How To Increase The Flesch Kincaid Readability Score

Hello, and a very warm welcome back. Today I’m Covering How To Increase The Flesch Kincaid Readability Score.

Are you looking to increase the Flesch Kincaid Readability Score to get better SEO rankings? 

Although it is not likely to be a ranking factor for your website, the readability of your content is essential for SEO and website visitors.

This post will show you how to increase your WordPress readability score

We will also discuss what readability means and why it is vital to have one.

What Is Readability? And Why Is It Important?

The term readability describes how easy it’s to understand and read your website content. 

You can measure it using metrics such as word choice, sentence length, or syllable counts.

Your target audience will understand your message better if you simplify it. 

This encourages readers to keep reading, which in turn increases your website’s engagement.

Explicit, readable content can also improve your website’s SEO and ranking. 

Clear and readable content can reduce bounce rates, allowing you to persuade users to spend more time on your website and do the things you want, such as buying a product or signing up for your mailing list.

How To Increase The Flesch Kincaid Readability Score

How The Readability Score works

Everybody has their style and vocabulary. How can you determine if your content reads well? 

A readability score is a helpful tool.

The readability score is a way to keep track of errors and readability problems in your writing. 

Analyzing the score will help you determine how easy or difficult it is to read your content.

You can analyze your content’s readability score using a variety of online tools. 

You can quickly assess the readability of your content by installing a WordPress SEO plugin such as All in One SEO (AIO SEO).

For a high readability score, there are some criteria you must meet, such as shorter sentences and smaller paragraphs, the use of headings, and other requirements.

You can change your score and fix any issues once you have them.

8 Ways To Increase Your WordPress Readability Score

There are many things you should consider when writing content for the web. Here are some of these factors:

1. Use Transitional Words

These words and phrases can help you move your content from one idea to the next. 

Transitional words include ‘however,’ ‘therefore,’ ‘besides that,’ and ‘on the other hand’.

2. Use Headings to Organize Your Content

Make sure your subheadings describe what your subject matter is. Search engines will find your content easier if you use subheading tags such as H2 or H3.

3. Keep Your Sentences Concise and Easy to Understand

Online readers are more attentive and tend to read only the first few lines before moving on. 

To improve your readability, keep your sentences concise.

Optimize your sentences by using fewer words where possible.

4. Write Shorter Paragraphs

Boring paragraphs can be distracting and make it difficult to read. 

Keep your paragraphs brief and easy to read.

5. Avoid Using Complex Words

Different readers may have other vocabulary skills. Readers will abandon difficult to comprehend content if you use complex words.

Remember to write in simple words that clearly explain your message. 

To make it easier for readers to comprehend your content, simplify it.

6. Add Images and Videos

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Add videos and images to your website.

7. You Should Check the Use of Passive Voice

Many writers write in passive voice. 

However, sentences written in active voice are more precise and easier to understand. You should only use passive voice 15% of the time.

8. Make Your Content Conversational

You must ensure that your content is correct in grammar and interactive. 

You can use a conversational tone to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged.

Flesch Reading Test

Flesch’s Reading Ease Test is an effective tool for writers who want to assess the readability of their content. 

Readers will find your content easier to understand if the score falls between 60 and 100.

How To Improve The Flesch Kincaid Readability Score

You don’t have to bother about checking every factor of your content. 

Increase your readability score with the AIO SEO, Yoast SEO, or Rank Math SEO plugin

Each of them is a WordPress SEO plugin with tons of features and tools to optimize your website content. 

It only takes a few clicks. 

It will help you improve your website’s SEO and make it rank highly on Google.

AIOSEO’s TruSEO tool allows you to edit and add keywords, as well as see your readability score. 

It analyzes your entire content and gives you a score up to 100.

AIO SEO as well as any of the other two plugins will give you a score once you have added your content. 

It is based on the factors I have already mentioned. 

You don’t have to spend your time reviewing all of your content features.

You’ll get tips and tricks to increase your WordPress readability score in the post editor.

Let’s now use AIO SEO to increase the readability score by following three simple steps.

Step 1: Install the All-in-One SEO (AIO SEO) Plugin

Let’s start with the basics. First, install the AIO SEO plugin to your WordPress site using the setup wizard to perform the readability test.

How To Improve Your Flesch Kincaid Readability Score_all in one seo setup wizard

Sign up for an AIO SEO Account to access your plugin file, license key, and other information on the Downloads tab.

The next step is to upload the file to your WordPress dashboard and then install the plugin. 

To activate the plugin, enter your license code in the Settings tab.

Step 2: Add Your Content

Once you have activated AIO SEO on the site, you can immediately start editing your content.

AIO SEO reviews all WordPress pages and posts. 

You can modify your content and add new content as many times as you wish. 

Click on Add New to add content.

Add your content to the text editor, and you will instantly see your AIO SEO readability score.

Go to the AIO SEO section of the page editor. 

Look for hints and issues.

Step 3: Analyze the Readability Score and Improve It

You will find several suggestions for correcting your content in the AIO SEO section. 

A green checkmark will be placed in your content that meets a specific readability factor.

You’ll notice a red cross and pointers if your content has any readability problems. 

The cross icon will become a green checkmark as you fix the issues.

These are the main factors that will determine your readability score.

  • Subheading distribution
  • Paragraph length
  • Images/Videos in content
  • Passive voice
  • Sentence length
  • Consecutive sentences
  • Transition words


Your SEO plugin analyzes all the factors in your content to give you a score. 

This helps you keep track of your content’s readability as you write and edit.

You can also add your focus keyword to the SEO section and optimize your content for higher rankings. 

It offers suggestions to improve the SEO strategy for your content. 

This includes optimizing headings, title, Meta description, URL, and other aspects.

After editing your content for SEO and readability, you can get a score at the top of your page or in your post editor.

You can quickly improve your WordPress readability score using the Yoast, Rank Math, and AIO SEO readability list suggestions.

Your SEO plugin allows you to quickly assess your SEO and readability on the same page as you edit your content. 

It provides helpful suggestions to improve and optimize your writing to rank higher.

If you have found this to be of value please share it to help others.

Lisa. Founder and CEO of

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    • Thanks very much, Jeanine.
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      I have a couple of posts that are 100
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    • Hi Kassie,
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