The Freedom Era Review Is This A Legit MLM Or A Scam

Hello, my friend and a very warm welcome back. We are going to dive into an MLM company today called The Freedom Era.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the recruiting tactics used by affiliates of this company that have left a bad taste in peoples mouths.

The sales page is full of hyped-up selling tactics as well, promising things there is no way that can be achieved, all designed to part you from your cash.

The Freedom Era is a full-on Multi-Level Marketing Membership Platform that has a monthly membership fee of $99.00 + payment for a high ticket product which ranges from $4,000-$10,000.

Wow, that is a lot of money especially when I tell you what the product is! which I shall do in the very next section.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with The Freedom Era in any way. If you decide to buy it I will not be compensated financially or otherwise.

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let’s dive right in and find out more about this offer:

The Freedom Era Overview

Program Type: MLM Membership Site

Program Name: The freedom Era

Founders: There are 17 people in the team I will just name a few: KRISTIE X ORD, BALAZS W KARDOS, SARAH G PRICE, and CLINT X MORGAN.

Cost Of Purchase? $99 per month or $797 for the Year For The Membership, Then $4,000 – $10,000 For The Products themselves!!!

Is It Recommended? I don’t recommend this to beginners.

The freedom Era works mainly through attraction marketing. With a fake it until you make it method of getting others to join.

You basically put posts on Social Madia platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with captions about how you are living the high life and wait for people to ask how you are doing it!!

That may have worked many years ago but I can’t see it being much of an incentive today!

What you are really going to be selling is water filter machines and Tumeric supplements on auto-ship 3 times a year.

Inside you will go through a series of training to explain how to sell the Enagic water machine.

Plus you can get paid a 25% commission for referring others to join The Freedom Era.

if you don’t get anywhere with the attraction marketing models you can always opt for paid ads.

The biggest drawback for a program like this is the fact you have to personally purchase a machine yourself in order to sell them.

if you have prior experience with this kind of setup I’m sure it would work out for you.

No experience in selling and marketing, not the business model I would say to join.

My number 1 recommendation is free to join, has no expensive inventory and is ideal for beginners.

The Founders Of The Freedom Era

Before spending a dime check out the Founders!

Initially, when this concept first started there were 2 people behind it Clint X Morgan and Kristie X Ord they are husband and wife.

Before this program was called The Ripple Effect.

Clint Morgan has a linked In profile and a Youtube channel with 194 subscribers, 72 videos the last time he posted on there was 8 months ago.

The Freedom Era Clint Morgan

None of this really tells us much, in fact, it’s very difficult to find any information on him. He used to be big in network marketing, now he is one of the top sellers for the Enagic/Kangen water filters.

Kristie X Ord has a Facebook page and a Youtube channel with 119 subscribers she last posted a video on there 1 year ago.

freedom era Christie Ord

Kristie is also heavily involved in the MLM with the Enagic water machines and they live in Australia.

Now the Freedom Era Movement (which sounds like a cult name) has 15, other team members.

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How Does The Freedom Era Work?

The Freedom Era has a 4 step process initially:

1. Show how awesome your life is on Facebook etc.
2. get others to message you about how it’s possible to live this awesome life
3. Tell them you own your own online business and life live on my own terms, would you like to too as well?”
4. Sell them a water ionizer machine costing thousands and a $99 a month fee to join The Freedom Era.

Is this your dream job?

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The Freedom Era products

The  magic 7 steps of The Freedom Era training:

1. How to sell high ticket items like the water ionizer machines from Enagic.
2. Learn about content creation for social media, attraction marketing, FB & Instagram ads, and lead generation tactics
3. How to use funnels to help you to sell, email marketing, social media, chatbots.
4. Authentic personal brand people have to be able to trust you
5. 80% of success is all about luring you into the law of attraction
6. Mentorship & proximity 
7. A high vibe community to be involved with like a big family

The only training that is really worth anything here is the mindset stuff, which is very useful if you always look at the negative side of things.

This will help you to get and stay motivated. For some people, $99 for that would be money well spent!

The payment structure

To start off in tier 1 you will earn around $340 per sale of each machine, as you progress further into the 8 tier system, you can start earning up to $2,040 per machine that gets sold by you or a member that you have recruited.

The freedom era compensation plan
The Freedom Era Compensation Plan

A major downside to this is you sell a machine for $4,890 you receive $340 and the rest goes to your upline and that happens until you have sold 2 machines.

For 3-10 sales your commission is $680, the rest of the money to your upline.

11-20 sales you get $1,20 and the rest goes upstairs, this continues on and on.

For you to get a return on your original investment you would personally have to sell 10 machines.

Now can you understand why this is not for beginners?

The Freedom Era Alone Pricing

If you decide you don’t actually want to sell water machines that are very expensive and are not the best type around. Then you will pay either $99 a month or a yearly fee of $797.

+ the extras that are not explained to you:

  • An Email autoresponder some are free up to x amount of subscribers and then a monthly fee of around $15 a month
  • Funnel builders can cost anywhere from $25-$97 a month
  • You also need Tracking software a minimum of $25+ a month
  • Paying for ads is the biggest added cost and that can be from $100-$500 each month

Always remember on a monthly billing cycle to cancel before the due date.

Freedom Era Review Pros and Cons

The Pros Of Freedom Era

1. There is actually a money-back guarantee with this which is really surprising.Although it does have conditions that you have to meet.

2. Attraction marketing is a good free business model if done correctly.

3. The social media marketing training can be useful to help with other opportunities that may come along. It is useful knowledge to have.

The Cons Of Freedom Era

1. lots of countries do have not safe drinking water but there are far better machines around, for example, I have an osmosis water filter that cost 300 euros and it does 100 times better job than a machine from Enagic

2. Their machines are not worth the money you have to pay for them.

3. With this type of offer the business you are building does not belong to you, if it closes you lose everything. With my business, I actually own 2 things my domain name and my email list.

4. MLM’s are notoriously hard to make money with, the top tiers do well but anyone under those levels is pretty much doomed to fail.

5. You absolutely cannot sell anything else. It is the program, the water machine and the Tumeric and that’s it. You are forbidden from anything else!

In my research, I came across a forum on Reddit about this company it is well worth a read. There is an interesting discussion going on!

There have been many reports of ways this company tells you to recruit and fraud has been mentioned quite a few times.

Is The Freedom Era A Scam?

Technically because they do have a product that you can sell and it’s not only recruitment that makes it not a scam.

The way they operate leaves a lot to be desired in an ethical sense but some people are sucked in and end up failing as well as being thousands in debt.

Do I recommend This To My Readers?

If you have a marketing or selling background then it is possible to make money with this.

If you have not ever done anything online there is no way I would recommend this to you.

Even if this was the only business option around there is no way I would ever join it.

Just be careful of those that say this is easy money because I can tell you quite categorically there is nothing easy about this.

Selling overpriced water machines at 4k+ is not the ideal business for me I prefer to choose my own products to promote and I don’t have to buy them first.

A Better Alternative

Not having a lot of money to spend does not mean you cannot get started online.

I much prefer the business model that I use which is affiliate marketing this is where you can learn how to promote other people’s products and focus solely on driving traffic to other businesses.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best businesses around for beginners because you don’t need any skills, experience, or a lot of money to get started.

If you like helping people to get what they want then this is perfect for you because that is how it works and you get paid a passive income for the pleasure.

A passive income is one that comes when you are sleeping, having dinner with friends, or sitting on a beach on holiday.

You can get started for a trial period with Wealthy Affiliate. Which has been around for 16 years and has over 1.4 million members.

Thanks very much for your support to the end of this post.

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