How To Find The Right Keywords For My Website

Hello, fellow new bloggers although I am now 12 months into my blogging journey I’m still considered to be a newbie.  Today we are going to cover How To Find The Right Keywords For My Website

The reason for sharing this blog is so you don’t get it wrong by going off all half-cocked and thinking it’s okay to just pick any title with no thought or research.

That is fine if you are blogging for fun but it is not a brilliant idea if you want to rank in the search engines and make a living from your blog.

 If you know anything about blogging then you will be aware that ranking on page one can be where the vast majority of your organic traffic comes from.

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Why Do We Really Need A Keyword Research Tool

We write blog posts with the express purpose to help people who are searching for answers using a search engine.

By using keywords we are enabling Search Engine optimization to take place, the keywords represent what is being typed into searches such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Let’s just say we choose a blog title without doing any research about who is looking for those words the likely hood of us getting it right will be seriously diminished.

Using a keyword research tool gives us the advantage of seeing how many times a month a certain set of words are being looked for.

Armed with this information we can then make an informed decision about what subject to write about to get a top search engine ranking.

The above facts are the biggest reasons that Keyword research tools are used by all successful bloggers.

How You Can Find Keywords

There are several ways to find good keywords the first method will be using Google:

Using the search bar you can look for different words that are going to relate to your blog topic or title.

Google instant is like having the predictive text turned on, on your mobile phone. As you are typing Google will suggest words to you that are typed in regularly.

You can decide to make use of the alphabet soup method with Google, this is how it’s done:

Type in a sentence such as how to make and the letter A, and see what word Google suggests for you, then change the letter a to a B and then a C and take notes on the suggested keywords offered.

This method is great but it is better to do it using a proper keyword research tool for the simple reason that Google will suggest words but not how many people are searching for them.


Look For Low Competition Keywords

When searching on any keyword research tool what we are ideally looking for are low competition keywords, the main reason for this is they are easier to rank for because of less competition in Google and other search engines.

 Ranking on page 1 of Google = Traffic which then = Money Earned. 

Once you have a few blog posts ranking on the search engines you can try some keywords that have more competition.

Here is an example of a search on Jaaxy and the  related results:

I typed into Jaaxy how to find ranking keywords like a pro


As you can see by the results Jaaxy gave me these are suggestions of keywords I could use.

  • The first line is the AVG which equates to the average traffic search per month
  • The Second line is the amount of traffic received per month
  • The Third Line is the QSR (the competition you need to beat to rank higher)
  • The Fourth line is the SEO (search engine optimization) score

From the results, we would go with how to find top keywords for a website, It is searched 104 times a month, has 18 visitors and there are only 5 articles written.

 We should be able to produce a quality article that can beat that to the #1 spot on Google.

Jaaxy is the only tool around that has the Quoted Search Results (QSR) feature and that makes it golden.

The Most Effective Way To Use Keywords

When you write blog posts you should put the keywords:

  1. In the title of the blog post
  2. Put the keyword into the URL
  3. Your Meta Tag and the Alt text are other good places for the keyword
  4. Make sure to also include them within the first paragraph

Then just begin writing normally and the keywords will just come naturally and you won’t necessarily realize you are using them.

The search engines frown upon keyword stuffing so make sure not to do that.

Always ensure your content is easy to read this can be achieved by keeping your paragraphs very short just 1 or 2 lines max, breaking up the post with H2 headings, and by inserting relevant images.

Make sure you are giving your readers the information that relates to your post title.

The best way to write is to imagine that you are explaining something to a friend and write in a conversational tone.

Now is the time to get some practice in with your writing. Following the above advice will soon see your work appearing in the search engines for everyone to discover!



How Do You Get Your Hands-On Jaaxy

Jaaxy was made by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate an online affiliate marketing training program. When you sign up for the keyword research tool you get 30 free searches a month.

 It has many other features like a site rank to tell you where your sites and posts are ranked on the search engines and the alphabet soup technique is where you can type in pushchairs + a, b, or any letter of the alphabet you want to use.

This technique will give you new keywords to use.

 You can even search for domains with it for the keywords you have entered you get the choices of .net .org and .com

 No installation is necessary it’s all done online. I use this magical tool myself and have lots of posts that are ranking on page 1 of Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

Have You Built A Website Yet?

My number 1 recommendation for building a website is called Wealthy Affiliate.

If you already have a website in place I would still suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate because it is a platform that provides everything to do with the building of them.

It is totally suitable whether you are a beginner or an advanced web builder.

You can find out more by reading this post all about what Wealthy Affiliate offers.

That about covers everything for today!

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  1. I found this to be pretty helpful. I have been doing a lot of research on SEO, and this was helpful. I actually have never heard of Jaxxy, so I am going to check it out and start using it. Thank you for this post!

  2. Thanks, this is great advice. I’ve only been blogging a few months and have had to rewrite my initial blogs several times because I didn’t do this properly!


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