Flip The Career Switch Review Is This A Scam?

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. When we build out an online business there are certain training we look for to help us.

Am I right?

Do we really need a high ticket done for you product or is building everything yourself safer?

Flip The Career Switch is a high ticket program that ranges from Gold level at $3,247 up to Royal at $21,847. That is some serious wedge!

However, it says that you can make $7,000 a month regardless of what else is going on in the world. Now that is a big statement.

Is this going to prove to be a life-changing program or will it be money wasted?

By the time you have finished reading this review post, you will know one way or another!

Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with Flip the career switch or any other offer from Blair Phillips. If you do purchase it I will not be compensated.

I already have my opinion because I know what I’m about to write, but for you, this could be something you are pleased to learn about before spending money!

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Let’s dive in and find out more:

Flip The Career Switch Overview

Product Name: Flip The Career Switch

Product Type: High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Training

Product Price: $3,247 – $21,847

Product Creator: Blair Phillips

Is It Recommended? No.

This is a high price buy-in that you will be selling the product to others so that means it will have high commissions attached.

Obviously, that sounds attractive who wouldn’t want commissions from a product that starts at over 3K? I know we all would.

Getting new people to buy-in is going to be your big issue here, how are you going to convince others to join?

The most obvious way means shelling out even more money every month on paid ads.

With commissions ranging from $1,500 to $10,500, per sale depending on the entry-level I can see the attraction, realistically what are they getting?

Nothing is the answer! 

A few done for you pages that people land on through your ads and then convinced to spend money they may not even have.

This is not my idea of how to run a long term sustainable business. What do you think your chances are at selling one of the top packages?

If you are going to be buying into this and then running ads you had better be sure you can then resell it!

I have reviewed over 250 programs and my number 1 recommendation has never changed. 

Not because there are no other good programs because there are.

You can find them above in my recommended tab. 

No the reason for the not changing is the absolute value for money that I get along with the live training!

About The Creator Blair Phillips

Before spending money on any online business always checkout the creator.

Even more so when the price is so high to start off with.

There is no information about Blair Phillips on Google.

No social media at all, my mum is in her 70’s and she has more of a social presence than this guy!

Is this his real name?

He claims he can change your life with this offer how can he then hide?

Never spend this kind of money when you cannot find a single fact about who created it!

What Exactly Is Flip The Career Switch?

This is a done for you high ticket affiliate marketing program or another name is a business in a box.

One important fact you need to know is that Flip the career switch is an affiliate link for a completely different program called Matt’s Marketing Blueprint.

There are also other offers out there that all lead to Matt’s Marketing Blueprint another one is The Prosperity Warrior

To get involved with this you have to submit your email address. Then a new page appears and it asks you questions about your finances.

One of them is quite revealing! See below:

Flip The Career Switch Review

This is a huge red flag and another reason I would not recommend joining it.

They are looking to see if you can afford it and if you can’t they will help you to get into debt!

That is not an option you should be getting into on top of spending hundreds out on ads that you may not even break even with.

Think about this with a clear head if it really worked everyone would be making a killing with it!

You don’t know anything about Matt’s Marketing Blueprint and the only way to get more info is on a sales call.

What Do You Get For Your Money With Flip The Career Switch?

There are some training videos. These cover the most basic things about marketing such as promotion, affiliate links and how to use them, list building etc.

Paid traffic methods are covered on Google ads and Facebook ads. You will need these in order for you to attract potential clients to sign up.

No free traffic methods are included.

Marketing Materials That Are Built For You.  The domain and hosting are included along with the sales funnel and affiliate links.

Just include your details and you are good to go.

Monthly Fee For Lead Generation. The system will generate leads to your affiliate links if you pay the monthly fee.

Just think about this for a moment, if they can generate leads to this amazing offer that makes $7,000 why would they offer to do it for you?

Answer because it is a load of rubbish in my opinion!

Your Own Sales Team! You don’t need to get worked up about dealing with the leads yourself because the fee for this service is included.

A team of closers (salespeople) Will extract all of the money for you!

Other Products. You have the ability to offer PLR products to earn extra commissions. I wouldn’t bother as they can be bought for as little as $5.

How Much Does Flip The Career Switch Cost?

There are 4 levels that you can buy into.

One word of warning you only get paid out at the level you have purchased at a bit like how an MLM works.

  • The Gold Level Costs $3,247
  • The Platinum Level is $7,447
  • The Diamond Level is set at $14,647
  • The Royal Level is a massive $21,847

If you refer somebody at the Diamond level and you are at the Platinum level you will not get paid at all.

Also, note that this does not cover the ad cost either.

My number 1 recommendation has far less risk and is nowhere near the same price tag as level 1 of Flip The Career Switch!

Can You Make Money With Flip The Career Switch?

The commission offered is 50% minus the admin fee. Which is kept by the creator.

Flip The Career Switch-Cost Of Purchase

The amount you can earn is governed by the level that you buy in at as well as the level that your referral buys in at.

If you don’t purchase the top level you stand to lose out if your lead buys a higher level than you.

The Pros Of Flip The Career Switch

To be honest I cannot find a pro for this program. In my opinion, the done for you material is not a pro and I will explain why in the next section!

The Cons Of Flip The Career Switch

Having done for you material is only as good as the product and in this case, there is no product.

What you essentially have here is what is known as a pyramid scheme. And is not something you should be investing in.

Having hosting provided for you is another downside because if the program closes or gets shut down by the FTC you will lose access to everything.

Getting involved in a high ticket pyramid scheme is a huge risk and it is all on you. 

The creator doesn’t have that much of a risk and that is why you cannot find anything online about Blair Phillips.

In order to try and disguise what this really is they are offering PLR products that are not worth anything and that’s why most marketers give them to you for free.

Is Flip The Career Switch a Scam?

Unfortunately at this time, this is not deemed to be a scam! I know etically it should be and morally it is.

The training that you receive is at the best second rate and you will not learn anything of real value from it.

You would have thought with the high ticket cost you are expected to pay that it would at the very least have some good training!

Essentially you are left to work it all out on your own.

Even experienced marketers get paid ads wrong so what chance has a newbie got?

With this sort of offer all people see are the $$$ signs and that is all they want you to see!

If you actually thought about it seriously you would see it for what it is and that is something that is not worth giving the time of day to!

Do I Recommend This To My readers? Hell No!

I just cannot see you convincing people to spend thousands of dollars for nothing in return. 

Have you ever recruited a person into an online offer? I have and it is not as simple as it sounds!

A Better Alternative For You

The Flip The Career Switch website is only one of many that try to get people into this program that is a huge red flag that it doesn’t work as advertised.

These are supposed to be experienced marketers and they have trouble recruiting. Don’t fall for the dream they are trying to get you into.

It could get you into big financial trouble and it doesn’t have to be like that.

Helping people to get what they want is a far easier business model, it is safer, not a lot of risk and only costs a few hundred dollars as opposed to thousands.

You don’t need to pay out for ads either.

Training is included and it is carried out live as well as on replays.

Your website is secure and you own it so it cannot disappear overnight like Flip The Career Switch.

Affiliate Marketing is something you can make thousand’s of dollars with so make the wise decision to follow that route instead of the very dodgy one.

Lisa. Founder and CEO of mistakesbloggersmake.com.

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