Click Start Digital Review Done For You Dropshipping Scam?

Hello, and a very warm welcome to this Click Start Digital Review from Samantha Hurst. 

This is a very high ticket done for you program that starts at $10,990 wow that is a massive amount for the lowest-priced tier.

The business model is Dropshipping and e-commerce.

When you start an online business from scratch it can be quite tough and overwhelming.

This leads to people bringing out some Done For You programs that take advantage of people being too lazy to learn properly.

Do they work or cause more problems than doing everything for yourself?

That is what this review of Click Start Digital is going to reveal to you.

Disclaimer. I am not associated or affiliated with this program in any way. If you purchase it I will not be compensated in any way.

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Let’s dive in and see if this is the perfect business model for you.

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Click Start Digital Review Overview

Programme Type: Done For You Dropshipping And Eccommerce Service

Program Name: Click Start Digital

Program creator: Samantha Hurst


The Price: Level 1 $10,990. Level 2 $15,490. Level 3 $17,490. Level 4 $23,490. Level 5 $25,490.

Is It Recommended? Not For Everybody.

Extremely expensive start-up cost. one of the above levels + another 10K for other expenses.

This type of money-making scheme has a very low potential to earn a serious amount of money in the short term but can be lucrative long-term.

Therefore, I would not suggest paying out so much money to buy Click Start Digital. Cheaper options are available.

Performance Dropshipping

Stake X Chain

Not suitable for inexperienced marketers at all.

About The Creator Of Click Start Digital

Samantha Hurst is not only an entrepreneur of 15 years but she is also an author who was born in Australia.

Click Start Digital Review-Samantha Hurst

In a traditional job, Samantha worked for fortune 500 companies to help their businesses expand and grow with a lot of success.

Starting out online she sold lingerie and made a pretty penny with that side hustle, selling the thriving business in 2010 and starting Click Start Digital in 2012.

Where she became very experienced within the e-commerce dropshipping space.

As far as social media is concerned all I could find is a Youtube channel that is 5 years old but in comparison to its age it only has 730 subscribers.

You can see the YouTube Channel called Click Start Digital TV.

I find that surprising for such a successful lady!

 With not enough subscribers to be monetized, I cannot see that the Channel is making much money at all, although it’s possible from affiliate marketing.

What Is Click Start Digital?

Click Start Digital is e-commerce and dropshipping training as well as providing you with Done For You templates and training videos.

One such DFY template goes specifically to a landing page for you to drive traffic to it and get sales.

There is also an option to do your own marketing and e-commerce store if you don’t wish to do the DFY option.

How Does Click Start Digital Work?

All it takes is 3 steps.

  1. Choose an online business niche to get started with.
  2. Decide which package you can comfortably afford. (remembering there will be other costs to consider)
  3. Pay the money and join the training.

Once inside you can 

  • Join The Training Hub
  • Access the weekly Sky video calls
  • Also available is 24-hour  7 days a week customer support (I should hope so for how much it costs!)

You need to source your own products, have them delivered to yourself or a dropshipping centre and when they get ordered you package them and send them on.

What the Click Start Digital part is, is to build you a beautiful e-commerce website/store and provide training which is covered next.

The 6 Modules Of Training In Click Start Digital

The welcome pack consists of mindset information, Training on how to set up and use Word Press websites, and how to do a done for you business.

Products and Suppliers is module 2 and has 10 video lessons.

These will teach the importance of product selection as well as where to source the products from.

Places like Ali-Express, Ali-Baba, and Wish.

Ready To Launch is module 3 and here you will be shown what to do to get ready for the launch and how to set up and optimize your landing pages.

Social Media is module 4 and it covers how to use social media advertising to bring eyeballs to your landing page so that you can make sales.

Marketing is module 5 and it covers how to get onto the 1st page of Google as well as training on identifying your target market and how to effectively promote to them.

Analytics is the last module this covers where your traffic is coming from and how many sales you have achieved.

How Much Does Click Start Digital Cost?

There are 5 levels of membership that you can choose from

  • The Gold Package costs $10,990 one-time payment
  • The Platinum Package costs $15,490 one time payment
  • The Diamond Package costs $17,490 one time payment
  • The Elite Package costs $23,490 one-time payment
  • The Elite Plus Package costs $25,490 one-time payment

There are a couple of payment terms available as well, either pay over 2 payments per month or 5 payments per month. (still huge amounts of dosh)

In my opinion, you don’t get a lot compared to the price.

A more reliable way to make money online

What Do I like About Click Start Digital?

Reputable Business. This is a business that is run by a lady who has proved over and over again that it works. She has had many successes.

Dropshipping and E.commerce are real ways to earn money.

Trustpilot. Click Start Digital has a very good score on Trustpilot from people who bought the service.

Click Start Digital-Trustpilot

What I Don’t Like About Click Start Digital

Very Expensive to get started. The minimum cost of the service is $10,990, out of most people’s budget.

Added Costs sourcing and buying products, postage and packaging, paying out for advertising to get people to your offers.

Not Automatable this is a hands-on business that can not be automated.

Done for you systems can be quite hard to make money with because it causes a lazy work ethic.

Training the training is pretty basic and needs to be more comprehensive. Much of it can be sourced for free.

Is Click Start Digital A Scam?

Dropshipping and e-commerce are reputable ways to make money online, although the competition is tough.

No, it is not a scam, you will be provided with the materials that are promised.

Even so, this business model takes a long time to get off of the ground and this means you will need to add at least 7-10 thousand dollars to the cost.

Making the smallest amount to pay around 20K.

If you don’t have that kind of money this is not for you.

Even if you do have the cash do you have the necessary experience needed?

Note: I could not find any mention of a refund policy. I’m not saying there isn’t one though!

With a program that costs as much as this, I would have thought it would be mentioned somewhere.

Final Thoughts On Click Start Digital

Doing a check on some stats it is possible to make money with this type of business, all it takes is a massive effort, time and money.

I do not recommend it to beginners with no online experience.

There are far easier ways of making money online that are simpler to learn and cost a small fraction of what Click Start Digital is charging.

Now the review has concluded I leave it up to you to make your own decision on whether it is worth your time and money?

Let me know in the comments.

Personally, I would not choose this as my first online business as it is far too risky.

A Better Alternative

An alternative way of making money that has an equally good rating on Trustpilot is my number 1 recommendation.

Wealthy Affiliate-Trustpilot

This is a different business model altogether and far safer namely affiliate marketing.

You can start a 7-day trial of the platform (with my #1 recommended program) Then upgrade to the premium membership if you can see the value of using this amazingly successful training.

If it’s not for you what have you lost? Nothing, because no credit cards are required!

You can make serious money passively like this:

Click Start Digital Review- Commissions

See you in the next post.

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