Kindle Cash Flow Review Ty Cohen Will It Make Money

Hello, and a very warm welcome back my friend. Kindle Cash Flow is a training course from Ty Cohen where he is going to teach you how to publish ebooks on Amazon.

There are many training courses that teach this business model but do they cost $697 or more?

Anik Singal is the co-creator will that make this course better?

If you have come here to find out whether this program works or not then you are in the right place to have your questions answered.

Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with Kindle Cash Flow if you buy it I will not get paid.

Having reviewed hundreds of programs like this I will be able to tell you if it is a scam or a money maker.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Let’s dive right in:


Kindle Cash Flow Overview

Program Type: Publishing EBooks On Amazon

Program Name: Kindle Cash Flow

Creators: Ty Cohen and Anik Singal

Cost Of Purchase? $697 one time fee or 3 payments of $277

Is It Recommended? Yes and No.

Courses like this one show you how to publish ebooks on Amazon and they make it seem like a few minutes job and it does take a lot longer than that.

There is an awful lot of competition in this business niche which makes it difficult to make money.

$697 is a big amount of money for something that may not work.

I wouldn’t buy it on an if but or maybe!

A Much better Way is to build your own business where you can receive a passive income from working in your spare time.

About The Creators

When making any purchase always check out the creators. In this case, they are Ty Cohen and Anik Singal.

Ty Cohen is at the forefront of the program and he can be found on Youtube his channel has over 14,000 subscribers.


He is one of those people that like to flaunt his wealth and that is not something I’m too fond of.

When he is talking in his videos he tells you that you can make thousands of dollars with his course and maybe that is possible in a few years.

But not straight away! 

Maybe his money comes from being a speaker and a development coach.

He loves nothing more than to show you his house, his flash cars and wads of money. To help to sell you into the idea.

There are some videos on self-publishing on Amazon but not nearly enough. His other videos are about motivation. Some of the videos do have a little bit of value to them.

Anik Singal is the co-creator of Kindle Cash Flow but he mainly stays in the background.

Kindle Cash Flow Review Anik Singal

Anik is the founder of Lurn and that is where most people have heard of him. He has made a lot of courses about making money online.

I first came across him through his email course called Inbox Blueprint which was a big price tag and not worth it in my opinion.

He is another person who likes to brag about how many millions he has made online.

Youtube is a place where you can find Anik, he has 113,000 subscribers and some of his videos are worth watching.

Guru’s like these only speak about money to get you to part with your cash, that is a low tactic. 

What they should be saying is everything takes hard work!

How Does Kindle Cash Flow Work?

This course is going to teach you how to publish books on Amazon Kindle and make money. 

It is said to be a business that can help you to earn a passive income eventually.

The course has lots of modules that cover everything step-by-step. 

You will be writing and publishing your own ebooks. You will see how to set up an account, choose a niche to write about, and convert your books into selling machines.

The main problem with this course is you have to write books over and over again. Doing that is not for everyone.

The course has 90+ modules. $697

  1. Basic guides to Amazon Kindle to get you started
  2. Choosing a niche and how to start writing your book
  3. How to attract the right type of customers to buy your book
  4. How to outsource some tasks to virtual assistants that you hire
  5. How to scale your business to the next level
  6. How to maximise the content you have created

If you buy the course, there is also a private members area where you can contact other students. You can ask questions when required.

You can also buy separately:

The Authors Inner Circle Exclusive Community (costs $67 Per Month)

  • Module 1  Direct access to personal coaching sessions
  • Module 2  Access The tools that Cohen and his team use
  • Module 3  How to obtain multiple streams of income
  • Module 4  Training On Customer Targeting And Conversions
  • Module 5  Paid Advertising And Following Up
  • Module 6  How To Do Effective And Timely Content Creation
  • Module 7 Getting Victory Testimonials

The Black Box Club Exclusive Community (costs $47 Per Month) 

  • How To Create A Book Using The Fastest Way
  • New tools to use for creating and marketing a book
  • The hottest niches for Kindle Books
  • How to create an eye-catching book cover
  • How to create a sales funnel that attracts attention
  • How to send emails that people want to open and engage with
  • How to get free organic traffic from Google
  • How to price your books.

There are also 17 bonuses.

The bonuses cover subjects like marketing your book, paying to advertise, increasing book sales, outsourcing tips, funnels, and Facebook tips.

The Publishing Template Set (costs $97 one time fee) 

Templates are a good time saver.

  • Module 1 The Author bio page templates
  • Module 2 The Book cover templates
  • Module 3 The Book info page templates
  • Module 4 The Book outline worksheets
  • Module 5  Idea & brainstorming sheets
  • Module 6 10 kindle formatting templates
  • Module 7 The List magnet email templates

 The Romance Reader Profits ( costs $97)

Only for people who want to write for the Romance niche

  • Module 1 The Romance novel formula 
  • Module 2 Creating your publishing accounts
  • Module 3 The Secrets to success in the romance niche
  • Module 4  How to attract the right readers
  • Module 5  How to publish your romance ebook
  • Module 6  How to launch your ebook

How Much The Course Costs

This training course is priced at a one-time fee of $697 or 3 monthly payments of $277 which totals $831.

If you are going to buy this try getting it at a one-time fee to save money!

There are better courses to choose from like KDP

The likely hood of success with this is very slim.

Kindle Cash Flow Review pros and cons

The Pros Of Kindle Cash Flow

1. This course comes with a money-back guarantee of 60 days. That is pretty decent.

2. The creator has made money with this business.

3. Training is quite in-depth.

The Cons Of Kindle Cash Flow

1. The course costs a lot of money and is not worth that price.

2. Youtube has a lot of this information for free.

3. Not easy to make money with and takes a long time to achieve

4. A ton of competition to go up against as a beginner.

5. added costs: paying for advertising.

Is Kindle Cash Flow A Scam

I would not say that this is a scam.

You will receive all of the above training which is what you are paying for.

As to whether you will be among the 5% of people that earn anything from this business model that is a totally different matter!

There are a lot of not very flattering comments about Kindle Cash Flow:

The training is not up to date with Amazon’s current pay structure.

People don’t believe that Cohen makes as much money with this as he claims to.

Lots of people didn’t make a profit.

No verified student success stories.

people who bought the course all got the same templates so nothing was unique which means their books didn’t stand out.

Do I Recommend Kindle Cash Flow To My Readers? No.

I would not purchase this course for all of the reasons listed throughout this review.+ I believe Cohen makes his money from selling courses and not writing ebooks.

There is a better way to make a passive income online and be able to give up work!

A Better Alternative

If you want to build your own online business one of the simplest ways is through affiliate marketing.

It doesn’t cost very much to get started and there is no need for paid advertising to be used.

One of the super affiliates I work with made over $7,000 in one week aged only 21.

Kindle Cash Flow Review, Ty Cohen_jerryhuang

This platform is very powerful and teaches up to date methods of making money online.

There are many ways to start an affiliate marketing business based solely on free traffic generation.

One of those ways is by starting a blog like this one where you share your knowledge and passion about a specific subject. 

This is called a niche and it could be anything you want to write about!

All you have to do is choose a subject, create a website, get free traffic by posting blog posts on your site, and share affiliate links with your visitors to earn commissions.

you can also create a Youtube channel and make videos all day.

This is how I have gone from working a job to doing affiliate marketing full-time and I want to show you how you too can do the same!

All of the tools you need can be found inside Wealthy Affiliate, It has been around teaching entrepreneurs for more than 16 years.

There are over 1.5 million entrepreneurs inside who have taken the decision to work online and there are a ton of success stories that you can access.

Take the limited trial and then upgrade to premium or premium+ if you are serious about starting a real business of your own!

I will see you on the inside to welcome you and help you to get started! 🙂

Lisa. Founder and CEO Of

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