30 Day Plan To Launch An Online Marketing Business Today

Hello and a very warm welcome back my friend. This is going to be a post that covers a 30-day plan to Launch an online marketing business from the start.

This may sound like a huge task but in reality, it isn’t!

You can follow this guide to get it done and it will also teach you to become persistent and consistent which are valuable lessons going forward.

Here is what we need to be able to focus on to complete the tasks and fulfil the challenge.

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Start With Yourself

  1. You need to focus on your mindset every day of the week to get to your milestones.
  2. Building your skills every day, Learning is essential.
  3. Take part in training and completing tasks on what you have learned.
  4. Build a vision board of how you see your business developing over the next 3, 6, 9, 12 months

How To Obtain Traffic?

1. How Am I Going To Advertise My Business, Free or Paid methods?

2. If Free Methods Which Platforms To Use?

3. What amounts of traffic am I going to try and get for the next month, 2 months, 3 months etc.

How To Follow Up With The Received Traffic?

1. Which methods of follow up are you going to do? Social media, email, etc.

2. How many hours and days of the week are you going to dedicate to this activity?

3. Is there a method that you can use to keep a track of these activities? Spreadsheet, Google Doc, Planner, Calendar, etc.

Social Media Platforms To Use

1. Twitter, Plan content for the next 30 days. How to do that? Use Canva and an auto poster. How long will that take and what days will you do this on?

2. Pinterest, Make pins using Canva or Tailwind create. Will, you manual or schedule a pin?  Work out how many pins you want to post for 30 days and to which boards?

Choose a day or days to get this done every month.

3. Facebook, Make different types of posts for Facebook, some blogs or Youtube videos, lifestyle posts, value posts, and any results you have obtained.

4. YouTube Or TikTok, Before making the video research keywords for at least 20-30 posts. How many videos can you fit in over 7 days?

Batch make videos to save time so that you can post consistently for 30 days. (most people just change their top)

5. Linked In, Share blog posts or videos every time a new one is available. Takes a few seconds for each one. 

Time Blocking Consistency

1. Make a decision on how many days of the week you are going to consistently work on your business? 3, 5, 7.

2. Try to work out a schedule of quiet time with the other members of your household. If you live alone no need to arrange anything!

3. Get into your mind which hours you will be working on your chosen days so that your business grows at a steady rate.

30 Day Plan To Launch An Online Business

Make Yourself Accountable For 30 Days

1. Have a morning routine for 30 days.

2. Read for 20-30 minutes every day.

3. Do business training through Wealthy Affiliate at least 2 times a week

4. Add new people on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter 20 a day from each platform.

5. Post on Social media every day, quotes, value, and a blog post or video.

6. Reach out to any leads and follow up with them.

7. Email your list regularly each week.

8. Write down what you are grateful for every day in a diary or journal

Weekly Goal Delivery

1. Increase learning on SEO for free traffic delivery.

2. Run paid ads on Bing, or social media platforms.

3. Check and stay on track of your weekly goals on whichever medium you chose above.

4. Follow up with any new followers and leads that you have received.

5. After writing your email broadcasts then make sure to schedule them all to be sent a few times a week.

Monthly Tasks To Stay On Track

1. Find an accountability partner to help you to stay on track and to motivate you.

2. Work on the set days of the week religiously and do more if you can.

3. If you have just started a blog work out how and when you are going to launch it. (choose a date and stick to it)

4. How are you going to launch either TikTok or YouTube to the world and at which point. (choose the date and make it happen)

5. Now everything has been launched which traffic methods am I going to put into play?

My Final Thoughts

When you layout a business plan it is not set in stone and quite often you will deviate from it.

My best advice after the launch is to stick with the plan for at least 6 months to gain some authority and to start getting traffic from the search engines through SEO.

If you go the paid traffic route always remember the traffic stops as soon as you stop paying which is why it is recommended to learn SEO.

Doing a 30-day challenge helps to get you into the habit of different tasks on your workdays.

Planning is an integral part of running a business whether it is offline or on.

Don’t try all of these social media strategies straight away otherwise, you will become overwhelmed!

Buy yourself a paper calendar that has enough space each day to record your tasks and keep it near your computer for easy reference.

Keep up with your vision board as the months pass by.

celebrate your milestones as they come.

Have I left anything out? Let me know in the comments!

Have a great day.

Lisa. Founder and CEO of mistakesbloggersmake.com 

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