How To Get Powerful Blog Comment Back Links In 2022

Hello, and a very warm welcome back today we are looking at How To Get Powerful Blog Comment Back Links In 2022?

Google will rank you higher if you comment actively on blogs. It is an effective way to build backlinks, and it is the easiest off-page method. 

You must build blog comment backlinks if you want to grow an authority blog.

Let’s not waste a second!

How To Get Powerful Blog Comments And Backlinks In 2022

What is Blog Commenting?

Blog commenting is a technique bloggers use to build relationships with other bloggers, blogs, and their readers. It’s a great way to connect, share your ideas and opinions on a particular blog topic.

Blog comments can help you get targeted traffic and improve your social presence. 

It is a way for you to receive comments from other sites to your site by simply inserting a comment, as people do on Facebook and other social media platforms. 

It is still an essential part of Off-Page Search Engine Optimization.

Blog Comment Types

Remember that this is about blog commenting on improving your SEO. You will be linked to other websites either as a backlink or relational link. 

It means that the site owner will notice you and may one day want to visit your website. 

Let’s have a look at the types. Anchor Text Backlink Keyword Luv/Comment Luv Backlinks Normal Comment Backlink

Let’s now see what is inside each type.

Comment with Anchor Text Backlinks

This comment backlink is spammy. That is why it is not recommended. These are often used to provide multiple outbound links to sites, allowing numerous backlinks from a single comment.

These sites allow you to use HTML tags in your comment box. 

You can use an HTML Hyperlink tag to create a link that will point back to your Anchor text. These can be either Dofollow or Nofollow, and they can both be used.

How To Get Powerful Blog Comments and Backlinks In 2022

CommentLuv Backlinks

It is a bit different from the previous one. CommentLuv, a premium WordPress plugin that bloggers use to attract visitors to their sites, is called CommentLuv.

These backlinks will be no-follow by default. The blog owner can change the settings to make them do-follow. Commentluv is not only for commenters but also for site owners.

Normal Comment Backlink

It can be described as the simplest and most popular form of a comment link. 

There are two types: do-follow and no-follow. It’s up to the webmaster of the blog that you comment on.

This setting is almost always enabled on most sites. You can create a backlink to your domain.

What Does SEO Look Like for Websites?

There are many reasons people leave comments on blogs. Some people want to share helpful knowledge or stories. 

Others are trying to increase Alexa rank. Most people create backlinks from an SEO perspective.

Blog commenting isn’t just for backlinks. You can also use it to promote your blog. Let’s discuss it.


Bloggers and viewers will feel connected and committed when they share their thoughts, ideas, and opinions.

Commenting on blogs is an excellent way to make connections with administrators and bloggers. It might take some time, so be patient and flexible, and you’ll be noticed.


Commenting on a blog is equivalent to leaving a link. A backlink can drive traffic. Remember to leave relevant comments.

Brand recognition

Potential users will notice you blogging in your niche. 

Even if they don’t reply to your comment or link to your site, they will still remember your brand and consider buying a product from you.


It is one reason people comment on blogs frequently. A backlink is very competitive for top search engines such as Google and Bing. 

Search engines will continually search for the best-performing websites when users type in keywords.

SE algorithms automatically give more authority to a link that links to a higher-valued website.

Your site may not be driving enough traffic because it isn’t getting sufficient authority from search engines.

Commenting on blogs of others creates a backlink that indirectly increases traffic to your site.

How to Make an Authentic Comment

Describe your personal opinion on any point in the article. 

Consider this example. Let’s say you have another method of finding blog commenting websites that haven’t been covered in this post.

If you take the time to read the post thoroughly and then start a discussion in the comment section, your chances of getting approved for comments anywhere are higher.

You are building a relationship with the author by commenting on posts. 

The author might notice you if you keep your comments to “Wow, awesome Article!” or “Great article!” but you won’t be remembered.

Ask any question related to the topic that you feel the author hasn’t answered.

You can still ask questions about specific points, even if the article seems to cover everything.

You can ask this question. “Why should anchor text backlinks be used for event blogging, even though you don’t recommend them in general?” 

Please share your experiences with a strategy you have used in this post.

Keep your comments brief and to the point.

Don’t forget to comment on the blog of your competitor.

You’ll get a better look and approval rate for your comments.

How to Find the Most Popular Blogs to Comment on

Now that you’re familiar with the SEO benefits of blog commenting, you can start looking for blogs where you can leave quality comments and get a backlink.

These are the four ways I recommend you use to find the best blogs for commenting.

Google Alerts

Is there anyone who can show you how to be the first to comment on a blog, video, FB post, or any other topic?

Why should I comment first?

It is simple: the first comment with a link will get more clicks than any other comment.

Imagine how much traffic you could drive if your comment contained a link to your website!

But how can you get there? Google Alerts is the solution

You can use keywords like the name of your website, the keyword phrase you wish to rank for (like social management), the name of your product, its niche, any competitors, or anything else relevant. 

In minutes, you will find different types of content related to your alert keyword/phrase. 

Click on the links in the email. You might find pages that allow comments.

Subscribe to Blogs

Commenting first on news blogs increases the chances of getting your comment live and securing a backlink. 

You can also get notifications about fresh posts via Google Alerts.

It doesn’t require any tools. It is just an old-fashioned method. 

To receive notifications of new content, you will need to create a list of bloggers you want to follow in your niche. 

Subscribe via email, instant browser notification, or social media profiles. If the blogger posts updates, you can also subscribe.

Google Search Operators

You can leave comments on Niche Blogs by using the following Search Engine Footprint.

  • NICHE + Leave a Reply

You can replace NICHE with your niche.

If you’re looking for blogs that are relevant to monetizing, I might use the search term “monetize + Leave a Reply.”

How To Get Powerful Blog Comments and Backlinks In 2022

These results will allow you to comment on any of your niche blogs easily and without limitations.

  • Monitor your competitors

A great way to find blogs that you can comment on is to look at your competitors’ websites. 

You can also spy on your competitors if they can get backlinks through comments on blogs. 

You need a backlink discovery tool such as SEO SpyGlass, CognitiveSEO, LinkMiner from Mangools.

Use SEMrush

You can use SEMrush to check the backlinks of any competitor.

Once you have a list containing backlinks from your competitors, you can export it or use software such as GSA Platform Inspector to find WordPress websites and other platforms that allow comments.

You can still get backlinks through guest posting even if comments aren’t allowed for WordPress websites.

How to Avoid Making Deadly Mistakes in Blog Commenting

  • Spammy comments

Your comment should not look spammy. 

You don’t want spammy comments on your site. 

Here are some ways to make your comment appear natural and human. 

Ask any question, or voice your opinion on any topic in the discussion.

  • Fake Email Usage

No one will ever approve your comment if you use a fake email. It is a communication stumbling block.

  • Don’t Use Short Names for Bloggers

Try taking the time to write the full name of each author. Your chances of getting a reply are higher.

  • Optimize your Keyword in the Name 

Some people create backlinks using their anchor text instead of making them on their names. This is spammy.

  • Use Gravatar in your email

It’s a sign that you trust your recipient more if Gravatar is attached to your email. 

Also, your photo should include your smiley face and your image. 

You are more likely to be ignored if you make careless comments. It is important to show care for what you are saying.

  • Off-Topic Discussion

It is essential to keep the discussion on the topic under discussion, just as it is worth assessing the relevancy of backlinks in SEO. Keep your discussions on-topic.

Blog Commenting SEO Tips

These insights will help you make the most of your blog commenting strategy to avoid disappointment.

  • Learn from the comments people make.

You can learn a lot about other people by reading their comments. You don’t have to copy other people’s comments. Instead, you can add your style and make it unique.

It is an integral part of being a good blog commenter. Expert blog commenters will be able to read and leave comments on the most popular posts. It is crucial for anyone new to the community.

  • Don’t Use Generic Comments.

It will be helpful if you can contribute to the post naturally, rather than just posting generic messages such as the one I have shown you.

You’re thinking of writing, “Oh! This sentence will make you look like a spammer to the community. Even if your spamming is not intentional, you will still be treated like one.

  • Use your real name and identity.

Your reputation will be damaged if you use Your Keywords or another term in place of your real name. Your efforts will also be wasted as webmasters usually reject such comments.

Bloggers don’t care if you are a person or a brand trying its best. It is essential to use your true identity and appreciate others’ work while promoting your brand or both. 

You can be a respected member of the group and not a spammer by using a real name.

Even if you’re new to a place, people will trust you more if they know your real name and other credentials.

  • Read the information in the post.

Read the posts that the author has published on his website. You will get closer to the author’s mind the more you read. You will be able to understand his thoughts, interests, and writing style. That will allow you to make an impactful comment on his posts.

  • Avoid Excessive Links

If you decide to link your post into the comment, make sure it is done only once! Refer to links if you’re commenting on a significant issue.

Many people choose to include one, two, or three links in their comments. You should only have one link in your comments. This link can be from any website that you use as a reference.

  • Make it Longer than Twitter, and Shorter than Blog.

You can voice your opinion and leave a reference link. You are welcome to create your blog if you feel that the topic requires more detail.

Blog commenters can set the length of their comments. The ideal size is between 140 characters long tweets and 200-300 words blog posts.

It should be long enough to convey a significant point about the post. That improves its quality.

Who knows?

You might be able to comment on the author’s blog and have your piece of information added as a reference. You should not just drop links randomly.

  • Participate in Conversations

Participating in discussions with others through comments is a great strategy. Engage and use comments to discuss the issue with others. Consider their points and communicate your point to them.

  • Promote the Blog Post you commented on.

Another great way to get your comment noticed is by using this strategy. You liked a post and have commented on it. You found it most interesting, and you commented on it.

Why not share the post via your social media accounts.

This will make it easier for people to find your comment and share it with others. Tag the original blog authors in the social media post. 

You will be sure to get natural links from that site the next time you do it!


You may implement the blog commenting strategy for several purposes, but it can also be harmful to your website if done in a spammy manner.

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