Sinry Academy Review E-Commerce Training Will It Make Money

Hello, and a very warm welcome back. This is going to be a review of Sinry Academy which is an E-Commerce training with a difference!

The program founders are Sina Sinry and TJ Tanler they report that they are both 6 figure earners. Will that turn out to be the truth?

There is a video regarding this program and it states that they made over 1 million dollars in less than a year with 2 e-commerce stores.

At this point, there is no reason to not believe that claim. However, will everyone else be able to follow in their footsteps and duplicate the process?

I congratulate you for carrying out an independent review before parting with your money.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with Sinry Academy. If you buy it I will not get paid a commission at all.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Once you have finished this review you will know whether it is worth spending your hard-earned money or not!

Let’s dive right in:

Sinry Academy Review Overview

Product Name: Sinry Academy

Product Type: E-Commerce Training Course

Founders: Sina Sinry & TJ Tanler

The Price: The cost is normally $899. At the moment there is a special Christmas Offer of $240

Recommended: Yes and No.

The main difference with Sinry Academy is they sell digital products in their e-commerce store as opposed to physical products.

That makes this business better because there is no stock to keep, no postage and packaging and no returns to deal with.

Another difference is they help you to choose a specific product and most courses keep that information to themselves.

This business can be run in 2 ways either using search engine optimization (free method) or by paying large sums of money on ads.

Facebook is the ad method that is taught here.

Ads are not all you will need to spend money on there is also the cost of a website, domain, and also sales funnel builder.

All of this can add up every month especially if you are not making a profit!

There is a much more cost-effective way of building an online business that does not need any ad spend.

Sinry Academy Review

About The Founders Of Sinry Academy

The founders of Sinry are Sinra Sinry & TJ Tanler. I believe that before you spend money you should find out about the person or people behind it.

Luckily I have done the research for you!

Sina Sinry Has a Youtube channel with 3.75k subscribers and 8 videos the first of which was uploaded 2 months ago.

Sinry Academy_Sina Sinry

He also has a Facebook page with a couple of posts on it and 112 followers.

Sina is 30 years old and was born in Iran. When he was 17 he moved to Malaysia to do a degree in electrical engineering after 2 years he gave it up.

Then he switched his major to International Business which he completed.

Moving back to Iran he set up an import-export business which was a success and then he moved online in 2019 doing dropshipping.

Then he moved to Turkey and expanded his e-commerce business. After 18 months he had hit 1 million dollars.

TJ Tanler. I cannot find any information about him.

This is an image of him from a youtube video:

Sinry Academy_TJ Tanler

He doesn’t appear to have any social media channels.

If you go on to their website which is you will see the registered office address is:

Sinry Academy_ Office address

I did a Google search for this address and this is what I found:

Sinry Academy_ Office for rent

That office address is for rent! I read through the description to see if there was a mistake and maybe it had more than 1 office but that is not the case!

How Does Sinry Academy Work?

The course itself is set all in video form and these vids will take you through the process step by step of getting started, launching and scaling your e-commerce business.

Although Sina started off in dropshipping this is not a dropshipping course.

As mentioned above they will share with you which digital products to promote unlike other courses of this type.

There is another part of the program called The Inner Circle which has a higher price tag. 

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What You Will Learn From Sinry Academy

There are 7 Modules inside Sinry Academy and these cover Mindset, Product Selection, Funnels and Website Creation, Marketing Content, Email Marketing, SEO and Facebook ads, Growing Your Business, and Some Advanced Tools.

Let’s look at these in a bit more detail.

Module 0 Is Called Mindset

Mindset is something that many courses cover because working on your own online business brings many stresses that need addressing.

Having a daily routine planned out.

Using the law of attraction.

Preparing your mind to run a 6 figure e-commerce business.

Module 1 Is The Product Selection

Choosing the right digital product

Learning the difference between digital and physical products.

The reason digital products sell better is that you make them once and sell them over and over again.

Find out what the product is that gave them their success.

Module 2 Website and Funnel Creation

Setting up your business.

Now it’s time to choose a platform for your website, most people use WordPress.

How to do branding and customer Psychology.

Upsells and pricing explained.

Module 3 Content Marketing

How to create content to make sales.

Learn how social media marketing works.

How to create the right images and videos.

The tools you can use to help your customers to become buyers.

Module 4 Is All About Email Marketing

How To Automate Your Business

How To Collect Emails.

Choosing The Best Email Marketing App.

Learn About Abandon Checkout Recovery.

How To Write emails that generate sales.

Module 5 Organic SEO And Facebook Ads

Google SEO Strategies And Blogs.

How To Create and Run Instagram and Facebook Ads.

Laser Targeting Ads and Sharing Our Ad Strategy With You.

Module 6 Expanding and Growing Your Business

How To Grow Your Business To 6 Figures

Registering your company as an LLC.

Adding Staff and Business Management Training.

How To Add New Products and Creating More Streams Of Income.

Module 7 Advanced Tools Training

Professional Solutions and Tips.

Getting Your Payment Gateway approved.

Steps To Take To Stop Your Facebook Account From Being Banned.

Alternative Methods For E-commerce Veterans.

There are also 6 Bonuses: (You only get these when you have paid the entry fee)

Create and sell NFT’s, Earn 10k a month through affiliate marketing, 1 on 1 phone calls, 5 best websites for conversions, Discussion group, Daily Planner.

Sinry Academy Review The Pros and Cons

The Pros Of Sinry Academy

  • If you can get this for $240 as opposed to $899 then that is a good price because there is a fair amount of training to go through. Most courses like this start at 3 figures or more.
  • Selling digital products can be a lot more lucrative than doing dropshipping or fulfilled by Amazon. This way there is no storage, sourcing, packaging. No headaches with returns either.

The Cons Of Sinry Academy

  • In my opinion, based on years of working online I would say this is not a good business for total beginners to get started with. 
  • Ads cost a lot of money to run and that soon mounts up to hundreds of dollars every month. There is no guarantee that the ads will produce any return on investment.
  • Even though the cost of the upsell for this program is not mentioned you can pretty much say that it will be a lot more than the cost of the course.
  • There is a refund policy in place BUT, only if the goods are faulty! So, in other words, you cannot get your money back!
  • Why do they say the office address on their website? Especially when it is not their office! Is it just an oversite or something else?

Is Sinry Academy A Scam?

In my opinion, I don’t believe Sinry is a scam. If you do run ads for the offers portrayed in the training then it would be possible to make money with this.

You could even make money through SEO but that would take longer.

Obviously, you would need the necessary money to get started and that could inhibit a lot of people.

On the website, it shows you how much their students have supposedly earned. Here is a screenshot:

Sinry Academy Review_Student Earnings

So they say within 12 weeks you could be making between 4k and 9k. And by 24 weeks that could be up to 30K.

Upon reading the terms and conditions you will soon see that these are not typical results and you could be very disappointed when these figures are not realised.

Another thing is they don’t tell you how much the ad spend was or how much of this money is profit!

I cannot personally see those figures being achieved by the majority of people who purchase this course.

A Better Way Of Making Money Online

If you have the available money to run ads and Digital Marketing is your passion then The Sinry Academy could very well work for you.

There are many ways to make money online that don’t need ads. One of the easiest to get started ways is by selling and promoting other peoples items.

This is known as affiliate marketing.

The main benefits are you don’t need any skills, no physical items, no storage fees, and no software necessary.

Get started today and upgrade for less than a Starbucks cost every day.

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