The Perfect System Review Is There such A Thing?

Hello and a very warm welcome back. Today we are going to do a review On The Perfect System Is There Such A Thing?

Have you heard of the perfect system?

The main marketing promoted by the perfect system is an Ebook.

Will we find out that the company is another MLM that is in disguise? will reveal all!

It’s a very well-known fact that I work Full-time online and for this reason, I get offered a lot of opportunities that are going around.

Firstly I always do a thorough investigation of anything that is put in front of me.

Being scammed once was definitely enough for me.

You have come to the right place to find out if this is a legitimate scheme or just another MLM offer.

One thing I found strange is they have no company Logo?

Can any money be made with The Perfect System?

Let’s dive in and find out!

Disclaimer* I am not involved with this company, I’m not associated or affiliated with The Perfect Marketing System. The information contained in this review is public knowledge and can be found online by anyone searching for it.

Founder: William Anderson (also known as Bill)

Product: Ebooks or MLM

Cost to Join: $997 plus $40 a month

Registered: The Domain name was registered in April 2006. Now no longer available. (

Who is it suitable for? There is no way I would join this program. You would be paying $997 for some ebooks to promote!

Paying out another $40 a month just so you can receive commissions is laughable. Really!


The Perfect System (What Is It?)

For a system about ebooks, I found the entry cost of $997 to join to be extortionate, and to top that you are required to pay an additional $40 a month for what exactly?

This system is an affiliate program that sells ebooks to earn recurring commissions. 

Visiting the website was just one very long marketing pitch.

On youtube, there is a video by William Anderson and it is quite confusing because the title of the program is called The Perfect system but in the video, the program is called

Bill Anderson supposedly has 30 years of experience in marketing. I could find no evidence to support that fact.

The other odd thing about this offer is that the perfect system is actually not a program, it is a feeder to get you to sign up for other high ticket programs.

I will explain more on this below.

What Is A Feeder?

Put simply it is a program that markets other programs for you to join and supposedly make money with usually high ticket offers.

 If you don’t take up the offers you are made to feel that you have somehow missed out on available commissions.

In a nutshell that is how a feeder system works.

More on this shortly!

Company Details Explained

William or Bill Anderson is the founder of both of these companies, according to his social media he hails out of Georgia. The USA.

This is not the first program he has been linked to but I couldn’t find any evidence to support or deny that he has 30+ years of experience. 

You can find Mr Anderson in many Youtube videos doing BBQ cooking. Apparently, he is a very accomplished cook.


Are There Any Products Or Services Offered?

The only things I found during my research were 16 old-fashioned-looking ebooks that come in a pdf file format and you are paying $997.

That is daylight robbery right there!

The books are called:

  • Tom Mundry book on mail order
  • Passive Profit streams
  • Big Traffic System
  • Linkedin ads 2.0
  • Insta crusher Instagram marketing course
  • No cost income stream
  • Unique opp seeker mail list ranker
  • The actual cost to test and compile ranker
  • Copywriting secrets
  • Biz opp survey results
  • Paul Counts Affiliate marketing course (video)
  • The secret of riches
  • Corona Virus Killer
  • Profiting From Coronavirus
  • Never be scammed ebook ( this title made me chuckle)

Once you are a member you find that there are in fact no actual products.

You will just be recruiting others to join at the astronomical price of $997. This is classed as a Pyramid scheme and is illegal in many countries.

A so-called “product” available to you is called The Money Multiplier and it is based on this exact feeder system that they are trying to get you to promote.

And the cheek of it, You need to pay more money for it!

Is It Possible To Make Money With This Perfect Money System?


The company says you can make money through a 2 tiered affiliate offer.

That by definition makes this into an MLM. The company needs to offer products and they don’t do that! That is Illegal!

The compensation plan is structured in the usual unilevel fashion that is used by other companies of this type.

That consists of you being at the top, all of your referrals then become your level 1 and their referrals become your level 2.

Once you have recruited a new member they would then be required to pay the joining fee of $997. The person that recruited you and you yourself would then receive 5% as a commission.

so just under $50 each.

The second way of getting paid is from the $40 that the new recruit has to pay per month. you would receive 40% of that each month.

Another $16.

This is paid on all level 1 and 2 recruits.

Further Explanation On The Feeder Program

Here I am going to share with you the names of the feeder programs that this system wishes you to join and the associated extra costs involved.

Deemed as the Money Multiplier:

  • 98 Unlimited – This one costs $980 per month and I have heard it is another cash gifter designed to pay monthly commissions.
  • Touchstone Success Network – This one will cost you an extra $35 to join and then $25 per month.
  • Silver Partners for Profit – This one will cost you $495 to join. This is marketed as a crowdfunding cash gifter.
  • Icanget2 – This will cost an extra $29.95 per month to join.

If you join these other programs the founder of The Perfect System believes your recruits will follow and join you!

I did google these companies and there are some youTube videos and other promotional information available on them all.

Maybe I will review these soon!

Pro’s of The Perfect System

In their promotional literature, they guarantee you to receive 5 signups!

That’s that question answered.

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Con’s Of The Perfect System

  1. The price to join and pay each month is totally outrageous
  2. The website is just one long marketing message
  3. Feeder programs are a big No in my book
  4. The ebooks are seriously overpriced and they are not very well put together, no effort at all!
  5. No Cancellation or refund policy, massive red flag!

$997 for lifetime access to the ebooks seriously?

$40 a month to be eligible to receive commissions.

Who in their right mind would fall for this?

Is It A Scam?

Yes in my opinion it is a scam! It is also a lot of hype about nothing.

Joining this type of feeder program to earn commissions is a mug’s game.

This program will cause trouble with the FTC because it has no products to offer and is in fact a Pyramid scheme.

I would definitely call it a desperate money-grabbing program.

My Final thoughts

After going through everything for you I can honestly say there is NO way I would ever join a program of this type.

Would you seriously join it knowing all of these facts?

I sincerely hope your answer is NO.

In the video I mentioned earlier that is on YouTube regarding this program it is abundantly clear that Bill Anderson did have some success with another program that he promoted using the postcard method that he speaks about in the video.

Because of that success, he thought he could come up with a high-ticket venture of his own.

In my opinion, he failed miserably!

Thanks for reading the perfect system review.

the perfect system review is there such a thing?

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