Easy1Up Review Is This A Good Business For You?

Hello and a very warm welcome back. Today I have been doing some research into Easy1up with a view to joining the program. This program has been showing up on my radar for about 3 years now. Easy1Up Review Legitimate Business Or Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

There has been so much hype regarding this program that I decided I had to investigate further.

I have watched countless Youtube videos on this program and all of them had a positive vibe about them.

The reviews that I read were another matter that we shall get to.

Does that mean I joined the program?

Program Name: Easy1Up Discover The Power Of 1
Product Type: MLM (multi-level marketing)

Website: Easy1Up.com

Prices to join from: $25, $100, $250, $500, $1000 newest level $2000


My Initial Thoughts: I could not find any services to offer clients. Not a good sign and a red flag starting to be raised!

It seems that the only way to make any kind of money with this is to recruit people into your down line. The training system is not of a high-quality nature.

If you are a marketer with any modicum of experience you will soon see this for what it actually is.

I have had lots of people approaching me about this opportunity, I have said the same thing to them that I will be saying to you in this review.

Don’t join this!

This post may contain affiliate links, this means if you click through and make a purchase I may receive a small commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

P.S. I only recommend products and services that I actively use.

It is a very bad product, How did I arrive at this conclusion?

What Is Easy1Up All About?

This is described as an online educational platform where you will be able to learn how to run an online business that is all of your own.

I’m pretty sure you will be more interested in what I have to say about what I have found out about this program am I right my friend?

Easy1Up has an extensive video library of the products that are available for sale. These videos have been put together for you to use to make selling this opportunity easier.

Let’s dive in deeper:

What you need to do is purchase the training for yourself so that you can promote the training in order for others to join the same system to make some cash online.

In a nutshell, you need to do some recruiting of new people who don’t know anything about online businesses. 

Beginners are easier to get involved as they don’t know any different.

They purchase the said training and then recruit others to do the same.

This is supposedly the way to do Affiliate Marketing, not like any I have ever heard of more like a multilevel marketing company.

Who Is The Owner/Founder

Peter Wolfing

That was a bit of a mystery for a long period of time.

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the issue that there was no mention of a founder.

After doing some research it became apparent that the founder is called Peter Wolfing. On the platform, he is simply referred to as Peter.

This was because of an update that took place after lots of complaints because of a total lack of information.

The said Peter has also created other programs called turbo cycler no longer around, infinity 100, business toolbox, national wealthy center and pay me forward. None of these programs are still in existence today.

These products were only made with the express intention of making money for the owner of the system.

Each time money has been made it has been used to create another elaborate system, with the exact same intent.

To bring even more money to this Peter guy!

What You Get With Easy1Up

There are 6 levels that you can choose to join and each one has its own video training. The object is for you to take out their credit card.

Let’s look at the 6 different levels in detail:

pricing-for -easy1up-

Elevation- Level 1 $25 plus the administration fee of $5.00

This level is the most affordable and basic with it you receive network marketing help as well as help with social media lead generation.

There is also advice on how to join an email service provider to use for sign-ups from the social media lead generation.

Elevation-Elite Level 2 $100 plus an administration fee of $10 This level shows you how to use video marketing namely Youtube and Udemy to teach you how to use an affiliate link.

Vertex-Level 3 $250 plus the admin fee of $25 This is supposedly the more advanced level.

This level teaches more about affiliate marketing. Why that is, is a mystery because this company is all about multi-level marketing.

Vertex-Elite Level 4 $500 plus an admin fee of $50 this level teaches two main topics the first being about generating free online traffic and the second is about dropshipping.

What has dropshipping got to do with affiliate marketing? this is getting more confusing now!

Maybe it is a way of justifying the price.

Vertex Pro Level 5 $1000 plus an admin fee of $100 This level is all about how to use Facebook ads. There are additional marketing techniques that don’t have any real significance and they are pretty hard to find.

There has been another level added which starts at $2,000 plus the admin fee of $500 and it’s called Vertex Live Level 6, you supposedly make $2,000 per sale. At this level, you get training.

  • How to maximize click bank video
  • How to launch a product and SEO help videos
  • Dropshipping 101 video
  • Internet marketing for business people videos
  • A journey to being a top blogger video
  • The content marketing blueprint video
  • 10k blueprint video
  •  Digital marketing lifestyle video
  • Amazon affiliate profits videos

If you joined at the $500 level for example all of the lower levels would be included this is used as an incentive for you to spend more money.

The Main Problem With The Training

There is no clear indication as to what level they recommend you to join at.

All that is of real interest is that you join at any level so that they can get you to upgrade to one of the other levels to save money, this is completed with the many upsells.

Normally I would purchase the product and get a better look inside but with this program, there are no refunds not a great sign to get involved with it.


listed among the resources is the support that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They also say that there are other useful resources available.

I could not find out what these were because I didn’t pay to join the program.


To be very honest with you I have not been able to see the video training for myself. So I cannot comment on how good or not that it is.

Normally I would pay for the product and do a review based on actual experience of using it.

With this one there is no way I would part with any money because there have been so many red flags that have come to my attention before that point.

Compensation Plan And How You Get Paid

The easy1Up program practices the reverse one-up compensation plan. what exactly does that mean?

Every commission made comes to you with the exception of the second sale and that sale goes to your upline, ie the person who referred you to the program.

Every person who joins under you will have to give the second sale to you. This is done to encourage you to help your downline to make as many sales as possible.


This means you will personally make 100% in commission for every single sale that you make with the exception of the 2nd sale.

The sale money comes to you directly and doesn’t need to go through the company at all.

All of the admin fees go straight to the founder of the company called Peter. That is suspicious in itself.

Is There Anything Good About Easy1Up

Well to be perfectly frank I couldn’t find anything good about it.

I’m going to share with you some reasons why beginners would unwittingly join this offer:

#1 You receive 100% of the commissions, this is to entice people to join. The promotional material says you can get your money back with just 1 sale.

This concept works very well for money-hungry people and that is why these sorts of programs get away with it.

The greed factor always seems to win out.

#2 You get paid straight away, because there is no refund policy you are able to get paid immediately.

 sounds good but it’s not.

Any experienced person that has had anything to do with being in a legitimate online business will tell you that this is not a good business practice.

You are supposedly paying for some training videos that can be found by other means for free.

What Are The Problems With The System

  • This Is fundamentally a pyramid scheme according to the definition given by Wikipedia.

Pyramid schemes have been made illegal and this applies no matter where you live, it applies in all countries.

The reason it is called a pyramid scheme is that there are no actual products to purchase, no tangible services all you are really doing is getting people to join under you and taking the money they pay in.

Then that person does exactly the same thing and the process continues on.

This process just continues until no more people join it and then that’s the end of the scheme and you are left with a group of users that look like a pyramid.

Example picture below:


The only thing that stops easy1up from being totally illegal is the fact that you get a bit of training for your money.

You can watch a promotional video where the owner admits that the only way to earn is by recruitment.

The Program Doesn’t Give Much Information + It’s Full Of Sales Pitches

The training does provide you with a small amount of information.

That doesn’t mean this is not a scam.

Their only selling point is the training. The way to make money is recruitment which if you have no experience with marketing you will find to be nearly impossible.

Generally, with legit programs, you can go inside and see what you are getting for your money unfortunately with this you cannot do that.

What are they hiding?

The Program Is Not Sustainable

Pyramid schemes don’t tend to be sustainable. One of the big reasons is more people do research and learn about things before spending money.

As the size of the pyramid grows it becomes harder to recruit and then it stops altogether.

This particular system is highly unlikely to get to a stage where it has gotten thousands to join because of the lack of any substance.

There will come a point where the top joiners stop getting paid and then the pyramid will crumble.

Here is an interesting article you can take a look at called Pyramid scheme scams.


Check The Reviews on Google

Going through the top reviews about Easy1up on Google I couldn’t find hardly anything positive regarding the program.

As a normal course of action, you would expect to find some good reviews out of 10 searches. In this instance, there was only 1.

That one happens to come from the Easy1Up program itself.

The searches I checked were all from page 1 of Google and 9 negative reviews were from experienced marketers who know a thing or 2.


One thing the reviews all agreed on is that this program is a pyramid scheme.

Would you join a company with no independent positive reviews?

Final Straw No Free Trial And No Refunds

I have joined many things in my time working online and one thing they all had in common was either a refund policy or a free trial and in the majority of them, they had both!

Just because a system of this type doesn’t have either of those options does not in itself prove it to be a scam, however, it does make it highly suspicious. 

When things are hidden and not forthcoming it does tend to make you think that it could be a scam.

I refuse to join anything that doesn’t offer a free trial or have a refund policy!

My Final Thoughts And The Final Verdict

In my humble opinion, I believe that Easy1UP is a scam.

When writing reviews there is normally a pro’s and con’s section included but with this, there was no possible way to have that section.

Nothing good at all could be found.

Just promise me you won’t be tempted to join this program. It would not end well for you!

If you are looking for a legitimate online business that you own continue reading!

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7 thoughts on “Easy1Up Review Is This A Good Business For You?”

  1. You are right, Easy1Up definitely looks like a pyramid scheme. I never buy into anything where you can’t get a refund if you are not happy. I always like to test something out first, and this system obviously doesn’t let you. 

    $2000 seems pretty steep, even if you do get advanced training. I am sure you can get training in plenty of other platforms for a fraction of the price. People all over the internet are also selling great courses that one can purchase to learn about any or all aspects of internet marketing, so why such a high price tag?

    After reading that you battled to find out who the owner was, and this should be transparent straight away, I would also stay away from this program.

  2. Thanks for the great post.  It sounds like one of those pyramid schemes where you have to hope you don’t end up at the bottom.  I think its great you are actually doing the right thing, and trying to help people.  Just like in sales, if you are focusing on creating win-win situations, you are getting ahead.  Thanks again for a great post, now I know to stay away from this Easy1Up.

  3. Thank you for warning us about Easy1UP! There are a lot of programs that are kinda bad but still deliver a product or have some sort of training. However, Easy1UP is a complete scam. I was reading about how pyramid schemes came into existence with a guy called Carlos Ponzi. And this type of scam keeps on surging over and over again.

    • It can be difficult sometimes to know which is the right program as they can seem so convincing at times.

  4. Hi, I’m pleased to meet you. I have gone through the review of Easy1Up you provided, and I like how you outlined what it is all about and how it works. Even though there is no clear indication to what level they recommend you to join at, Easy1Up seems to be interesting and worth giving a try. This is very helpful, thank you so much for sharing.


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