads payout by people purchasing anything!

Shopify is a paid service that you need to factor into the budget.

If I was just starting an online business I definitely wouldn’t choose this as a first venture. It is not suitable for novices at all. Running Facebook ads is a science in itself!

A massive point here is all of this takes work and it will not happen overnight or in a few weeks. You could be looking at months before you get an ROI.

Is Pod Challenge A Scam?

Short answer No. Fred Lam is a legitimate businessman who will provide you with training to get Your own e-commerce print on demand store up and running.

He has a reason for offering this course to you at only $20 or you could call it an ulterior motive!

There are things he wants in exchange Like:

  • For you to use this system and then give him a testimonial preferably in video format to heighten sales.
  • For you to trust him and his products so that you will purchase more of them.
  • This version of POD is not the only one he has, there is a pro version that is nowhere near $20 in price in fact it costs $997. 
  • By offering you a taster he is banking on you upgrading to the pro version and many will do that!

Do I recommend This to my readers?

If you have prior experience and you know the costs involved with running ads then yes this could be a suitable extra stream of income for you.

Because you will know how to structure the ads for maximum efficiency and then they will cost you less each time you run them.

However, if you are a complete newbie who has never done any kind of online work then my answer is a definite no. This would not be suitable for you.

I know people who have spent over $1,000 a month trying to chase sales and never received even half of their money back.

 Are you prepared to take that risk?

A Better Alternative For You

As a person who has been sucked in by hyped-up sales pages and has spent a lot of money running Facebook ads for less return than was spent. I know there is a better way!

It took me 6 years of searching for the right program and it was found back in February of 2020.

My preferred method is affiliate marketing because it is one of the best business models out there. 

It gives you the opportunity to promote other people’s products and services around topics that you choose and are passionate about.

It can be anything you like, such as health and wellness, DIY, making money online.

With this business, you don’t have to spend any money on any ads let alone Facebook ads, you don’t have to worry about stock, customer service, creating or updating products and you can get started with a small budget.

Does that sound more like your cup of tea?

The biggest commission so far that I have received using the affiliate marketing business model to date is $500 and I have only just started.

This was achieved without spending a single penny out on ads. The traffic came to me for free using SEO!

I get paid when I am asleep as well as when on holiday!

I Quit My Job

After starting with this training program 18 months ago and learning all I needed to know for a fraction of the money that some courses are charging I quit my hated day job at the 10-month mark.

Affiliate Marketing is a simple business model that just takes a lot of work to get started in the beginning because you are getting traffic organically instead of paying for it.

Now I spend my days writing reviews to stop innocent people like yourself from being scammed like I was! 

My number 1 recommendation has a limited trial period.

(If you want to make your new business work better upgrade to the premium membership for $49 a month or $1.63 a day that’s less than a Starbucks costs!)

Watch the video on how to build your own website in 30 seconds!

POD- Challenge- Review-wealthy-affiliate

Thanks for supporting me to the end of this post I appreciate your time.

Have a question for me then please leave it in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

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Lisa. Founder and CEO of mistakesbloggersmake.com

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