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Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. As bloggers, we need to carry out research for SEO purposes and the best way to do that is with a keyword research tool. My choice is Jaaxy which comes included in the Wealthy Affiliate membership but it can also be accessed independently.

The founders of both Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle Louden and Carson Lim, I can tell you not all keyword research tools are the same. This one differs in the price for a start because it does not have any addons everything is included.

Jaaxy is used predominantly by the members of Wealthy Affiliate and they amount to over a million users which have been built up by the platform being around for 16 years.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Jaaxy Overview

Product NameJaaxy

Website: Jaaxy.com

Price: The Free Trial costs nothing $0 (No Credit Card Needed), Pro costs $49/Month, Enterprise is $99/Month 

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Recommended? Yes.


Is Jaaxy A Good Keyword Research Tool?

When it comes to using tools for keyword research there are many to choose from and they are different in many ways and functions. Even so, there are 2 main basics the tool is either:

1.  This is the Adwords Planner which is more of a Keyword Research Tool based on Pay Per Click cost and competition. Or

2. The other is the SEO Keyword Planner variety which is basically what Jaaxy is.

When first starting out with blogging it is recommended that you go for the ” Low hanging fruit keywords ” because they have much lower completion and this makes it far easier to rank highly on the search engines of Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Before Jaaxy was invented it was very difficult to navigate the tools that were around as they were just so complicated and very expensive to boot making them out of many people’s budgets.

Having tried many of these tools and having great difficulty with them I gave up doing keyword research for a while and my ranking dropped dramatically! The tools were designed for businesses with huge budgets and not the average Joe in the street who starts a blog.

Who Is Jaaxy For?

Jaaxy is for any website owner or blogger who wants a straight forward simple tool to use that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars a year like Moz and AHrefs which have been designed specifically for big businesses with million-dollar budgets.

In as much as competition goes, we are all searching for the perfect keywords and in order to keep up, we need to carry out keyword research that is going to catapult us to the top of the search rankings.

Let’s See What Jaaxy Can Do:

  • You can carry out Keyword Searches
  • Use the Alphabet Soup Technique
  • You can Save Lists
  • Look at Search History
  • There is Search Analysis
  • It has an Affiliate Program Check
  • Brainstorm Ideas

In the above image you can see:

  • The AVG –which is the average amount of searches made in a month
  • Traffic – this is the amount of traffic you can expect if you land on the first page of the search engines
  • QSR – Are the quoted search results –that is how many sites use the exact keyword if used with quotes on google.
  • KQI – This is the keyword quality indicator.
  • SEO – This score is based on traffic and competition – the higher the score the easier it is to rank on page 1.
  • Domains – you can check the availability of domains based on the keyword search terms.

Site Rank

This is one of my favourite features!


Enter your blog title and your domain name hit search and Jaaxy will show you where your page is found on the search engines. It looks like this:


As you can see this blog post is position 6 page 1 of Google and position 3 page 1 of Yahoo. Not yet ranked on Bing.

You can also search blog posts from your competition!

Jaaxy Finds Affiliate Programs

You can search for affiliate programs on Clickbank, Commission Junction, Digital River, and Link share.

I searched for the keywords for Work From Home affiliate programs:


The results shown above are:

Affiliate program name, The product website, The commission amount you receive, Alexa Traffic Rank, and as you can see these are all on the Clickbank website.

It is not often you will be able to find this option on other tools.

Other Features You Can Employ

  • The Alphabet Soup technique – This will take you through the whole alphabet for a particular keyword to see what other keywords you can find if you went through the alphabet for say “Children”.  For A’s, it could give you keywords like “write a children’s book” or “become a children’s coach”.  Then it can give you keywords with “Children” + B words, etc all the way to Z!
  • Saved Lists – Any keywords you find that you want to keep can be saved into lists, this way your keywords can be organized like a list for children’s books and a list for child’s health, etc.  This will help you to find your keywords easily later on.
  • Search History – Even if you didn’t save your keywords in lists, you have this history that you can also fall back on as well to see what you’ve searched before.  You can also save to a list from the history view as well which makes it convenient to grab the keywords you previously searched for but forgot to save.
  • The Search Analysis Feature –  Gives you a quick look at the SERPs for the keyword you want to search for. This means you don’t have to keep going back to Google to make another search, you can do it all within Jaaxy.
  • The Affiliate Programs Checker – I really like this feature too because it lets you know what affiliate programs are out there for the keywords you are looking for.  So if I looked up “children’s beds” it would show me affiliate programs that would have products for me to promote. This is only useful to those who are using affiliate marketing to monetize their site.
  • Brainstorm – This gives you more ideas on the keyword you’re searching for and is very neat to use.  You will find some interesting topics that you may not think of for your niche and can really offer you lots to write about too.

Finding brilliant keywords to use is the very first step to getting your website ranked high on search engines and this tool will help you to do that.

Jaaxy Pricing

There are 3 levels of Jaaxy membership:

The Trial membership is free to sign up and you can do:

  • 30 keyword searches
  • 30 search results
  • 30 Site Rank analysis scans
  • 1x Speed

The Pro membership is $49/month and for that, you can:

  •  Get everything in the Trial +
  • Unlimited searches
  • Unlimited search history
  • Search Analysis
  • Manual QSR & Domain Searches
  • Alphabet Soup (15 keywords/letter)
  • 2x Multi-Threaded Search
  • 2K Site Rank Scans

The Enterprise membership is $99/month and has the following features:

  • You get everything in Pro +
  • Automated QSR & Domain Searches
  • Alphabet Soup (50 keywords/letter)
  • 5x Speed
  • Unlimited Keyword Lists
  • 5x Multi-Threaded Search
  • 5K Site Rank Scans

Jaaxy Affiliate Program

You can also make money with Jaxxy through its affiliate program!

Once you are signed up for your Jaaxy account, you will automatically be able to refer others to the tool.  You can find your affiliate link under the “Program Details” tab under the “Affiliate Program” menu on top:


You can also see the details of the program under the affiliate program tab which shows this as a very lucrative offer as you can earn on a monthly recurring basis when people upgrade from the free trial to the Pro or Enterprise accounts.

Under “My Stats” you can see the clicks you get plus any referrals.

Under the “Links & Tracking” tab, you have more referral links to choose from + a Jaaxy search plugin that allows people to try out a search while they are on your site that looks like this:

The Pros Of Jaaxy

  • Extremely simple to use and understand the tool.
  • Easy to find on the web through videos and tutorials on YouTube and other sites.
  • All of the features have a popup bubble that describes their use.
  • Tools offered are comparable to or greater than the competition for less than half the cost.
  • Killer Search Analysis tool.
  • Brilliant Affiliate Program Finder.
  • The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool offers a very profitable Affiliate Program of its own at 40% of the sale.

The Cons Of Jaaxy

  • There is no link suggestion tool. This does come with other more expensive tools!
  • You have to make your own banners for the affiliate program (not a big deal if you use Canva)


There are a great many professional features to take into consideration, the ease of use, the on-site training, and the lack of unused hype that drives prices up for other tools make Jaaxy a win for small business owners like you and me. 

I have to also explain to you there is a way to secure 50% OFF the price of The Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Pro or Enterprise Accounts and that is by upgrading from Jaaxy Lite which comes free with Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership program.

If you Upgrade to Premium + In wealthy Affiliate you can get the enterprise edition which normally costs $99/month for free!

What Wealthy Affiliate offers Members is world-class managed WordPress Hosting, Jaaxy Lite, and the best online affiliate training anywhere in the world for a single price per month of $49 or by the year at $495 for the premium membership or $99 per month or by the year for $995 for the premium + membership as well as other awesome bonuses!

There are also Black Friday Deals every year where you can save $200! on the WA membership.

Or you can just sign up for Jaxxy.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate review which includes the Pros and the Cons!

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