What Is Income School Project 24 All About? Review

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If you are looking for a resource to help generate income online, consider Income School Project 24

This course includes a series of lessons, videos, 60 action plans, and a community. 

This number keeps changing every six weeks because more content is added. 

It’s hard to read and scan videos, but the content is thorough. 

The lessons can help you increase your traffic, make more money, and overcome challenges that other people face in their business. 

The course covers the basics of online marketing and how to use Pinterest.

There is one big issue with this program. It’s pretty expensive at $449 for the first year and then $249 each year. 

It’s a risky option because it requires upfront investment and doesn’t verify results. 

This course that I personally use also includes ten affiliate sites on the #1 recommended platform

Even though it costs $449, the training is efficient. 

It is an ideal way to start an online business. 

If you consider purchasing this course, keep in mind that it contains a few limitations.

Let’s dive in and see if it is the course for you?

What is Project 24?

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The Income School Project 24 is an online affiliate marketing training course that teaches creating and managing several niche websites. 

You will also learn about SEO.

The name comes from the 24-month time span that it claims is necessary to become financially independent. 

The program recommends a two-year time frame for its students to achieve this goal and that is a very realistic time frame. 

That’s quite a long time!  I hear you say but it isn’t in reality.

This review will give you a clue about the program’s pros and cons.

Who is it meant for?

Income School Project 24 is not for everyone. 

It was developed for people who have some experience with internet marketing.

Project 24 Review-Ricky Kesler and Jim Hammer

Ricky Kesler and Jim Hammer, creators of Income School, claim that this course will allow you to replace a massive portion of your income with your blog. 

It is a course designed for both beginners and advanced marketers. 

You can build a successful affiliate website without prior experience. 

The reviews show that they can be effective, but you need to be aware of the risks.

 Aside from the price tag, the Income School course includes a private community. 

Unlike other courses, the members can ask questions about the courses and niche sites. 

You will also receive four bonus courses.

The Income School Project 24 review highlights the essential elements of this course. 

First, you must understand that the Income School course is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

It teaches you to build an authority site that can earn you money over time, but it doesn’t work for those who already have established websites. 

However, it isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, and its syllabus is quite extensive. 

Therefore, you need to invest at least eight to ten hours a week in learning the lessons in this program.

How Long Would it Take to Be Successful with Project 24?

The course is a long-term investment that involves building a niche site over two years. 

If you want to be financially buoyant in a shorter time, you should consider paid advertising. 

You should read an Income School Project 24 Review to make an informed decision.

You’ll learn how to create a successful website from scratch with the help of the course. 

In addition to that, the income school has a community forum where you can ask questions and get answers from other members. 

This forum is active and delivers helpful information. 

It also contains a wealth of information about the latest trends in the industry. 

Many people believe that Project 24, however, is just another scam.

The Income School’s method only works if you put in the effort. 

You should have a lot of patience. 

The course is worth its price. 

You can learn the techniques of affiliate marketing with the help of Income School.

Project 24 Pricing

The first year of the Income School Project 24 course is $449. 

You can purchase further access to the materials as often as you want. 

The cost is $249 for the second year, and you can buy additional years if you wish to subscribe to the course for another year. 

You are not allowed to pay monthly to access the courses, but low one-time yearly cost. 

And it is an excellent deal for the money.

Compared to other similar programs, Project 24 is more affordable than some other programs. 

It offers multiple courses in digital marketing, including building a blog and website.

It also includes several tools that you can use to promote your site.

Income School Community

The program doesn’t offer a Facebook group.

Instead, it features a Private Members-Only Community, a forum-style community where members can ask questions and find answers to their questions.

The Income School program is designed to be simple without any technical knowledge. 

It lays out the steps to start an online business and will replace your current income in 24 months. 

The founders of Income School, Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler have a long track record of selling niche sites and have made a nice profit. 

These two guys have created a course that teaches you how to build niche sites and monetize them. 

Project 24 is one of the best programs for building an online business. 

There are many different formats for the training, including a closed community where members can talk to each other and get assistance. 

You can even learn from the community’s members and help them out when they need it. 

And if you’re not comfortable with coding, you can always follow the guide provided by IncomeSchool.com.

Does Project 24 Recommend Using a Keyword Research Tool?

Most programmes recommend using a keyword research tools, and this is a good option for beginners. 

The keyword research method of Income School is based on intuition and guesswork. 

This can be wildly inaccurate and may not produce results. 

But fortunately, the course has a lot of other helpful information. 

Income School Project 24 All About. pros and cons

The Pros and Cons of Project 24

The courses are well designed, but there are still some weaknesses. 

The first disadvantage is that the company’s content is outdated. 

A few pros and cons are worth mentioning.

What I Like About Project 24?

  • If you’re serious about making money online, Project 24 is an excellent choice.
  • In this course, you can learn about affiliate marketing and create a passive income using the methods taught.

What I Don’t Like About Project 24?

  • You can’t expect to earn big unless you’re willing to put in the work.
    • The content of incomeschool.com may not be updated frequently.
    • The course is expensive.
    • At the end of the year if you don’t pay again you will lose access to everything that you have worked on.

So, before you decide to buy IncomeSchool.com, make sure you’re aware of the risks and benefits.


Although the program is not for beginners, it will provide you with most of the essentials to start a successful niche site and earn a full-time income. 

While this is not a guarantee, it is an excellent resource for anyone who’d like to make a full-time income from their passion. 

If you’re looking for a niche site coaching service, it may be an ideal choice for you. 

The team is very accessible, to begin with, and it is likely to be a helpful training resource for you.

There have been a few complaints that the owners Ricky Kesler and Jim Hammer are hard to get a hold of once you pay your money!

I recommend a platform that teaches all of this and a whole ton more!

Any work online takes time and hard work.

Lisa. CEO and founder of mistakesbloggersmake.com.

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