EcomHub Review 5 day Amazon FBA Challenge Is it A Scam

Hello, My friend and a very warm welcome back. Fulfilled By Amazon can be a very lucrative business, But, will this EcomHub 5-day course from David Zaleski cut the mustard?

This course suggests you could be making up to 100k a month with an Amazon store! Davids stores on Etsy and Amazon apparently gross a million dollars a month!

As you can probably imagine it has a big price tag attached at $997-$4997 ouch!

We are going to take a look at how this course works, how it produces leads, and how it makes money.

Disclaimer: I am not associated in any way with Ecomhub or David Zaleski in any way. If you do fork out and buy it I will not be compensated in any way.

This will not be a gushy affiliate review saying everything is wonderful to get you to part with your money. No, it will just contain the facts and let you know whether it is worth your time and money or not.

With that being said let’s jump right in:

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EcoHub Overview

Program Type: Amazon FBA Online Training Course

Founder: David Zaleski

Program Name: EcoHub


Cost of purchase: From $997 to $4997

Is It Recommended? Not suitable for everybody

The course offers you a choice on how you wish to proceed hence the from and to costs involved.

First of all, if you know a bit about working online or how to build a Fulfilled By Amazon business then you can go the DIY route and receive help from the EcoHub coaches and follow the cheaper course for assistance.

The $4997 course covers the Ecohub team doing the work for you. Most will be tempted with this option but nothing is guaranteed even when carried out by experts.

2 things are guaranteed in life only taxes and death!

No matter which way you try to spin this the fact is this course is a bit pricy and that is not the end either. There are many other things to pay for to make this work.

You need to shell out for, ads, storage, inventory etc.

There are better alternatives to starting your own business that doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as this for example my number 1 recommendation.

About The Founder

Before making a purchase of any kind of program you should always find out about the founder/creator in this case David Zaleski. 

When he was 18 years old, he had $4,800 worth of savings and invested it all into just one thing.

Starting his own  Amazon business online. David has said that he sold over $5 million dollars worth of products on Amazon over a 5 year period.

Owning your own profitable business that can make $400,000 per month is definitely a great accomplishment. This is the reason I think a lot of people can learn a lot from this man.

EcomHub Review David Zaleski

When David built the Etsy business he is quoted as saying: 

” the biggest thing we did is that we really built out a solid funnel.

We also built out a ninety-day nurture sequence in emails.

This means, for literally ninety days emails were going out every day or every other day. 

So that’s a lot of people seeing our brand name in their inbox all of the time.

And then we also used a lot of upsells and downsells, which you cannot really do effectively on Amazon yet!

But that’s where the benefit of having multiple products comes in.”

That is how they got to build a business on Etsy.

After that success, they then scaled the business on Amazon to over 1 million dollars a month.

EcomHub What Is It?

David and his team had massive success on Etsy by paying out for ads on Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, then they set up the Amazon business.

The EcomHub is a training course from David Zaleski and It is going to train you to create an Amazon seller business based on how they did it with Etsy.

A big concept this course teaches is how to choose a winning product and that makes a massive difference to whether you make a profit or not!

Everything you need is provided for you within the course.

Getting traffic from Google and other searches are also explained and that will aid you to get to 100K a month quicker according to their website.

They use Sponsored Products within their business to help drive product visibility faster.

Regardless of what any website says, just because it works for them does not mean it will work for you, after all, they have a team and you are just 1 person!

How Does EcomHub Work?

Visiting the website you can access the FBA Academy tab, The Sellar StartUp Studio, Their Blog, Read some success stories and meet the team that you may be working with.

 The FBA Academy program allows you the opportunity to learn how to do it all by yourself, or by letting them do it all for you. 

Doing It Yourself

This is a new version of the course, FBA Academy 2.0, and contains a 4 step system that shows you step by step what you need to get done.

Next, there is a new private group that you get access to as a member. You can be connected to people that share goals and aspirations like yours. 

EcomHub also offers a product validation service as part of this offer. This helps to ensure that you are off to a good start.

Support is available from the mentors inside and comes as part of this deal.

 Also included is their trademarked Rank & Bank method, which is a way to rank your products on the first page of Amazon’s search, and an exclusive resource list.

The list is full of discounts, contacts, and resources.

Letting Them Do It For You

If you choose this option you receive everything that you get in the DFY section as well as the winning product automation, which means that the team at EcomHub will choose a winning product for you to sell.

They also source for you between  3 – 5 high-quality suppliers that you can make use of.

As well as a hyper-converting Amazon listing,  access to graphic designers for your logo, branding, and packaging, + 6 hours of personalized guidance.

The Pros Of EcomHub

  • The creator of this course and his team have had masses of success with this business model and they know how to teach others to do it.
  • The business model itself is one that has been successful not only for David and his team but also for many others like Sophie Howard for instance.
  • There are lots of ways to get help if it is required from the experts as well as inside the private group.

The Cons Of EcomHub

  • The course is very expensive and that is not the only money you need even if you go for the done-for-you option.
  • No matter how good the course is there is also a high failure rate.
  • Many of the products you choose to sell have a lot of other competitors so the profit margins can be very low and that means you have to sell thousands of them.
  • You also need a lot of money to run ads to get your products to the top of the search.
  • Not many beginner entrepreneurs will be able to afford this program.

Is EcomHub A Scam?

No EcomHub is in no way a scam program.This course is a legitimate way of making money online.

You get all of the training and resources you need to be able to make this business a success from the launch to the profits and scaling stages.

This is one of the most expensive ways to start an online business and that is only one of the reasons I cannot recommend this to my readers.

Another issue for me is the huge cost it takes to get started, running ads is a very expensive undertaking and it can be very easy to get yourself into big financial trouble.

If you would like to avoid spending thousands of dollars to get started in an online business, then you can learn how to leverage the biggest online retailer without risking that much upfront.

There Is A Better Alternative

If you don’t have the capital required and you are not willing to risk losing your investment, then there are other alternatives you can try, especially if you’re a beginner. 

In my opinion affiliate marketing is one of the most cost-effective, highly profitable ways to create an online business.

You don’t need a lot of start-up money, you don’t need to own any products or services, and you don’t even have to spend any money on paid ads.

Using the above-mentioned business model, I was able to earn as much as $500 from a SINGLE sale of a product I didn’t even own.


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