Instant Guru Review Can A Done For You System Make Money

Hello, and a very warm welcome back. I’m happy you have decided to stop by this Instant Guru Review as it is the right place to find out how it works.

Does anyone really believe that any business is instant seriously!

Out of all of the programs that I have reviewed the only ones that truly worked were ones that said you cannot get rich overnight you have to really work.

This instant guru program rips off work from others and tells you that it is okay to do that!

I’m certain that you don’t think that is right now, do you?

Disclaimer: I am not associated or affiliated with Instant Guru or any other offer from Dan Green. If you buy it I will not be compensated in any way.

Let’s dive in and find out how much it costs, how it works, and if it is worth our time and money?

Instant Guru Review Overview

Product Type:  Website Creation Software

Product Name:  Instant Guru

Creator:  Dan Green

Cost Of Purchase:  $19.90 plus 6 upsells

Is It Recommended? No.

Why does low rated software for sale in places like Warrior + have 6 upsells?

Answer because they don’t work in the way intended!

The sales page says You get  “Done For You Original Content”

But what you are really doing is putting in an XML RSS feed of other peoples blogs and sites and taking their content!

(stealing it in reality)

There is no way I am going to recommend a program that steals other peoples work!

If you want a real website built look at my Top Recommendation.

About The Creator Dan Green

As a rule of thumb, I always recommend that you carry out a search on the creator of any program before buying it.

I googled Dan Green because I have never heard of him until now. That is a little strange after writing over 200 program/product reviews!

He owns a company called Byte Marketer and has a Facebook page that has 485 followers and a Youtube channel under that name that has 13 videos and 1 subscriber.

All of the videos have 1 thing in common they are promoting yet another new useless product.

This guy has brought out at least 4 other products that I found and they are called:

  1. Automation Empire
  2. Fiverr Pal
  3. Brand Marketer
  4. And Edu Pay

Every one of these systems is meant to generate an automated Income. The problem here is that does not happen!

Instant Guru Review_Product

This man may have brought out 5 or so programs but I cannot find any evidence anywhere that he has any experience at all with marketing.

Although he does apparently have a degree in computer science. (uncorroborated)

What Is Instant Guru?

This is billed as being a 1 click software which I highly doubt is the case!

With this brand new software, you can make a review website that will attract traffic and convert all on autopilot. (If you believe that you will believe anything!)

Instant Guru Review _ Dash Board

I have to have a giggle about the brand new software line because a few weeks ago there was a product called Click and Bank that has the same dashboard as Instant Guru:

Instant Guru Review _Click and Bank

As you can see the only difference is they have changed the Logo and some of the reviews in the upgrades will be from  Click Bank Instead Of Warrior Plus.

For a system that costs $19.90 and has 6 upsells I would expect a lot more!

How Does Instant Guru Work?

You have 2 ways to make this work you can create your own content for the website (advisable) or you can add RS feeds of other peoples websites and blogs to take their content!

Once you have got a post you can add words to the system and it will spin the post for you so you can then claim it as your own. (this is an illegal action)

Doing that is going to cause you 2 major problems legal action can be taken against you and also it will not rank on the search engines and therefore you won’t get any traffic.

You can also add a theme, pages, ads, a logo, banners and an opt-in form.

When you go to see the finished site it is not formatted correctly, everything is all jammed in, the font used is tiny and practically unreadable and the images are not sized, you have no idea where they have come from and it just looks horrible and unprofessional.

There are articles already there that you can read that have been spun for you when you click on them they don’t even load correctly!

The Upsells

The front end cost is $19.90

Upsell 1 is $67 and it allows you to build as many sites as you want to.

Upsell 2 Costs $29.90 and is named Daily Profits

Upsell 3 Is a massive $197 and they set up everything for you

Upsell 4 Costs $29.90 and is all about advanced training

Upsell 5 Is priced at $197 and this is the agency licence to resale the system

Upsell 6 Is another $497 this is the white label version of this software.

The total of front end and upgrades is = $1,038


The Pros Of Instant Guru

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The software sort of works but is not of a quality that people would spend any time on.

The Cons Of Instant Guru

What is the real purpose of the site?

Spun content won’t rank On Google or any other search engine and it is very easy to spot because a lot of it doesn’t make sense.

Where is the traffic going to come from? Not from the search engines!

How are you going to earn any money? You are not!

Are the images on the website okay to use or are they copyrighted?

The website design and structure is all wrong and looks terrible.

The system is supposed to be new but it is just a copy of another website.

Actions recommended taking by this system are illegal.

There are a lot of complaints about products from Dan Green On his Facebook page, below is an example of just one of them:

Instant-Guru-Review_complaints on Facebook

What happens to all of your work when this system disappears? You don’t own the website it is just a subdomain.

Is Instant Guru A Scam?

I’m sorry to say this is not a scam. It does provide you with the website and it does spin the content and if you take the upgrades you will be provided with done for you things.

Because of that, it is technically not a scam.

But In my opinion, it is a scam!

If you had a system that worked and made you money would you in all honesty share it with others? No. Of course, you wouldn’t

I would never ever enter into a done for you system because they just don’t work on the whole and they generally have hundreds and even thousands of dollars worth of upgrades.

How can you say a system is new when it can be proved that it has been copied?

Do I recommend This To My Readers? NO. Stay away from it!

Apart from it being a low-quality program that you will not make money with, there are lots of complaints on the Facebook page about products from this company.

In the about Dan section, I have linked to the page so you can look for yourself if you wish.

The only person who will benefit in a financial way from Instant Guru is the creator and any team members!

There are many ways to make money online but this is not one of them!

A Better Business Alternative

Any system that tells you that it’s possible to make money in a short period of time is basically just lying to you and is pretty much a scam.

You can earn real money online if you choose the right program and there are quite a few around to be fair.

I have written reviews on so many different business models all about the pros and cons of each one and my recommendation is still affiliate marketing.

The reasons for this are:

1. It is free to join.

2. Step by step training.

3. A very rewarding business model

4. Support and community help

5. It has been around for more than 16 years

6. You get free websites when you take the premium and premium+ memberships

7. No up-sales

8. Not a get-rich-quick scheme

9. You don’t need any skills

10. All of the tools needed are provided for you and there is no limit on the amount of money you can earn.

No need to spend thousands of dollars to make money because the method I use enables you to drive free targeted traffic to your offers.

I do want to make one thing clear this business takes time and work so you need to be committed to putting in the effort if you want to reach your goals.

Join me in Wealthy Affiliate where I can help you to build your own business!

There are over 1.5 million entrepreneurs inside who have taken the decision to work online and there are a ton of success stories that you can access.

Limited trial period then you can upgrade to premium or premium+ if you are serious about starting a real business of your own!

Lisa. Founder and CEO of

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