ClubShop Review Is This A Scam Or A Great Business Purchase?

Hello and a very warm welcome back. Today we are going to do a review of a company called ClubShop is this a scam opportunity or a great business purchase?

Being a blogger and affiliate marketer I’m always on the lookout for other streams of income. When I came across ClubShop I decided to check it out to see if it was worth my time.

Scams are just everywhere on the internet so you can’t be too careful. Being scammed once was enough.

It appears that this company has been about for 20 years but until recently I had never heard of it!

This post may contain affiliate links. This means if you click through and make a purchase I will make a commission. The price you pay will not be affected.

Mind you my number 1 recommendation has been around for 16 years and the first time I came across it was in 2020 when I joined it.

I highly commend you for checking out this offer before spending any money. It’s a great way of avoiding scams!

Disclaimer. I am not affiliated or associated in any way with Clubshop if you decide to join it I will not be compensated. The links contained here are nothing to do with ClubShop.

That being said let’s dive in and find out more about this offer:

Product Name:  ClubShop

Founder:  Fabrizio Perotti.

 President: Richard Burke

Product Type:  Ecommerce Platform

Price:  Tier 1 $14.90 a month. there are 6 tiers in total

Best For: The answer will be revealed at the end.

What Is Clubshop?


ClubShop is essentially a multi-level marketing company that is run by former affiliates and makes money in the eCommerce space where members are offered an eCommerce shopping website and earn money when customers purchase something from their websites. 

The MLM section of the company is called The Global Partners System.

Initially, this looks like an affiliate marketing opportunity but as you dig deeper you will see that this is not the case!

Upon visiting their website there is a discrepancy immediately namely that ClubShop claims that they were incorporated in Englewood, Florida, in June 1997 but their footer says otherwise: 

Copyright © 2018-2021 – Clubshop Rewards Program by Proprofit Worldwide Ltd.

Proprofit Worldwide Ltd. – 98 Chingford Mount Road – E4 9AA – London, UK | Company Number: 8525700

 This company was previously known as the Discount Home Shoppers Club, which started back in the 1990s. 

The Discount Home Shoppers Club business address is registered as Engelwood, but there’s no information about who owns it to be found. 

They have a UK incorporation but this is absolutely meaningless as It’s easy to get because it’s totally unregulated.

ClubShop’s CEO is called Dick Burke and he is based out of Englewood, Florida. 

On their website, they have a “Meet The CEO” page and someone else is listed as CEO namely Fabrizio Perotti cites himself as the owner of Proprofit Worldwide, who actually owns the domain name for Clubshop.

Proprofit is a marketing company founded by Perotti and another marketer named Giuseppe Francavilla.

 Both marketers actively promoted DHS Club and Clubshop brands in Italy from 2001 to 2012. 


How Much Does It Cost To Join?

There Are 7 different levels of entry:

1. The basic level is $14.90 a month

2. The basic plus level is $29.90 a month

3. The Pro level is $49.90 a month

4.The Pro plus level is $89.90 a month

5. The Premier level is $129.90 a month

6. The Premier Prosperman level does not have a price disclosed

If you joined all of the levels with prices attached you would be forking out $314.50 A Month!

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The Product Line For ClubShop

As seems to be the case with many offerings of this kind Clubshop doesn’t have any products or services on offer.

All you are able to do is recruit others to join the program.

The e-commerce portion of the platform is free to sign up for non-members and gives out discounts and cashback (apparently). 

Does This Product Work?

This review is focusing on the ClubShop of today, not the previous version that was a legitimate offering.

The ClubShop members come from many countries like the USA, Italy, France, Netherlands, and Belgium. 

Strangely though a lot of the traffic comes from Russia and Venezuela. (high traffic areas for scams)

The e-commerce platform is none other than an offering to make it look like they have something to offer as an MLM company.

The only way of earning an income with Clubshop is through recruitment.

The new membership fees are used to pay the older members and those at the top of this pyramid. (when recruitment stops so do the payouts)

The Ponzi part of Clubshop relies on their TangiCoin, which you can only purchase through the higher membership options. 

Tangicoin is a part of Tangiworld, which was promoted by Ad2Prosper.

The coin itself has no value to the market place because the true value is decided by the people behind Clubshop.

The monthly returns are a securities offering and That is something they’re not even registered to do in any country or jurisdiction.

 So fraud is being committed here. Buyer beware!


How To Make Money With This Program?

The only way possible is through recruitment and that is bad news especially if you have never done it before!

MLM Commissions Qualification

Clubshop has two options for you to qualify for MLM commissions:

The first option is to recruit and refer members who purchased products through the platform and pay monthly membership fees 

The second option is the safest and best way to qualify for commissions according to their marketing advice.

Members can earn a 50% commission payment on the first monthly fee paid by their recruited members. 

This 50% commission is also paid out when their recruit upgrades to the next membership level.

 Residual commissions are paid out using the uni-level compensation structure. 

 The commissions only go for 6 levels and pay as follows:

level 1  Your personally recruited affiliates  2%

level 2 = 3%

level 3 = 4%

level 4 =7%

level 5 = 14%

level 6 = 20%

The higher the level you invest at the more commissions offered that is a typical tactic to get you to invest more money!

Pros of ClubShop

There are absolutely no pros to this at all.

This is a Ponzi Scheme and something you should stay well away from!

Cons Of ClubShop

Misleading their clients by pretending to be a legitimate company that was launched 20 years ago.

The passive income opportunity means they are committing securities fraud. ( they are not regulated to carry out this service in the country of registration)

The company is registered in the USA and the FTC has issued guidelines about MLM companies.

What this means is you have to have a product or service to offer to be classed as legit.

This company has neither, the only way to earn is through recruitment and that makes this offering illegal!


Is ClubShop A Scam Program?

In my opinion yes this is a scam!

I would not recommend joining this to anybody!

Not content with being a Ponzi Scheme this is also an illegal MLM that contravenes the FTC’s rules for the country it is registered in.

The only way I could find to potentially make money with this was through recruitment and that would mean paying out for advertising if you wanted any chance of getting paid.

Please don’t get involved with it.

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Thanks for supporting me to the end of this post I appreciate your time.

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