Performance Dropshipping Review Hayden Bowles Does It Work

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. Dropshipping can make you big bucks. But are all Dropshipping courses worth our time and money?

This course is called Performance Dropshipping and it is brought to us from Hayden Bowles.

The starting cost of this course is set at $242 but if you want training on running ads using Facebook and Google then that is going to cost you $497.

That is a whole different slant to running a dropshipping course, isn’t it?

I have written lots of reviews on many types of courses and I have to say this is the 1st time I have seen pricing for ads training added on!

Disclaimer. I am not associated or affiliated with Performance Dropshipping or Hayden Bowles in any way. If you splash the cash for this I will not get paid.

In this post, I will cover the content, a look at the creator and tell you whether I recommend this training or not.

This post may contain affiliate links. which means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Let’s dive right in and find out:

Performance Dropshipping Logo

Performance Dropshipping Overview

Program Type: Dropshipping Training

Program Name: Performance Dropshipping

Founder: Hayden Bowles

Cost Of Purchase: Without ads training $242 with ads training $497

Is It Recommended? Yes and No.

Hayden has been around the online world since he was 17 years old and that was a few years ago.

In that time he has released a few courses but it’s not actually clear if he makes money from drop shipping or from selling courses.

This course in reality doesn’t teach anything different from other courses that I have reviewed.

Everything is shown to you through videos that last for 8-12 minutes.

There is no free trial and no refund policy. These facts make me loath to recommend this course.

My number 1 recommended training program is a safer bet.

About The Creator Hayden Bowles

Carrying out due diligence about the creator is a must if you don’t want to get scammed.

Hayden Bowles was born in America in the year 2,000 by the time he was 16 he was travelling and paying for the trips from his money from Amazon.

He has a Youtube channel with 254,000 subscribers that he posts to on a very regular basis.

Performance dropshipping Review Hayden Bowles Youtube

He also has an Instagram account with 3,117 followers.

Hayden is your typical young guy who has made money working online and he likes to show off his cars and house.

The problem to solve has always been did he make money from the courses he has sold or from using the actual method that the courses teach.

That shall remain a mystery!

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The Way Performance Dropshipping Works

Performance Dropshipping has a total of 50+ videos that cover everything to do with drop shipping.

In total there are 7 modules:

  • Module 1 The Introduction 5 videos
  • Module 2  Store, Research And Rapid Product Testing 8 videos
  • Module 3 How To Build High Converting Ads 4 videos
  • Module 4 Running Facebook Ads 6 videos
  • Module 5 Running TikTok Ads 4 videos
  • Module 6 How to Scale Ads With A Winning Product 5 videos
  • Module 7 How to Transition From A Store To A Brand 5 videos
  • Module 8 The Financial Literacy 4 videos
  • Module 9  Bonus Videos 16 videos

The information in these videos can be found in most courses that are available, so they are nothing new and exciting.

One thing I have not seen before is the TikTok training.

But if you know how to run ads on other platforms you will know how to do it on TikTok.

How Much Does Performance DropShipping Really Cost?

If you decide just to purchase the basic course it will cost you $242 and if you choose the course that includes the ads training that is $497.

However, that is not where the paying out ends!

You need some upfront capital to invest in products.

There are monthly fees for dropshipping stores on Shopify or a similar hosting site.

Also, domain hosting, an ad budget and product testing is required.

To open up an online retail store you will need around $10,000 to be on the safe side of covering any losses that you may incur.

I would go for something that has a far lower risk and is much more affordable for the average working-class person.

Performance Dropshipping Review-pros and cons

What I Like About Performance Dropshipping

1. If you are new to dropshipping you will learn a lot from this training.

It is not the best around but neither is it the worst!

2. You only need around $500 to get started with this drop shipping course which isn’t that much when you compare it to other courses of this kind.

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What I Don’t Like About Performance Dropshipping

1. There is no money-back guarantee. Don’t purchase any course that doesn’t have a free trial or a refund policy.

My take on not having a free trial or a moneyback guarantee is they do not stand behind their own products.

What is your take on it? Let me know in the comments.

2. This course doesn’t really show you anything new. The only difference is the TikTok ads but they are no different from any other social media platform for ads.

3. Hayden is not the best trainer and many believe his money comes from selling courses as opposed to actually doing the dropshipping itself.

Is Performance Dropshipping A Scam?

You will be provided with everything named in this review so technically this is not a scam.

The price you pay is not the highest around for a dropshipping training course.

Do we know if Hayden Bowles is a legit Dropshipper? he has been around for 5 years making money online but there is no proof it was from dropshipping.

The only thing that really annoys me is the fact this does not have a refund policy. That rings alarm bells for me. It may not bother you at all.

If you have experience in dropshipping this will not benefit you at all!

Added money you will need to make this work comes in the form of ads and for that, you are going to need a budget of at least a few hundred dollars per month.

That is on top of the costs mentioned above.

My Final Thoughts

Dropshipping can be a lucrative online business for many people.

In this case, my opinion is that this course is not going to be comprehensive enough to get you to that point because the lessons are extremely basic.

Any online business takes time, consistency and patience. There are many other easier alternatives available for you to explore.

A Far Better Alternative

I would not spend the money that is being asked for this course. I would pass. But how you spend your money is totally up to you.

Do I Recommend This To My Readers? No.

I personally don’t believe that you will learn anything new from this. There are thousands of youtube videos available that cover pretty much everything.

If you are fed up with seeing scams and sites that just want to relieve you of your money then you should consider a platform that has been around for 16 years.

 I work In the world of Affiliate Marketing. There are many positive reasons for this:

  • You can start a 7-day trial of the platform (with my #1 recommended program) Then upgrade to the premium membership if you can see the value of using this amazingly successful training.
  • There are no expensive tools or software to pay for
  • You can work on this a couple of hours a day in your spare time
  • You don’t need to make your own products
  • You will learn  all about SEO which is the organic and sustainable way of driving traffic to your site
  • No need to recruit others to join to make money
  • You don’t need to be concerned with customer support
  • No special skills are needed (which is good because I don’t have any 🙂
  • You can still earn from whatever you are writing about today for many years to come, a truly passive income
  • No need to pay out for ads, unlike some programs.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 17 years
  • Trust Pilot gives Wealthy Affiliate a score of 4.9/5 from 494 reviews and is rated excellent.
Performance Dropshipping review-Wealthy Affiliate-TrustPilot Rating
Source: TrustPilot

I Quit My Job

After starting with this training program 13 months ago and learning all I needed to know for a fraction of the money that some courses are charging I quit my hated day job at the 10-month mark.

Affiliate Marketing is a simple business model that just takes a lot of work to get started in the beginning because you are getting traffic organically as opposed to paying for it.

Now I spend my days writing reviews to stop innocent people like yourself from being scammed like I was!

(If you want to make your new business work better upgrade to the premium membership for $49 a month or $1.63 a day that’s less than a Starbucks!)

Thanks for supporting me to the end of this post I appreciate your time.

Have a question for me then please leave it in the comments below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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