Wise Token Review Is it A Scam Or A Good Investment?

Hello and a very warm welcome back. Today we are going to go through the details of Wise Token Is It A Scam Or A Good Investment?

When looking to invest money it is always the best practice to look at reviews before making the decision to part with any money.

Research is not hard to find. You just type in the name of the opportunity plus the word review into Google and the results will give you the answers you are seeking.

The main reason bloggers like myself write and research these reviews is to ensure that you don’t get scammed online we do the research so you don’t have to.

Many companies around are perfectly legitimate, but equally, there are so many that are just out to scam you!

You are an intelligent individual for carrying out your own research. I congratulate you on your initiative.

Disclaimer* I am in no way associated or affiliated with Wise Token. This review has been written with the express purpose of you making an informed decision based on the facts provided to you. The information can be found freely by anyone looking for it.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase then I could receive a small commission the price you pay will not be affected.

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Product: Wise Token/ Cryptocurrency MLM (Multilevel Marketing)

Founder: Peter Girr

Price To Join: Unclear you have to invest with Ethereum

Registered: Can’t find an exact date but sometime in 2020.

Who is it suitable for? Answer at the end.

Let us dive in and find out the all-important facts!

What is A Wise Token?


Wise Token is basically a new token on the market, that is still in the pre-launch phase.

 You are encouraged to make an investment in the opportunity to start to make money with a recruitment referral program.

With many schemes like this one, there is a matrix involved as well. The information available wasn’t clear if that’s the case here.

I would say this niche is an MLM with a cryptocurrency smart contract investment.

The coin itself is produced very cheaply with an ER-20 system and it has no actual value outside of this offer from the company.

On that basis the company also sets the value of the coin, It is mined by Ethereum.

Who Are The People Running Wise Token?


The founder of Wise Token is Peter Girr on social media profiles it states that he is in the Real estate industry as well as being a crypto founder but what is not clear is he doesn’t state the name of the cryptocurrency.

 I was surprised at that information.

That makes me ask the question as to why he now wants to get involved in producing CryptoCurrencies?

 Although that could just be my suspicious mind!

Peter lives in California and that is reported to be where most of the investments in Wise Token are coming from within the US.

Other founders mentioned are Aaron Hanson who is reported to be the Chief Technology Officer. As well as Vitally Marinchenko who we are led to believe is the Lead Software Engineer.

After doing some extensive searches for over an hour I could not find any existence of Aaron Hanson, He seems to be a ghost.

The other guy Vitally Marinchenko appears to be an unknown actor. One thing is certain he isn’t any kind of lead software engineer.

Looking on Facebook the last post he made was back in 2018.

Is he a ghost as well? Upon researching further it has been said on other forums that these 2 profiles are fake.

Looking around on the internet as I do daily I’m sure the photos with the exception of Peter Are all stock pictures.

What Products Does Wise Token Offer?

Doing research for reviews like this is a great way to spend some time, the information can be easily found in the majority of programs.

However, with this opportunity, I could not find any services or products being offered.

All there seems to be available is an investment into becoming an affiliate of the program with the purpose of you recruiting others to do the same.

The Wise Token Compensation Plan

After watching a youtube video of Ashton Addison, a blockchain expert interviewing Peter Girr I Wasnt really much wiser as to how the compensation plan works.

Anyhow this is my interpretation: At this time the company is in pre-launch and that means the tokens can be purchased at a cheaper rate.

This is possible because of the coin being an ER-20 and the company sets the value of it.

The tokens will be sold in batches of 5 million per day and can be bought in an auction-style format every day.

Peter Girr said the auctions will go on for 50 days.

The tokens can only be bought using Ethereum.

This is being floated as a decentralized token. which means no changes can be made by the owners. That could mean that the investments made are safer because everything stays in your wallet.

The trading will take place on Uniswap.


The Smart Contract

It is a free-to-run financial system run in a similar way as the Blockchain company.

You can use a referral link to recruit others into reserving the Wise token and receive a 10% ETH bonus

The company will be paying a referral commission of 10 % to any member that recruits anyone at the 50 Ethereum level.

This would mean people purchasing 500 Ethereum to get to a 50 level.

All referrals are direct and there is no Multilevel involved apparently.

Payments out to you would be made in Wise Tokens. The commissions will be available to be paid out to you after the launch.

Once the launch has taken place, it will be possible to earn residual commissions through your affiliate link.

It’s also a possibility that they may also set up a matrix but at the moment the company is too new, we will just have to wait and see on that part.

If this kind of cycler is set up that would mean buying in at your chosen level. The higher the level the bigger the payout percentage.

Obviously, the higher the level you join at the higher the risks involved.

This post will be updated when more info is available after the token is launched.

Cost Of Joining

The cost of joining is not a set amount because you have to purchase at least 1 Ethereum and the daily price for that fluctuates.


To be fair I couldn’t find any real pros.

Unless you consider decentralization a good and safe bet because the founders cannot change anything.

Even so, that doesn’t guarantee your investment as being safe.


Two of the supposed team members are not real people ( red flag)

Company members photos are stock images (red flag)

No sign of any services or products (red flag) This is not legal in many countries and is considered to be the definition of a Pyramid scheme.

Not registered with the SEC which is a requirement when the traffic is coming from the US. (red flag)

Basically, you are betting on the fact that the wise token will be adopted and that it will take off, Which is a huge financial risk on your part.

You could argue that you are getting the token at a cheaper price during pre-launch. 

Personally, I would rather pay more for the coins after it’s launched just to be on the safe side.

At least by waiting you are sure that it is a real investment opportunity and not a scam.

My Final Thoughts On Wise Token

Based on all of the evidence found to date I would not call this a scam at this precise time, but neither would I be recommending that you get involved with it either.

Red flags galore prevent me from entering into this scheme. Couple that with the cheap way of producing the cryptocurrency it does not float my boat!

Pun definitely intended. šŸ™‚



I Work Full-Time On-Line

If you are actively looking for an online business opportunity that you can do from home, then you are in the right place!

After looking around for years and being scammed once I finally found exactly what I was searching for.

Doing this for just 10 months has enabled me to quit my day job and work full-time online doing research and reviews to stop you from being scammed.

The opportunity is Affiliate marketing and it is free to join.

Putting in a few hours of work a day made my goals into a reality. When I found and joined the Wealthy Affiliate platform that has been around for over 16 years and has taught me everything I know!

If you are an action taker you can join now using this link. It’s free to join. What have you got to lose?


Now it is over to you! armed with the knowledge that I have discovered would you join Wise Token?

Personally, I would purchase Etereum as we know that, that is actually real.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them below. I always answer them personally and look forward to doing so.

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Thank you for reading and supporting this blog šŸ™‚

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