Stefan James Products Review, Scam Or Trustworthy?

Hello and a very warm welcome back. Today we are going to look into Stefan James and the products that he creates and promotes.

If you visit Youtube on a regular basis you would probably have come across videos by Stefan James? he has been around for about 10 years now.

10 years online is a good chunk of time and Stefan has had a great deal of success in that time but, does that mean we can trust him and his products?

He has all of the social media accounts and he can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. That’s a plus as some reviews that I have written did not seem to have a founder at all.

*Disclaimer I am not associated or affiliated in any way with any products or services offered by Stefan James.

It’s great that you are here checking things out before parting with any cash. The chances are that you have been stung before like me and you don’t want that to happen again.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click through and make a purchase then I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

P.S. I only recommend products and services that I actively use.

Let’s dive in and find out more about Stefan James the man and the products that he produces:

About Stefan James?


Stefan James was a shy retiring lad who tended to stay in the shadows and the limelight was not for him.

As he got older he decided he wanted to change his life and at the age of 17 he took matters into his own hands and started learning about improving his social skills.

Many people agree including me that the mind is a very powerful tool and it can be formed in any way we desire it to be.

Stefan became a life and business coach and an entrepreneur back in 2011 and by 2012 he was making significant amounts of money.

Stefan James Courses


The main course is called Project Life Mastery and inside that, there are 4 core steps that cover:

Step #1 Commit To Mastery, teaches you how to master different areas of your life.

Step #2 Start An Online Business is a free training that will cover How to start a side hustle, 7 proven business models and Growth strategies for beginners.

Step #3 Create A Morning Ritual you will receive a 21-day morning ritual cheat sheet

Step #4 Invest In Yourself step 4 is all about investing in yourself and joining some of his courses (basically an upsell funnel)

11 Other courses available on the website:

Not all of the courses belong to Stefan.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery: is a whopping $997 or 3 payments of $397 For lessons on how to become an Affiliate Marketer.

Amazon Book Publishing

  • Mastering Book Publishing: $147 How to write and publish your own ebooks.
  • Mastering Book Marketing: $997/year or $97/month Expensive Is a membership program as opposed to being a course.
  • The 24 Hour Book System: $27

Amazon FBA

  • Amazing Selling Machine (not one of his courses): $4,997 or 6 payments of $997 Extremely expensive Founders: Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark.
  • Marketplace Superheroes (not one of his courses): $997

Online Business

  • Online Business Mastery Accelerator: $497/year or $47/month Lessons on social media marketing, amazon publishing, and outsourcing.
  • Online Business Mastery Mastermind: You need to apply for this course ( Personalized coaching)
  • Knowledge Broker Blueprint (not one of his courses): $2,000 Expensive Strategies from Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Russel Brunson, and Jenner Kutcher. 


  • Life Mastery Accelerator: $297/year or $29/month Teaches you all of the steps contained in the Life Mastery Pyramid image above.
  • Morning Ritual Mastery: $37 Helps you to build and create a morning routine to start the day off right.

The morning routine is something that most successful business owners have, having said that they just do what is right for them.

Stefan James Net Worth

Stefan makes the majority of his money from the courses named above, he has a massive Youtube following that hangs on his every word.

He is said to be worth around $8 million Canadian dollars. He became a millionaire in his twenty’s and is still around today.

Is Stefan James Legit or A Scammer?

In my opinion, he is not a scammer! However, he has been allegedly linked to some dodgy business practices.

There were a set of videos by Coffeezilla that are now no longer available and in them, it’s alleged that Stefan was involved with the catfishing escapade.

Say Lisa what’s this catfishing thing all about?

This is where somebody publishes an ebook under a pen name (ghostwriter) and then says the book was written by somebody who is an expert on that subject to make it into a number 1 best seller.

For instance, I could write an ebook about how to make money online and then claim it was written by a person with a proven history and therefore qualified to give good advice that is worth paying a few dollars for.

This practice is not illegal but it is definitely not ethical in my opinion.

You can learn more about the process from an article in the Washington Post.

There are rumours that Stefan James currently has a course on the process among his collection.

Don’t get me wrong here he is by no means the only entrepreneur who has carried out this action and there are some that still do. But this post is not about them!


Would I Purchase A Stefan James Course?

As I said back at the beginning I have seen Stefan James around on the internet for many years and I have also watched lots of his Youtube videos.

His style of teaching and the subjects are all great and I have learned a lot from them. Especially when focused on self-help.

Yet I have never purchased one of his courses. I have been involved online for 6 years now but his courses just didn’t resonate with me.

That excited purchasing feeling just didn’t materialize with his courses.

I write reviews on products and services that are offered in many different sectors and I also carry out research on programs that I may wish to join.

There are so many reviews these days on any given subject, I have read a few on the Affiliate Mastery Course and although they are not that bad they are also not that good either.

The general consensus of opinion is that the courses lack real substance and would not take you much beyond a beginners phase, leaving you needing to learn more.

He does have a lot of knowledge but for me, I feel he should stick to just 1 core subject and teach how to master that from zero to making money.


  • Stefan James is a real person who has been around for 10 years and you can find a ton of information about him.
  • Because he has made money his courses are pretty professionally put together.


  • The courses are really expensive and I don’t believe you get value for money with them.
  • A lot of the teaching can be found for free on Youtube
  • He covers far too many different business topics to be a master of them all.

My Final Thoughts

One course that Stefan teaches is about a subject that I am in total agreement with him about, That’s Affiliate Marketing.

There is no way I would pay $997 to join Stefan’s course when I know for a fact I can get better value elsewhere.

Affiliate Marketing is a simple business model to get into, But it does take a lot of work for the first 6 months or so.

It’s not a quick way to make money online but it is very lucrative if you stick with it.

How I Work Full-Time Online

As you have probably already deduced I work In Affiliate Marketing. There are many reasons for this:

  • You can start for free (with my #1 recommended program) If you want to be successful with your business you would be advised to upgrade to the premium membership.
  • There are no expensive tools or software to pay for
  • You can work on this a couple of hours a day in your spare time
  • You don’t need to make your own products
  • You will learn  all about SEO which is the organic and sustainable way of driving traffic to your site
  • No need to recruit others
  • You don’t need to be concerned with customer support
  • No Skills needed
  • You can still earn from whatever you are writing today for many years to come, a truly passive income
  • No need to pay out for ads unlike with dropshipping for example

After starting with this training program and learning all I needed to know for a fraction of the money that other courses are charging I quit my dreaded day job at the 10-month mark.

Affiliate Marketing is a simple business model that just takes a lot of work to get started in the beginning. 

Stick with it and you could be like the Super Affiliates that I work alongside who are earning 5K 10K and up to 50K a month.


This is not for you if you don’t want to work!

If you love writing and helping others then this is definitely for you!

Thank you very much for supporting me to the finish line of this post.

Have a burning question then leave it in the box below, I will be happy to be of assistance to you.

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10 thoughts on “Stefan James Products Review, Scam Or Trustworthy?”

  1. This was a great read, Lisa. I have heard of Stefan James and wondered about his courses. I get the impression that although they aren’t a scam there isn’t enough value for the asking price. I still think people need more than just information to build a successful online business. They need a community with successful people to ask questions as they grow and develop.

    Great review thanks.

    • I agree that the courses he provides do not give value for money they are way overpriced! We definitely need training and a community of like-minded people that have gone through the process to take us forward as our coaches. And that is exactly what you get with my number one recommended program!

  2. Good or not, I would not advise anyone to pay those prices for training.  To shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for something you don’t even know will be a fit for you is over the top.  You didn’t mention a money-back guarantee but even if there is one, they usually need to be redeemed in 30 or 60 days.  That is not enough time to know if the program even will be successful.  As you pointed out, it takes work.  An online business is like any other business and has to be built up over time to be successful.  I will, however, back you up on your #1 recommendation.  If anyone is interested in starting something online, start there!   

    • Hello Cynthia,

      I totally agree with your sentiments there are lots of opportunities around that don’t cost anywhere near what Stefan James is charging.

      They have been proven to work and have tons of favourable reviews going back for years.

      Everyone should do a review check before purchasing any kind of program online.

      Many thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

      Have a great week,


  3. Thanks so much for sharing a great review on Stefan James Products, as you mention on your article is not hard to see him on the internet talking about his products, as I’m currently working on my own website, I like to watch some videos about how to build up a website and I’ve watched some of his videos on YouTube, but I always look for more information before I make any purchase, I’m sure your article will help many to know more about him and his products. 

    • Hi Alejandra,

      As you have said Stefan James can be found online in lots of places and he has a lot of videos. His courses are pretty good. My only problem is they are really expensive and I think there are pieces of training out there that are better valued for money like Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Good Morning!

    Thank you for this unbias review. I really appreciate you staying as neutral as possible throughout your review. I can understand how hard it must be when you do not totally believe in a program to try and keep it neutral and upfront. I think you did a bang up job. 

    I find a lot of programs these days start with a free or inexpensive book or course, then suddenly you’re being slapped with a $500 training program, or $400 series of books to help you “get rich quick” its hard to trust people anymore. 

    I took a look at your #1 recommended program and yes, no hidden fees or add ons. Totally free to start and even easier to follow along. There are no catches or moments when you cants get any further without breaking the bank. These are the programs you want to look for out there.

    Thanks again!


    • Hi Brooke,

      Thanks very much for reading and leaving a comment.

      Finding offers to trust can be an uphill battle especially for people with no experience and that is what hyped-up sales pages rely on.

      This offer does work for certain people but not all.

      My recommended program has been around for 16 years and is still teaching newcomers for free every day of the week.

      Yes, you can upgrade if you wish but you don’t have to and you can still earn from it.

      Have a great week.


  5. Hi, I do agree that we are drawn to listening to people with proven success and sometimes it resonates with some people and sometimes is not as impactful as needed. Although I have never tried out his products, any mentorship that has a high price tag on it is off-putting. Because when it comes down to it, you can get all the advice you want, but it’s all about the action that you put into it, especially with business. There are so many avenues where if someone is giving you advice based on their experience, it may not match the avenue of business or advice you need to move forward successfully. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this expensive mentorship.

  6. Hey Dana,
    As you have said just because 1 person has success doesn’t mean the next one will. There are many factors involved and the main one is people’s work ethic. High ticket mentorship does not guarantee it will work!
    Thanks for stopping by, Have a great week.


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