18 Best Blog Tips For New And Advanced Bloggers For 2021

Hello and a warm welcome back, today’s topic is going to cover The 18 Best blog Tips For New And Advanced Bloggers For 2021.

The tips contained in this post are designed to help bloggers at all stages from beginners to advanced to get ahead in a timely manner.

Monetization and growing your blog traffic can be stressful, difficult, overwhelming, and very confusing.

With my other blog in the health and wellness niche, it took me 4 months to earn any money.

This post may contain affiliate links which means if you make a purchase through one of the links I may receive a small commission. the price you pay will not be affected.

Let’s dive in and share the all-important tips to eventually make it to 6 figures with a blog:

Goal Setting And Organization

No matter how long ago you began blogging the most important thing to get right is organization!

I know it’s tough at the start because you are doing everything all by yourself, How many hats are you wearing?

  • Writing Blog Posts
  • Web Design
  • Pin Design
  • Learning social media marketing
  • email building and writing
  • customer service

and there is so much more to it!

Which camp are you in good at writing and designing or good at the technical side or even the financial side?

A blog demands that you need to learn all of the above.

All of this takes to accomplish as your blog gets bigger you will naturally grow with it and attain all of the skills you need.

When you are making a decent monthly amount you can pay others to take some of the pressure off, until then the way forward is to set goals and be organized.

Prioritize Your Task List

One thing I was taught a long time ago is to do the hardest task first, doing it first gets it out of the way and makes you feel accomplished and happy.

I know when you are feeling overwhelmed at the beginning that you have such a long to-do list that you want things ticked off PDQ so you go for the quick easy tasks.

That can be so counterproductive because by the end you don’t get to the least desirable task and then it rolls over and over and sometimes never gets done.

Always do one task until it’s finished don’t deviate.

Sitting down and prioritizing what would be of the most benefit to your blog will take you far.

  1. Will you have a set amount of posts before you begin marketing? If yes then do all of the posts before anything else.
  2. Next, make your about me page.
  3. Work out what tools to use to design Pinterest Pins if you are going to use Pinterest.
  4. Do Some training on your chosen social media choice for the promotion of your blog posts.
  5. Put a social sharing plugin on your website so your readers and yourself can share the posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

The main point here is to make sure to do what is going to have the most impact on getting your blog out there and don’t stop until the job is done!

Focusing on one thing is going to be your best friend.


Don’t Go The Free Route

Trying to go the FREE route is a bad choice if you want to blog seriously and make money.

You simply have to invest in yourself and your blog.

There are things that you must have that cost money.

The best investment I have ever made was joining Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a blogging and affiliate marketing training platform.

It is Free to join, but I don’t recommend staying as a free member if you seriously want to blog Full-Time. The free membership will only take you so far.

There are only 2 memberships and it’s not an MLM.

Don’t get caught out by shiny object syndrome there are courses you may want to purchase but research them properly so you don’t waste time and money.

The First Money You Should Spend

The very first amount of money you should spend will be on:

  • Hosting; my top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate a ton more than just hosting
  • Generate Press one of the most customizable and lightweight blog themes around
  • Aweber simple to use email platform for storing customer emails free for the first 500 subscribers
  • Tailwind Pinterest scheduler simply the easiest way to get more traffic from Pinterest free for the first month.

If you need to purchase something to move your blog forward into making money then don’t hesitate, just get on with it because otherwise, you will be losing out and leaving money on the table.

When the traffic starts to flow you will need to build a landing page this can be done with the premium version of Generate Press.

That’s what I used to build the resources page on this blog

Give Yourself Time

Have you heard blogging is a slow burn?

 it does not start today get paid next week.

 If that’s what you are looking for then give up now!

Blogging means lots of sacrifices and missing out on occasions that you would love to attend.

My family just don’t get it, they invite me out and I say I have a 3,000-word blog post to write so I’ll take a rain check.

Their answer is it can wait until tomorrow you work for yourself. 

Trying to explain that, that’s not possible is a battle I couldn’t win, so I would just say I wasn’t feeling up to it.

The only person I talk to about my blog is my husband and that’s only because he is here relaxing and I’m still working.

When the money started to come in consistently they understood all of the work that went into it to make it happen!

I spend every spare moment available working on this blog.


A Simple Blog Growth Sequence

This is the most simplified way to make it blogging:

  • Start A Blog by Building A Website
  • Write, write, and write more content
  • Drive traffic to your blog posts through social media marketing and Google
  • Build an email list
  • Monetize your blog posts and email list

As long as you can keep doing these steps for as long as it takes you will make it to the big money.

How And Why Are Your Best Friends

When writing content for your audience you need to explain not only how but also why.

Why what you did worked or didn’t work.

Stories sell newspapers and that works the same way for blog posts.

You are teaching your audience how to blog so it stands to reason that you have a story to tell about how you failed and started again and this time succeeded.

Maybe you got it right the first time, any which way it was you have to share that with your audience.

People will buy from you if you are open and transparent.

I have totally been where you are when I first started and I’m not afraid to say so. working and writing a blog was very hard.

Blog readers want to know all of this.

This is how you are going to build trust.

Blog Designs Don’t Matter

I have a friend who has a stunning website to look at with lots of bells and whistles but it’s very hard to navigate.

That meant not much content was written and not many visitors.

on the other hand, this simple website design had a lot of content and lots more traffic

Don’t spend a ton of time on your design.

As long as it is easy to navigate honestly nobody cares.

Concentrate on more important matters.

A simple design will earn as much money as a fancy design and often times a lot more.


Collect Emails

Concentrate on collecting emails from the very first blog post, this is the quickest and easiest way to find out what your audience needs help with!

Just ask them, it is that simple.

When you click a pin on Pinterest do you join certain email lists because of the help they are offering?

I certainly do.

That is the easiest way to collect email addresses, give away something of value for free.

You will be leaving loads of money on the table if you don’t collect email addresses.

Just create a simple opt-in form, I’m not a techie at all and I managed it so trust me it’s not difficult to do.

There are a few ways you can do this:

Your email provider will provide a landing page builder.

There are lots of free WordPress plugins that you can use

or if you really wanted to you could pay someone on fiverr to do it for you.

When To Monetize

When to monetize is when you have traffic!

New bloggers that’s all they seem to think about MONEY.

Can you make money with no readers to your blog? of course not!

Keep your focus on marketing to bring you traffic that will equate to money.

The traffic will mean you build an email list of hungry followers.

You will know who your audience is and where to find them.

Concentrate On Page Speed

Don’t you love landing on a blog post with full-width bright pictures to break up the content? Me Too!

Unfortunately, that slows down your site speed.

I am so guilty of making this mistake until I did a google site speed check.

The results were horrendous for mobile devices, laptops, and desktop results were excellent.

No wonder my visitors were leaving so soon.

Pictures are not the only issue here, you could have too many plug-ins or it could be your theme.

On the wealthy Affiliate platform, there is a site speed test. Make sure you use it.

Not a member then try:

Google Page Speed Insights.

Optimized page speed should be 1.5 seconds for mobile devices.

If all else fails then you will need a plug-in the one I recommend is WP Rocket.


Mobile-Friendly Blogs

Google penalizes you if your blog is not mobile-friendly.

Website users account for up to 80% of visitors and not surprisingly they are all using a mobile device.

Looking at Google Analytics 50% of visitors to my blog are using mobile devices.

Always check how your content looks on a mobile device before publishing it.

You can check different views on your theme depending on which one you are using. 

This can be done using the Generate Press theme.

Play around with things until it all falls into place.

It’s far better for it to look great on a mobile phone than it is on a desktop.

Be Successful At Marketing

Marketing is the be-all and end-all of your business after writing content.

Without marketing, no one will know your blog exists.

That will mean no email list, no traffic, and ultimately no revenue.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the content is everything because it isn’t although it is important.

Learning how to market properly is a course you have to take to get to 4, 5, and 6 figures with blogging.

Wealthy Affiliate also teaches us how to market properly. I did say above that WA is many things!

Simple Strategies To Get Better At Marketing

  1. Blog Content: must solve the reader’s problems.
  2. Blog Titles: Keyword Optimized and screaming click me for the answers you seek.
  3. Email Marketing: give away freebies if the first one doesn’t get much traffic, try another one till you find one which works.

Those are just a few things you can implement to get you started on the right track.


The About Me Page

What is one of your most visited pages on your blog?

Believe it or not, mine is the about me page!

The first-ever comment on this website was on the about me page.

Many people who have taken up blogging under me said it was because of what was written on the about me page. It’s a very powerful tool if it’s done correctly.

The Importance Of Keyword Research

How do you find what your audience is looking for?

Easy answer by using Keyword Research tools.

Just type in any blog title you are thinking of using and the keyword research tool will tell you how many people are looking for that information.

Two of the best tools on the market are Jaxxy free for wealthy Affiliate members or Semrush.

Related keywords will also be shown to you to use in your content.

Pinterest also has a great search tool that I use every day when writing keyworded pin descriptions.

Keep A Track Of Your Spending

There are going to be certain necessary expenses for running a blog and you need to keep track of them.

This can be done in a spreadsheet.

Here’s why you must make this a priority:

When filling out your tax return these expenses are tax-deductible against your income you can claim for your email service provider, your hosting, any courses that you purchase, and even any coffee you buy when writing.

Fill in the spreadsheet at the end of each month so you know where you are.

Take Action

You can read 500 blog posts, you can watch 100 Youtube videos, you can take 10 courses but if you don’t take any action your blog will never grow.

Every tip in this post are steps that I took on my old blog and on this one.

The majority of them on this one to be blunt!

Having a blog that fails teaches you what not to do.

The posts that are written now for this blog contain actionable tips to stop you from failing miserably.

Keep going and take action that’s the only way to succeed. 

My Final Thoughts

In this post, I have tried to cover as much as you need to do to take action to get success.

Here is a brief summary of what we have covered today:

1. Goal Setting and Organization

2. Prioritize your task list

3. Don’t go the free route

4. The first money you should send

5. Give yourself time

6. A simple blog growth sequence

7. How and why are your best friends

8. Blog designs don’t matter

9. Collect emails

10. When to monetize

11. Concentrate on page speed

12. Mobile friendly blog

13. Be Successful at marketing

14. Simple strategies to get better at marketing

15. The about me page

16. The importance of keyword research

17. Keep a track of your spending

18. Take action

Let me know in the comments which tips you are putting into `practice, if you found this of value please pin me!

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