How To Grow Your Following Using Pinterest strategies

Have you just started out online? Is this your first blog or affiliate marketing adventure? Hey even if you have been doing this for a while this post can help you To Grow Your Following Using Pinterest.

Whether we like it or not we really need social media platforms especially if we want to grow our audience passively.

The long free route is by using search engine optimization (SEO) this process is where you are found by the search engines and over a period of 6 months minimum your content begins to climb up the pages slowly. To get any real results you need to be on page 1.

By using other strategies such as Pinterest you can get clicks through to your offers much quicker. You will still be ranking in the search engines so you will get a double whammy!

Over a year ago I started my first blog and I didn’t utilize Pinterest. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Know I know I should have bitten the bullet and gotten it done.

Does it mean I didn’t earn anything? No. I just made it harder than it needed to be.

This post may contain affiliate links you can read the full disclosure.

This post is going to show you a quicker and easier route:

#1 Pinterest For Business

The first recommendation for you is to have a business account as opposed to a personal account. Why Lisa?

You get a lot of extra features that you can use to analyze the metrics of your pins with the business account. You can use these to see your most popular pins and then write more content using that subject as well as designing similar pins.

Remember you should only pin 10 pins with the same description and image every month, This will stop your account from being suspended. 

Board Creation

Now your business account is set up you need to create 15-20 boards. The most important factor here is definitely keywords.

Everything has to have continuity. Think about the subjects of your posts, the titles, and name the boards using the keywords you are likely to use.

Next, be sure to give your boards a description, this will help the Pinterest algorithm to show your content to the correct audience. This step is MASSIVE. Don’t skip it.

Here are a few of my board titles:

1.Social Media Strategies For Bloggers

2. How To Make Money Online With……. (whatever strategies you choose)

3. How To Start A Blog For Beginners

As you can see they are all related to my niche.

Do Not have any public boards for things not related to your niche, make them into secret boards.


The Importance Of Pin Descriptions

Continuing along the continuity theme here The pin descriptions must relate to the content and the image used.

Using keywords and hashtags will mean they are shown to a bigger audience by Pinterest.

A simple trick if you are not sure what description to use, look at other pins from pinners in the same niche and use something similar.

Best Pin Types

with the Pinterest widget, you can share any image to your boards that you see across the web.

I do not recommend you do this because when a user clicks on it, it’s not going to take them to any form of content. Makes sense right?

The most repinned pins are vertical with text that stands out in the smart feed. Every single second count when your pin is shown in the smart feed.

Since starting to create pins I have made a few mistakes but that is fine, it’s a quick way of learning.

After using some different designs for testing I’ve been sticking to a specific font and text style which is gaining traffic and followers at a much-increased rate.

Experiment and find your style!

#2 Using Tailwind

What is Tailwind? It is a pin scheduler that’s very easy to use. One thing I can share is that technology and I am not best friends!

If I say it’s easy then it’s easy.

Once I have posted a new pin I then schedule it to go out using Tailwind. I use the schedule button above the pin description on Pinterest, select the boards to share it with, No More Than 10 are allowed and I manually choose the times and the dates to be a minimum of 2 days apart.

There are security features that won’t let you do anything to get your account shut down!

Next, there are communities called tribes in Tailwind that you can join. These are similar to group boards and they will share your pin with their audience. This is a reciprocal arrangement. 1 pin posted 1 pin shared by you.

You receive 5 free tribes when using the scheduling feature.

Using Tailwind has Rocketed My Clicks In Just the first month! A Free month’s gift for you. Traffic up from 1.8k views to 8.1k views.


#3 Group Boards To Grow Your Traffic

This is a tip I don’t usually share, but in the spirit of giving it all here, we go!

After posting to Tailwind Post the new pin to a couple of group boards and pin a couple of the contributor’s pins while you are there. Sharing makes you feel great! and not only that your pin will get many more shares and clicks.

This second strategy has also boosted my traffic exponentially!.

Bonus Tip: Make sure the boards are relevant to your content. Don’t put a post about children into a board about cookery.

#4 Follow Large Accounts In Your Niche

Following accounts in your niche will ensure Pinterest shows you their pins in the home feed. This will enable you to get new and up to date ideas for content that is working for the top echelons.

If your pins are high quality they will be clicked on by these large accounts when they are shown in the news feed giving them a much better chance of a larger reach. Sweet!

Lots of them remember when they started and are happy to give you a helping hand.

#5 My Final Offering To Grow Your Traffic

I made my own group board and have been steadily inviting my followers to join it!

It is only a couple of weeks old and you are free to join it if it fits within your niche topic.

It’s called How To Start A Blog For Beginners

Having this board has enabled me to make some great new connections and to help a couple of people who were just getting started.

Even though Pinterest is not a social media platform that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out when new pinners are doing things to get their accounts banned!

Were you already using these Tips? let me know below in the comments. Happy Pinning!

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15 thoughts on “How To Grow Your Following Using Pinterest strategies”

  1. Thank you so much for your insight. I have been wanting to do this but was not sure how. I have yet to get familiar with Pinterest. Guess, I will just follow your guide

    • Pinterest is like any social media you have to pin to it regularly and it has grown my blog in just 2 months. Just take a look for 15 minutes a day and it will happen.

    • I know how you feel, That’s why I use Tailwind because it’s an official partner and it has security features to make sure you are doing everything properly.

  2. These are some great ideas!  I have a lot of visuals on my site and I put everything on Pinterest once I finish a post.  I have just always posted automatically.  I like your ideas and I printed this out to use when I start my next post.  Great, great ideas!!  Thanks so much!!

  3. Thank you for this. I have been using Pinterest for a few years now but just to promote my posts on my websites.  Reading this I realized I should actually be doing so much more with my account, including sharing other people’s pins.

    I also realize I need to jack up my keywords and descriptions to make my posts more ‘findable’, which I haven’t been doing.

    I am also going to see what Tailwind is all about and if this is a worthwhile platform to join to increase one’s exposure.

    • Pinterest sends massive amounts of traffic when it is all set up properly.

      Hope you get lots more!


  4. Hi Lisa,

    I am a very visual person. So, Pinterest is a platform I enjoy very much. But I haven’t used it for promoting my site. I did create a business account though, some time ago. But up till now haven’t focused on creating pins. Thanks for also mentioning their partner Tailwind. I was wondering if it would be good to join them.


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