American Jobs Online Review Legit Or A Massive Con?

Hello everyone, welcome back! Today we are going to do a review of American Jobs Online Is It Legit Or A Massive Con?

Wow, 2020 was tough going for most of the world and it’s not over yet.

Jobs have and are still being lost because of the pandemic.

So many people are looking to work online from home and that I can completely understand, It is the safest place to be at this time.

Not only that but working online is the fastest growing industry around, not surprisingly really!

We are going to go through what AOJ is:

Product Name:  AOJ Work From Home Jobs ( American Jobs Online)

Founder:  Could not find anything about the founder

Product Type:  Paid Survey Funnel

Price:  Free to join at the time of writing this

Registered: February 2018

It is great that you are here doing your due diligence, time is precious and we don’t want to waste it thinking we are going to get paid only to find that is not the case!

I am not here to persuade you to join or not to join, my only purpose is to give you the information so that you can make an informed decision.

This post may contain Affiliate Links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I could receive a small commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

P.s. I only recommend products that I actually use.


Is AOJ what we are searching for when looking for online work?

Is it a legitimate opportunity or is it a scam?

In this review, I am going to cover those questions and explain why this may not be the answer to your search query.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not involved with this company in any capacity. The information contained here is just my opinion from online sources that any else can find independently.

What Is American Jobs Online? (AOJ for short)

Researching is a great way to find lots of different information about any subject.

With AOJ I found lots of sites with different domain names that are all related to AOJ. Here are a few that came up in the search results:


Going to each of these sites individually you will soon notice that they are all sharing the same information.

They appear to be just cloned sites with a few parts in different places but all fundamentally the same company.

You may be thinking about joining AOJ and therefore this review will help you to make the right decision.

Finding out if this is the job site for you is why you are reading this am I right?

There are some great online job sites around that are very legit like snagajob is AOJ one of them as well?

Read on to find out!

Visiting any of the above sites is not really going to reveal very much to you, I know I didn’t learn much from any of them!

No about us page. The only way of contacting them is through email. No phone number.

That Is a Red flag for me right there. Will there be any more? Let us find out!

What You Will Find Inside AOJ

I thought when I clicked onto AOJ I was going to find jobs that I could apply for to work in an online capacity.

What was found is a very different story:

I was redirected to some survey sites to join!


Hey, what’s that all about?

Just supposing my intention was to do some surveys I would go directly to the survey site itself, not click onto a site recommending them.

Am I wrong in that, you tell me?

Doing surveys can be a fun way of earning money, I did it for years when my kids were small. Got tons of new inventions to try for free as well as getting paid!

However, that’s not the reason for clicking on AOJ.

On another occasion, I got sent to a gaming site which I swiftly exited.

What’s In The Members Training Area?

Getting through the screening procedure of 6 questions was a doddle, it didn’t really matter what you answered to the questions!

On a couple of the duplicate sites, I had fun with this part, answering all of the questions wrong!

After ticking your selection the answer just unticks itself which is kind of strange.

Doing the questions wrongly did not affect anything, It still took me to the members training area. where I was met with a video.

Clicking on the next step, took me to a page to enter information into.

After entering your name and email address you then click another button that takes you to another page.

Brenda was there in the video to teach me how to do Affiliate marketing and referral marketing.

Kinda weird for a job site?

Another Red flag here.

The lessons I could learn from:

  • How to advertise on Craigslist in the jobs category
  • Creating a website and actively promoting AOJ
  • How to use Facebook Ads that cost lots of money and how to set up a Facebook business page
  • How to do marketing on Pinterest
  • How to use Instagram for marketing
  • All about email marketing software with Getresponse that costs $15 a month to use.
  • Training on how to use YouTube
  • Learning About Referral Marketing and how it differs from MLM’s

Wow! if that’s what I went onto the site for that would be awesome! But I went there to apply for a data entry job?

Is it me or is this getting weirder?

Is this a referral marketing company or a legit job site?

All of the above training is for the express purpose of teaching you how to get people to sign up for AOJ and the survey sights they are pushing.

If you go a little further the site will provide you with your own affiliate link.


Looking For Data Entry Work

When going through the site they are offering tons of opportunities to work from home doing data entry with fabulous rates of pay!

Sounds great just what we are looking for!

There’s one offer that says you will get paid $1,500 a week to do Data Entry, Yes sign me up I can start straight away. 🙂

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen!

Here’s why.

Say you go through all of the training provided, you would think that would be to give you help to get a data entry job.

 If you are new online you may not realize exactly what’s really happening at this point.

The site is just so misleading. The 6 questions they ask are not what you would be answering for data entry work. one of the first questions is how did you hear about AOJ?

The gig on offer will teach you how to spam people on social media sites which takes hours to do, people really hate you doing this, and guess what?

You won’t get paid for it either!

What did I like About American Online Jobs?

Once I figured out that the site is all about signing up for survey sites and other affiliate offers there really wasn’t any scope to like the site at all.

Deception is not a brilliant way to gain people’s trust. This is what this company is practicing.

American Online Jobs Is It Legit?

Whenever you are looking for online jobs it is very important to check the facts and make sure they are legitimate.

They are going to ask you for some personal information, Not sure I would wish to provide this, you don’t know where it’s going to end up.

You are going to the site to find genuine job opportunities and that’s not what you will be faced with.

 No hourly pay for you here.

Is this opportunity legit?

Based on research about other online opportunities as well as AOJ I would say this is not legit at all it is giving you false information.

At the beginning of landing on the page, everything looks good. Looks can certainly be deceiving.

As you go through the different steps you begin to realize all is not what it at first seems.

The training takes you through a process to do with affiliate marketing and that is designed for you to do all of the work.

I feel you will be sadly disappointed with the site, there don’t appear to be any data entry jobs to be had.

Signs That Point To This Not Being Legitimate

1. The offers are too good to true: Have you really ever heard of Data entry jobs that pay $1,500 a week? 

According to other sources, the average pay for this job is $12. an hour. Based on that figure you would have to work for 125 hours in a week to earn $1,500.00. That’s 17 hrs a day for 7 days.

That doesn’t seem so attractive now, does it?

2. The Website Is Not Secure:


This website has no SSL security features, this is not a sign of a legitimate company.

 You should never enter any details of a personal nature into an unsecured site.

In the image above you can see that the site is not secure.

Another Red flag here.

3.There Is No Important Information Available: There are no company details available, no contact details, no about us page, and no FAQ’s page then you are immediately directed to a questionnaire.

You have no idea who you are giving your details to or where they might end up.

4. No Legitimate Online Jobs Available: As I am sure you are aware there are such jobs as data entry if you go to the right company.

With this company, they call data entry filling in online surveys. Some of the surveys are not real opportunities.

However, there are a few that are. Is this what you call an online job filling in surveys?

That is not what I term it as.

Believe me when I say there is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing. I use it on my blogs and so do many other bloggers.


It is how I managed to fire my boss in just 10 months of working online.

If AOJ stated from the start that this was about affiliate marketing then there would not be an issue.

With AOJ they are supposedly providing you with job opportunity’s for data entry, not getting you involved in marketing their services for zero pay.

Even the way they choose to teach you is not a good idea, basically, they are teaching you how to spam others on social media sites.

Doing this will have users saying not nice things to you because it is a rude way of getting attention. It is also very irritating.

You will also be wasting a lot of your valuable time if you decide to join this company!

Flexjobs is a reputable company if you are serious about online job opportunities that are real.

My Final Verdict?

Is AOJ A Legitimate opportunity for working online?

How many red flags have we seen in this review?

There are just so many fake and scam companies around that it will keep me writing reviews for many years to come.

Reading these types of review posts where we find out everything for you is a great way for you to use your time and in a lot of cases your money.

AOJ tries to trick you into joining survey companies with false promises and fake job listings.

If in doubt about any online venture then don’t join it!

Not my ideal online job company. No, I would not join this.

For a real opportunity that does work read on a little more!

As I said above I gave up my job by doing affiliate marketing the right way with a proper training platform, not the Mickey Mouse sort you are getting with AOJ.

Check Out My Secret Weapon To Success. it is free to join.

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